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Malaysia Outbound - June 2009

South East Asia has been enjoying spectacular economic growth in recent years and Malaysia has been no exception. Between 2006 and 2007, the country’s annual gross domestic product (GDP) grew by over 5%. The economy slowed down in 2008 (when GDP dropped to 4.6%), as the global downturn started to affect the Far East, but Malaysian consumers have continued to travel overseas and to neighbouring countries.Insight + Impact - Mintel's commitment to its clients is encapsulated in this simple formula.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

    • Data Sources

      • Background

        • Market Drivers

          • Population
            • Figure 1: Malaysian population, by age group, 1999-2008
          • Social and political issues
            • Economy
              • Figure 2: Malaysia by population, per-capita GNI and trips abroad, 2000, 2006* and 2007
              • Figure 3: Population in the workforce and showing GDP growth, 2006-09
            • Employment
              • Tourism’s role in the economy
                • Figure 4: The economic impact of the travel and tourism economy on employment and GDP, 2009
              • Outbound travel and exchange rates
                • Figure 5: Rates of exchange between the US Dollar and the Malaysian Ringgit, 2003-08
              • Tourism balance
                • Figure 6: International tourism receipts, expenditures and tourism balance, 2004-087
            • Outbound Tourism

              • Arrivals
                • Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle
                  • Destinations
                    • Figure 7: Tourist arrivals in four key South-East Asian countries, showing Malaysia’s share of the inbound market, selected years, 2000-07
                    • Figure 8: Leading destinations for Malaysian arrivals, 2003-07
                  • Thailand
                    • China
                      • Indonesia
                        • Hong Kong and Macao
                          • India
                            • Other destinations
                              • Saudi Arabia
                                • UK
                                • Market Characteristics

                                  • Pre-booking behaviour and booking methods
                                    • The role of the Internet
                                      • Figure 9: Top ten Asian countries, showing the number of Internet users and user growth, 2000-08
                                    • Internet use in destination countries for Malaysian outbound travellers
                                      • Figure 10: Internet usage among leading destinations for Malaysian outbound travellers, 2008
                                    • Enticing travellers to book
                                      • Demographics
                                        • Language and literacy rates
                                          • Figure 11: Average literacy rates in selected destinations for outbound travellers, 2009*
                                        • Population distribution in Malaysia
                                          • Figure 12: Population distribution, showing towns and cities of half a million inhabitants and more, 2008*
                                        • Purpose of visit/length of stay
                                          • Australia
                                            • Figure 13: Malaysians travelling to Australia by purpose of visit, showing average number of days in each category, 2004-07
                                          • Indonesia
                                            • Figure 14: Profile of Malaysian travellers to Indonesia showing number of arrivals, by purpose of visit, 2003-07
                                          • Length of stay
                                            • Figure 15: Profile of Malaysian travellers to Indonesia, by length of stay, 2003-07
                                          • Expenditure
                                            • Australia
                                              • Indonesia
                                                • Seasonality
                                                • Transport

                                                  • Air
                                                    • The growth of LCCs
                                                      • Malaysia’s airports
                                                        • Figure 16: Air traffic at Malaysia’s leading airports, 2003-07
                                                      • Road
                                                        • Rail
                                                          • Sea
                                                            • Figure 17: Cruise traffic at Port Klang, by number of ships and passengers, 2005-08
                                                        • Accommodation

                                                          • Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

                                                            • What Next?

                                                              Malaysia Outbound - June 2009

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