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    85% of Germans feel like most people in Germany are in a bad mood at the moment, which is reflective of the polycrisis taking its toll on Germans.Even though inflation has finally eased, financial confidenceremains fragile since many consumers do not yet feel the relief...."
    While 60% of German consumers agree that single-use cleaning products are bad for the environment, 47% struggle to tell which products are actually sustainable. This confusion is likely caused by the lack of standardised sustainability claims, and brands should therefore..."
    The birth rate in Germany is in long-term decline. This is challenging the volume sales of baby food and will lead manufacturers to focus on targeting older infants rather than newborns. Opportunities exist for brands to position baby food such as finger foods and snacks to target a variety of..."
    Our Germany eating out market research highlights that transparent communication, added value, and flexible offerings are key to engaging cost-conscious German consumers facing higher menu prices due to the reduced VAT expiry. Eliana Riera-McInnes, Research Analyst - Foodservice ..."
    72% of Germans use convenience food & drink products, rising to 90% of 16-34s. Usage declines with age, however, which must be addressed in light of Germany's ageing society. There is growing demand for more natural ingredients in convenience food & drink, with 50% of category users agreeing that such..."
    German consumers’ health is yet to recover amid multiple crises, calling for brands to continue to support consumers in living healthily. For example, by offering multifunctional immune boosters and affordable fitness with added benefits. Katharina Kirsch - Analyst..."

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    A balance between low-, no-alcohol, and classic spirit launches will be crucial for long-term brand relevance. Alcohol imitation drinks will bring some fresh insights into the category. A Mintel Analyst..."
    Our carbonated soft drinks industry report Germany shows that brands have the opportunity to target women and over-45-year-olds with functional CSDs. Less sweet flavours are also a way to spark interest among health-conscious consumers in Germany, whilst brands may gain further carbonated soft drinks market share in Germany through the..."
    Our digital consumer research report Germany shows that the growing prominence of AI will change consumers' digital behaviours, especially when shopping and researching online. Enthusiastic, younger consumers in particular will be driving AI usage and growth. Jan Urbanek - Principal Analyst..."
    Despite declining birth rates and savvy shopping behaviours, brands can foster growth by focusing on skin health and convenience.Henrike Philipp, Research Analyst ..."
    While Germans associate many positive aspects with herbal OTC health products, like safety and sustainability, brands need to tackle performance concerns with user ratings, clinical evidence and detailed ingredient concentrations.Hannah Sandow, Health & Wellbeing Senior Analyst, Germany ..."
    To sustain engagement, the category is in need of a shake-up. AI technology, such as in diagnostic devices, and NPD with skincare benefits, can aid in this.Mihaela Suhalitca, Research Analyst - Beauty and Personal Care ..."

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