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    Car sales are showing signs of recovery as consumer confidence returns. Yet, in the future, sellers need to be aware that demands from buyers will continue to evolve. Neil Mason, Head of Retail Research ..."
    With demand for new vehicles surging despite sustained elevated prices, auto loan seekers are shifting their priorities, keeping a keen eye on monthly budgets. Patrick Rahlfs, Senior Research Analyst ..."
    Our German online car market report shows that developing online sales channels while simplifying how consumers research cars, and upgrading their interaction with cars is key to enhancing the online shopping experience. Venkatesh Modi, Research Analyst - Automotive, Germany ..."

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    “Car finance continues to offer a more affordable solution for those who are unable to buy a car outright. Although the current economic situation has made the flexibility offered by alternative purchasing methods, such as car subscription services, appealing, consumers are still unsure on aspects such as contract lengths and..."
    “Despite ongoing economic and automotive market challenges, consumers still indicate an interest in purchasing a car. Although this may be aspirational for some, it is essential for retailers to maintain a strong presence across all channels to capture the interest of potential buyers. Looking ahead, dealerships must adapt their sales..."
    Shifting attitudes towards car ownership and financial concerns are forcing the auto industry to embrace a more flexible approach to the car sales process. Venkatesh Modi, Automotive Research Analyst, Germany ..."
    “Automotive specialised platforms are still the main channel for consumers to access automotive information, while short video platforms with their short, straightforward and fast features are attracting more and more attention from consumers in the age of information fragmentation. The content presentation formats of automotive marketing have also becoming more..."
    “Car purchases stumbled during 2022 as the impact of cost of living pressures affected consumer demand. While the situation is expected to improve during 2023, sellers will still be dealing with a largely cautious customer base. Used cars will be preferred to new with many buyers likely to delay their..."
    “The onset of the cost-of-living crisis has done little to help the automotive retailing sector recover from COVID-19, with consumers attempting to drive less to avoid fuel spending. However, the crisis has seen consumers show greater interest in electric vehicles.”– Brian O’Connor, Senior Consumer AnalystThis Report looks at the..."

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    “Despite experiencing a strong recovery from the pandemic in value terms in 2021, the car finance market faces a challenging 2022. Supply chain issues and inflationary pressures continue to disrupt the automotive sector and the rising cost of living is placing household finances under pressure. In this climate, providers will..."
    “In the eyes of female consumers, auto brands and retailers leave much to be desired when it comes to female friendliness, inclusivity, social responsibility and transparency. This should raise alarm bells, as more than half of women are looking to buy a car within the next three years – further..."
    “Current economic influences and supply chain disruptions have increased barriers for consumers looking to purchase a new or used vehicle. Automotive brands and retailers must cater to consumers’ changing needs and preferences, as well as focus on longer-term efforts for when consumers are ready to return to market. Moving forward,..."