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Nutrition, Health and Wellness Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

The growing awareness and pressure to lead healthier lifestyles is encouraging consumers to reassess their lifestyle and dietary choices. Closer attention to diet is seeing consumers revert back to wholesome, more natural and home-made type products, as the nutritional value of overly processed food and drink products is questioned. Consequently there is a shift towards using naturally healthy ingredients and whole foods to improve the nutritional value of foods, while the idea that less processing is best continues to popularize the term ‘raw’. Also, as traditional dieting falls out of favour, the focus of healthy eating has shifted to fueling the body with wholesome foods that provide long-lasting energy. This continues to encourage the rise of protein, and with its satiating powers providing sustained energy, it has become a popular appetite controller and weight management tool. Fibre is also stepping up as another appetite controller, and is pairing up with protein to enhance the satiating power of food and drink products.

Consumer efforts to lead healthier lifestyles continue to allow the free-from market to go from strength to strength, with many people voluntarily opting into the category as part of a general healthy lifestyle choice. The popularity of free-from living and consumer interest in alternative, new ingredients have spurred the rise of ancient grains, whilst the idea of grain-free diets is also emerging as an extension of gluten-free. However, as the pool of free-from users grows, questions around the suitability of such diets and products for the general population continue to be raised, as the nutritional value of free-from products are scrutinised.

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Nutrition, Health and Wellness Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

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