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Market Re-forecasts: Lifestyles - US - April 2009

Mintel has undertaken some bold initiatives that provide crucial insight into current market conditions and approaches to a range of markets moving forward. Most dramatically, Mintel conducted an exhaustive re-evaluation of consumer market forecasts of our reports.

What this means is that you can now see, in a side-by-side comparison, how Mintel viewed the market at the time a report was published, and how we view projected market growth given the current recession. Each reforecast includes a brief statement of the new forecast, reasons for the change, and an overall assessment of the current state of the market.

In addition, you'll find value in Mintel Oxygen's What's Hot, Economy in Crisis page, which provides the latest in trends, market reactions and opportunities.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction: Reforecasting Puts Markets in Fresh Light

    • Intelligent planning brings opportunities
      • Fresh insight for making smart decisions
      • Movie Theaters

        • Key points
          • Market size and forecast – January 12, 2009
            • Figure 1: Total domestic revenues of movie theater operators, at current prices, 2003-13
            • Figure 2: Total domestic revenues of movie theater operators at inflation-adjusted prices, 2003-13
          • Market size and forecast originally published February 2008
            • Figure 3: Total domestic revenues of movie theater operators, 2002-12
            • Figure 4: Movie theater admissions and average ticket prices, 2002-07
            • Figure 5: Sales of movie tickets at box office, 2002-12
            • Figure 6: Sales of theater concessions, 2002-12
            • Figure 7: Sales of cinema advertising, 2002-12

        Market Re-forecasts: Lifestyles - US - April 2009

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