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    A striking 80% of yogurt consumers consider it a healthier alternative to indulgent snacks, underscoring yogurts position as a mainstay in consideration sets beyond traditional uses. This mirrors a broader trend of consumers seeking protein-rich and convenient foods for a wider variety of eating occasions. The growth of the yogurt..."
    Alcoholic beverage consumption in Canada, which is led by wine and beer, is shifting. There is a growing trend of consumers reducing their alcohol intake, including out-of-home drinking, influenced by soaring prices and inflation. As the 'sober curious' movement grows, the rise in low-alcohol and non-alcoholic alternatives is evident. Besides,..."
    VR, cloud gaming and AI are reshaping the future of gaming, offering immersive experiences and broadening accessibility for all player demographics. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    Canada's gaming industry thrives on government support, talent and innovation, primed to lead globally with AR/VR and 5G technologies. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    A broad non-mobile gaming market exists with high consumer engagement, presenting opportunities in accessories and games for older consoles, as well as sales of desired devices like PlayStation 5 and gaming laptops, especially among younger men. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    Brands that blend viral marketing, community engagement, and player feedback incorporation as part of their marketing mix see success in the gaming space. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    Lenders must adapt their strategies to align with the evolving needs and preferences of borrowers, all while operating in an increasingly competitive market.Amr Hamdi, Finance Analyst ..."
    Rising food costs have elevated store brands' profile, but their value extends well beyond price. Addressing different aspects of value is critical to success.Joel Gregoire, Associate Director of Food & Drink Reports ..."
    Home is where the heart is – but home is getting smaller and costlier. Housing affects the entire market, meaning all companies should consider its implications.Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Lifestyles & Retail ..."
    Canadians are looking for ways to streamline their cleaning routines with convenient tools that offer versatility, sustainability and value.Meghan Ross, Senior Research Analyst - Home & Beauty ..."
    It is an exciting time for mobile gaming; AR/VR advancements, cloud gaming and monetization innovations bode well for consumers and brands alike.Michael Lloy, Research Analyst ..."
    Economic trends have made budgeting more necessary. But the reality is that consumers will always seek out great value – even when they're financially comfortable.Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Lifestyles & Retail ..."