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Mintel’s market research reports make sure you always see the bigger picture with country-by-country coverage across Asia Pacific. Our unrivalled research and analysis lets you compare sales, strategies and consumer behaviour across up to 40-plus nations, offering a 360 degree view of the business environment in one of the fastest-growing regions of the world.

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    This report looks at the following areas:New product trends focus on anti-ageing and related benefitsChanges in the usage of different age management products and servicesConsumers' awareness and purchase of anti-ageing ingredientsAnti-ageing claims that consumers value and purchase driversAnti-ageing concepts that pique consumer interestConsumers' attitudes towards ageingConsumers seek solutions that address..."
    This report looks at the following areas:Consumers' outfit preferences for different occasions, sources of outfit inspiration and style preferences: as consumers move between ever more diverse everyday occasions and the lines between these occasions become increasingly blurred, their demand for versatile outfits is growing, further fuelling the popularity of clothes..."
    Rice and pulses, both kitchen essentials in Indian households, are primarily purchased in the loose format. This report throws light on the potential for market expansion of the packaged/branded formats by identifying the target segments likely to make the shift from loose to branded.Basmati rice is associated with rich flavours..."
    This report looks at the following areas: This Report looks at the following areas: Market growth and the competitive landscape in packaged bakery foods Marketing activities and new product trends in packaged bakery foods Consumer preferences for different types of packaged bakery foods Consumer perceptions of different packaged bakery food brands ..."
    In 2024, the landscape of Thai breakfast is evolving, seamlessly integrating traditional flavours with modern dietary preferences. As the demand for convenient and nutritious morning meals grows among Thais, there's a crucial need for products to adapt and meet this demand.Health and wellness are increasingly prioritised, with a preference emerging..."
    Tapping into consumers' diverse healing and relaxation needs can help brands can go beyond the functional value of products and services, creating stronger resonance by catering to their needs for emotional release and support.Gloria Gan, Senior Analyst, China Insights ..."
    Build a loyal user base by heroing high-quality ingredients; elevate science-backed solutions as champions in treating skin issues, and focus on pollution prevention to recruit new users.Tanya Rajani, Principal Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care, India ..."
    The consumer electronics industry is in a period of recovery and adjustment. Faced with intense competition on price and functionality, technology brands should adapt their strategies to centre product quality and experience, satisfying consumer demands for tech products and brands to deliver long-term value.Toby Xu, Analyst, China Insights ..."
    Thrive amidst inflationary pressure with an affordable nutrition proposition, enhanced in-store efficiency, and quality fresh foods online.Rashmika Khanijou, Senior Analyst ..."
    Beauty and personal care retailers and brands focus on offline experiences and online content as well as their unique strengths to reach a wider audience. Binyan Yao, Analyst, China Insights ..."
    Under the trend of Thriving with Age, targeting the evolving interests of older people and their differentiated needs, and conducting precision marketing communications and product development that are age-friendly are the keys to further penetrating the existing market and expanding the capacity of the incremental market. Qianqian Ji, Senior Analyst,..."

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    The rigid demand for air fresheners is stable, and scented air care products can capitalise on Chinese aesthetics and the DIY trend to attract consumers.Tina He, Analyst, China Insights ..."