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Nutrition, Health & Wellness - Annual Overview - January 2015

This global annual market overview will provide you with an in-depth review of the key issues in the global nutrition, health & wellness market through 2014 as well as our forecast for what will happen in 2015 and beyond.

As seen in 2013, health consciousness is an important factor driving innovation in the food market in an effort to restore balance and reduce obesity levels.

A growing awareness around what constitutes healthy food has started to see a shift in eating habits among some consumers. Overall, the focus on positive nutrition and foods rich in natural intrinsic health benefits, is seeing consumers reverting back to whole, ‘real’ food and ingredients, moving away from heavily-processed products.

Demand for products that can help individuals increase their fruit and vegetable intake will grow, while the superfood label afforded to many fruit and vegetables will further increase their value as healthful ingredients.

The high protein trend continues to mature in some markets and emerge in others. High protein products are starting to adopt more tailored and complex communication messages.

Meanwhile, the focus on sugar hasn’t wavered, with efforts to reduce added sugars in reformulation efforts continuing. However, with all the negativity around sugar, consumers are not only looking to cut back their sugar intake but are seeking sugar alternatives they believe are both healthier and safe.

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Nutrition, Health & Wellness - Annual Overview - January 2015

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