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    “Spending on audio devices experienced significant growth but faces headwinds. Pandemic lifestyle disruption and economic stimulus drove demand as consumers rushed to upgrade their home living spaces to enjoy at-home entertainment. Now, facing slack from the pulled-forward demand, rising prices and a possible economic slowdown, brands will have to differentiate..."
    “The pandemic has created new and increased needs for electronics in consumers’ lives. Moving forward, consumers’ relationship with electronics will only become more interconnected – leading to sustained category growth in the years ahead. Even as COVID-19 becomes less of a threat, online channels will continue to play a key..."

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    “The strong bond Americans have to television has strengthened the TV market despite the pandemic and should support it even through the recession. TV brands should be taking steps to ensure their products reflect consumer attitudes that the television set isn’t just an electronic device or piece of furniture, but..."
    "From older casual gamers playing simple card games on their home computers to younger gamers investing in dedicated gaming hardware, the PC gaming audience encompasses a vast array of interests. A lack of brand loyalty, coupled with a desire to optimize the gaming experience, makes PC gamers an important audience..."