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Oral Hygiene Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

The largest oral care markets are the US and China. In terms of market growth, Brazil is the best performing of the top five markets. However, globally it is Vietnam that experienced the hightest growth overall followed by India.

In terms of launch activity, there has been growth in products claiming to have vitamin/mineral fortification, including the standard fluoride claim, as well as botanical or herbal ingredients. Most products continue to focus around the typical fresh breath, whitening and antibacterial claims.

Globally, many consumers want a bright white smile and oral care products with this benefit are becoming more sophisticated. According to Mintel’s Professional Cosmetic Services – US, December 2014, the most common cosmetic procedure is professional teeth whitening. A challenge for the oral care marker is that as consumer confidence improves and consumers have more discretionary income, they may be open to spending more for professional whitening services instead of using bleaching/whitening kits, in an effort to achieve better results.

Mintel’s consumer research shows that discoloured teeth are a major cause for concern in all regions and this influences choice of what oral care products to buy.

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Oral Hygiene Market - Global Annual Review - 2016

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