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    Mobile gaming attracts a varied and growing audience, offering advertisers rich opportunities to reach engaged consumers in innovative and meaningful ways. Joe Birch, Technology Analyst ..."
    Mobile gaming presents great opportunities, but new regulations and tough competition require knowledge of the latest trends and strategies to ensure success. Brian Benway, Research Analyst, Gaming and Entertainment ..."
    "Cost of living continues to influence the sector, with consumers indicating a greater willingness to compare contract and handset prices in their next renewal cycles. This will see consumers focus more on value for money when buying mobile phones."- Brian O’Connor, Senior Consumer Analyst, August 2023Key issues covered in this..."
    “Despite some monumental developments in the tech space over the past few years, like the widespread adoption of 5G and exciting developments in the AR/VR space, there really hasn’t been much disruption in the smartphone space. The “Big 3” still dominate market share under their brand umbrellas that include flanker..."
    AI gives smartphone brands an opportunity to spark excitement and encourage younger consumers to upgrade, capitalising on the growth potential of the smartphones market in Germany. Jan Urbanek, Principal Analyst ..."
    “Consumer delays in smartphone replacement amid economic volatility and extended smartphone lifecycles are impacting China's smartphone market. In striving to create a premium image, domestic brands can strategically leverage sustainability and cultural resonance to positively shape consumer perceptions. Meanwhile, wearables, which are currently considered non-essential and have low usage, can..."

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    “With smartphone brands potentially needing to make repairability a greater focus of their products, it is likely to mean that consumers keep hold of their devices for even longer. However, it could give buyers more confidence to spend higher amounts, knowing that they will not need to buy another phone..."
    “US adults are increasingly reliant on their smartphones, making the devices a necessity. Consumer dependence helps to buffer the category from steep losses amid consumer cost-cutting; however, shoppers are making cost-savings choices that suggest an openness to varying functionality and brands that help them rein in their tech spend.” – Fiona..."
    “Major gaming brands are targeting the mobile format for prestige releases and technology manufacturers are pushing new hardware solutions for an optimised mobile gaming experience. Despite a slight slowdown in revenues in the past year, mobile gaming is still an entertainment powerhouse that brands need to prioritise to connect with..."
    “After a solid recovery in 2021, China’s mobile phone market faces challenging times in 2022, as replacement demand dwindles and innovations in mobile phones are less attractive for consumers. Software and connectivity ecosystems become the main areas for mobile brands to stand out. Besides products, mobile brands will need to..."
    “The market for mobile device apps has seen a slight drop-off from the highs of the pandemic and with the cost of living crisis, premium content and in-app extras are likely to suffer as consumers prioritise essential spending. Nevertheless, the market is poised to see even more traction with apps..."
    As inflation could slow growth of the smartphone market, brands must look for ways to entice upgrading, such as by offering devices for rent or innovating and underpinning longevity. Jan Urbanek, Senior Analyst – Consumer Technology ..."