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technology / telecoms industry Market Research

Mintel's technology and telecoms market research reports keep you plugged in to one of the world's fastest-growing industries. From smartphones to smart homes, the wearable to the shareable, our research and analysis gives you detailed data on every market segment and unrivalled insights into the consumer technology habits of today and tomorrow. Get ready to power up.

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  1. Fintech and the Canadian Consumer - Canada - November 2019

    • Consumer Report
    • November 2019
    • Canada

    “Trust is a major barrier for Fintech companies to overcome even if Open Banking becomes a reality in Canada as consumers are much more likely to trust established financial institutions.”
    – Sanjay Sharma, Senior Financial Services Analyst

    This report looks at the following areas:

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  2. Attitudes toward Digital Trends and Fintech - US - October 2019

    • Consumer Report
    • October 2019
    • US

    "Consumers may seem to have wholly embraced a digital future, but they are not yet ready to cede full control of their financial lives to technology. While more people than ever are using biometric login credentials and mobile wallets, far more believe in-person interactions ...

    US $1,429.41 (Excl.Tax)
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2 Item(s)