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    Hybrid cars hold significant value during the transition to electric cars. To generate wider appeal for electric vehicles in Germany, brands can address negative perceptions and spark enthusiasm. Venkatesh Modi, Research Analyst - Automotive, Germany..."
    Despite cost of living concerns, sales of electric and hybrid cars continue to rise helped by lower prices and increased consumer confidence. Neil Mason, Head of Retail Research ..."
    “Consumers’ growing interest in sustainability combined with automakers’ increasing commitment toward electric and hybrid vehicles presents a massive potential for growth in this category in the years ahead. However, obstacles such as perceptions, availability and affordability continue to pose challenges to consumers’ adoption. As such, it will be crucial for..."
    “With the increase of NEVs’ penetration, positive word of mouth from NEV owners drove consumers’ recognition of NEVs’ product power. The survey results show that the satisfaction rate in terms of driving, riding comfort and charging mileage exceeded 70%, indicating that NEVs can meet the daily use needs of most..."
    40% of German non-owners are interested in buying an electric or hybrid vehicle, but worries persist around the cost and limitations of the charging infrastructure. Venkatesh Modi, Automotive Research Analyst, Germany ..."
    “Despite the poor performance for the wider car market, demand for electric and hybrid cars remains strong. Yet with a cost of living crisis placing pressure on finances, even sales in this sector cannot be guaranteed to grow as predicted. Coupled with a need to invest in charging infrastructure to..."
     “As automakers across the globe continue to commit to the development and production of electric and hybrid vehicles, consumers are becoming increasingly interested in purchasing these vehicles. Barriers related to perceptions and availability will continue to impact consumers, making it important for auto brands and retailers to demonstrate the value..."
    “The environmental trend of NEVs is more recognized by users, while the interest of female car owners and replacement car buyers in NEVs has increased significantly. Intelligence has become the winning key for NEV brands. Car users not only expect BEVs to feature a more high-tech appearance but also want..."
    “Set against the backdrop of an automotive sector that has been struggling from falling demand, the performance of the electric and hybrid sector has been spectacular. Growing awareness of the benefits these vehicles offer is now being matched by improvements in model range. With impending bans on petrol and diesel..."
    “Despite the auto market’s sales volume being impacted by COVID-19, the NEV segment is growing. As the government continues to launch favourable policies, conventional car companies, new car manufacturers and cross-category players are tapping into the NEV category, trying to leverage developments in the industry. NEV brand images are becoming..."
    “Demand for new hybrid and electric cars is growing. Although currently a much smaller sector than cars powered by traditional petrol or diesel, sales are outstripping both of these established markets. Based on our forecasts, potentially half of new cars could be hybrid, plug-in hybrid or 100% electrically powered by..."