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Ingredients and Additives Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

As we predicted in 2015, consumers’ fear of unknown ingredients has continued to grow, creating a demand for clean label products. Indeed, we are entering a new era of clean label products, coupled with a rise in “nothing artificial” and “free-from” claims.

This fear of artificial has also created a demand for authentic ingredients that have a long, safe history of use. For example, ancient grains and flours, as well as other ingredients inspired from ancient cultures, such as tiger nut and chia seeds, have become more popular as their long and unprocessed history creates a sense of security.

Finally, current views on nutrition have put sugar in the spotlight this year, as consumers become more concerned about the dangers of having too much sugar in their diet. With the negativity around sugar, consumers are not only looking to cut back their sugar intake but are also seeking sugar alternatives they believe are both healthier and safe. Although artificial sweeteners have long been used to reduce the sugar content of food and beverages, current concerns about the safety of artificial ingredients in general is driving more demand for new alternative sweeteners, ideally of natural origin. More than ever, consumers need to be reassured products and ingredients are safe, and convinced of a product’s integrity.

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Ingredients and Additives Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

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