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Related to: 'B2B Industry Reports'

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    Macroeconomic headwinds will continue to impact demand in 2024. However, the higher end of the market is expected to show resilience, requiring astute market targeting. Claudia Preedy, Senior B2B Analyst ..."

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    The B2B eCommerce market is set for continued growth as business buyers and sellers see digital commerce as a more efficient and effective way to research and purchase corporate goods and services. Claudia Preedy, Senior B2B Analyst ..."
    Although normal working patterns are returning, hybrid working continues to present challenges as employers lack direct insight into employee health and wellbeing off-site. Lewis Cone, Associate Director - Financial Services ..."
    The highly competitive market is focusing on technology adoption, enhanced service offerings and new emerging value propositions, which are increasingly driven by ESG factors. Claudia Preedy, Senior B2B Analyst ..."
    While fixed-rate energy deals have started to come back onto the market, incentives to switch suppliers remain limited. Thus, the return of competition to the retail market is expected to be slow. Claudia Preedy, Senior B2B Analyst ..."
    Significant investment is required to support renewables deployment and meet challenging decarbonisation targets, with most of this coming from the private sector. Creating a supportive and stable policy environment is imperative to attract investment. Claudia Preedy, Senior B2B Analyst ..."

     1,800 (Excl.Tax)

    Economic growth is expected to be restrained over the next two years. This will likely hold back the recovery in key end-use sectors, including housebuilding and RMI activity. Claudia Preedy, Senior B2B Analyst ..."
    With inflation and interest rates likely to remain elevated, it is important that providers offer suitable advice and products to help companies through these times. Lewis Cone, Associate Director - Financial Services ..."
    "The private healthcare market is growing strongly on the back of the continued issues with waiting lists impacting the NHS. Moreover, arrangements with the NHS, a buoyant private medical insurance sector and growth in self-pay procedures are further growing the demand factors despite the cost of living crisis and the..."
    In response to growing expectations around convenience courier companies focus their innovation efforts on offering greater flexibility and choice in how consumers can send, receive, and return parcels. Claudia Preedy, Senior B2B Analyst ..."
    The rising cost of borrowing has changed the strategic objectives of some firms and it is vital that lenders adapt to these and offer support in challenging times. Lewis Cone, Associate Director - Financial Services ..."
    The widespread adoption of hybrid working models continues to fuel demand for flexible workspaces. Claudia Preedy, Senior B2B Analyst ..."