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    The market for electrical goods is highly discretionary, dependent on economic growthand consumer confidence. Rapid technological breakthroughs with AI have the potential to drive the market forward. However, the category remains skewed towards the young and the wealthy, with 47% of shoppers aged over 65 and "
    2023 was another challenging year for electricals, but the recent improvement in purchasing activity and consumer confidence provide some optimism for 2024. Sam Nguyen, Retail Analyst ..."
    Refurbished versions of former flagship earbuds are likely to appeal to Generation Z as they try to balance price and sound quality. Zach Emmanuel, Technology Analyst ..."
    “The growth of personal care appliance market slowed down significantly in 2022 compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, the strong purchasing interest of consumers (whether to replace the existing products or buying new ones) indicates the future growth potential of the market. Personal care appliances that can help improve personal..."
    “Spending on audio devices experienced significant growth but faces headwinds. Pandemic lifestyle disruption and economic stimulus drove demand as consumers rushed to upgrade their home living spaces to enjoy at-home entertainment. Now, facing slack from the pulled-forward demand, rising prices and a possible economic slowdown, brands will have to differentiate..."
    “The personal care appliance market achieved good growth in 2021, with consumers’ high interest in both replacing their existing products and trying new ones. As competition intensifies with new players constantly entering the market, brands should focus on a product-centric strategy to meet consumers’ ever-diversifying and changing demands for personal..."

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    "After a couple of strong years on the back of COVID-19, the TV market faces a challenging 2022, as the cost of production rises and household budgets are squeezed. The emergence of hardware and software bundled together in TV sets, is one area that can see TVs evolve and drive..."
    Challenged by the rise of online-only retailers, electrical goods specialists should focus on omnichannel opportunities in experiential retail and health tech. Irene Brockie, Research Analyst - Retail ..."
    “The Spanish electrical retail sector is showing signs of recovery with consumer spending on the category and sector sales lifted by the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. With the rising cost of living threatening to dampen future demand and consumers increasingly conscious about the impact their purchasing decision is having on..."
    “The electrical goods retailing market was one of the most resilient during the pandemic as people spent more time than ever before in their own homes. It continued to perform well into 2021, although our consumer research suggests purchasing levels fell back after their 2020 peak. However, there are dark..."
    “After the exceptional years of 2020 and 2021, growth in the household appliances and consumer electronics market is likely to stall in 2022. Many households will redirect part of their spending towards services, leisure activities and holidays and the cost of living squeeze will put electrical goods lower down on..."
    “In Europe, the COVID-19 pandemic has given a boost to electrical goods spending thanks to the increased amount of time consumers were being forced to spend in their homes, which focused their attention on how they might improve their immediate surrounding. Significantly in 2021, many consumers continued to turn to..."