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    The video game industry keeps growing each year, attracting a broad group of players. Gamers are investing in new hardware, which is driving accessory interest. Brian Benway, Senior Tech and Gaming Analyst ..."
    VR is slowly catching on but still requires costly support. Many gamers are interested in VR, but new tech is expensive. Holiday deals may boost older models sales. Brian Benway, Research Analyst, Gaming and Entertainment ..."
    Mobile gaming attracts a varied and growing audience, offering advertisers rich opportunities to reach engaged consumers in innovative and meaningful ways. Joe Birch, Technology Analyst ..."
    Mobile gaming presents great opportunities, but new regulations and tough competition require knowledge of the latest trends and strategies to ensure success. Brian Benway, Research Analyst, Gaming and Entertainment ..."
    “Major gaming brands are targeting the mobile format for prestige releases and technology manufacturers are pushing new hardware solutions for an optimised mobile gaming experience. Despite a slight slowdown in revenues in the past year, mobile gaming is still an entertainment powerhouse that brands need to prioritise to connect with..."
    "From older casual gamers playing simple card games on their home computers to younger gamers investing in dedicated gaming hardware, the PC gaming audience encompasses a vast array of interests. A lack of brand loyalty, coupled with a desire to optimize the gaming experience, makes PC gamers an important audience..."