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    This report looks at the following areas:Exploring the impact of increasing holiday prices and their influence on consumer behaviour and financial planning.Investigation into the effects of the rising cost of living on the recovery of the Irish travel market.Examination of current trends in Irish holiday bookings and future intentions.Analysis of..."
    Despite rising costs, camping remains an affordable holiday option. However, most potential campers seek additional amenities to enhance their experience. Notably, 85% of potential campers are interested in private bathrooms, 80% in unique accommodations and 79% in wellness facilities. The demand for additional offers ties in..."
    Airport passenger numbers experienced a notable resurgence in both 2022 and 2023, signaling a recovery phase post-pandemic. Yet, this positive trend is threatened by persistent challenges, including staffing shortages, cancellations, and escalating fuel expenses. These factors collectively pose a risk to the stability and growth of the airline industry during..."
    If inflation remains low and workers continue to experience real pay growth they will, finally, start to feel better off. This will likely improve the experience of work too as workers in the weakest financial situations are more dissatisfied across a number of metrics and..."
    Sports and performance drinks look to sustain steady growth, with forecasted prediction of reaching $27.5 billion by 2028. This surge comes from consumers who utilize these beverages to enhance their workout experiences − before, during, or after exercise – as well as more casual users that seek hydration sans heavy..."
    Cereal is evolving beyond its traditional role as a breakfast staple, adapting to shifting consumer habits and perceptions. While it remains a go-to morning food, its appeal has broadened to include roles such as a convenient dinner option, a guilt-free indulgence, and a quick source of energy for those on..."
    This report looks at the following areas: Market size and future growth for instant noodles and self-heating foods Marketing activities and new product trends in the instant food market Consumers’ instant food consumption frequency and eating occasions Flavour drivers for purchases of new instant food products Health and premium features..."
    Budget constraints and consumer caution created by the cost of living crisis have slowed the retail gambling segment’s post-pandemic recovery but benefited its remote counterpart as people continue to seek entertainment at home. The affordability checks and online slot stake limits being introduced under forthcoming changes in market regulation pose a..."

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    The cost of living crisis is putting a spotlight on value, longevity and the refurbished/second-hand smartphone market. This presents a primary threat to the market as consumers are not replacing their smartphones as frequently as in the past, as indicated by the popularity of SIM-only contracts and the decline of..."
    The intimate hygiene product market in Thailand has seen significant growth, ranking fifth in the number of launches in APAC over the past five years. As the intimate wash category matures, brands can expand into skincare for intimate areas, particularly to address Thai consumers' concerns over darker skintones and undesired..."
    82% of Germans drink any juice, with 16-34s the biggest users. Considering men are higher users (71% of whom drink any juice vs 59% of women), engaging women remains a core growth opportunity for juice..."
    Morning skincare routines are crucial for adults. As the focus on skincare has grown over the last few years, this presents an opportune moment for expanding the range of products offered for morning use. Currently, the morning routine solely focuses on basic cleansing and moisturising, neglecting crucial steps such as..."