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    85% of Germans feel like most people in Germany are in a bad mood at the moment, which is reflective of the polycrisis taking its toll on Germans.Even though inflation has finally eased, financial confidenceremains fragile since many consumers do not yet feel the relief...."
    Smartphone ownership is near universal and purchase cycles are slowing down, so brands are looking to new formats and genAI functionality to stand out. Younger men have the shortest tenure with any particular phone, and they also lead in owning wearables. Overall, about 20% of consumers get a new phone..."
    This report looks at the following areas:New product trends focus on anti-ageing and related benefitsChanges in the usage of different age management products and servicesConsumers' awareness and purchase of anti-ageing ingredientsAnti-ageing claims that consumers value and purchase driversAnti-ageing concepts that pique consumer interestConsumers' attitudes towards ageingConsumers seek solutions that address..."
    First-time investors, typically those with less than a year of investing experience, tend to prioritize short-term gains over long-term investment impacts. This is reinforced by their higher proclivity towards riskier and speculative assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which are significantly less popular among their more experienced counterparts. On the other..."
    While 60% of German consumers agree that single-use cleaning products are bad for the environment, 47% struggle to tell which products are actually sustainable. This confusion is likely caused by the lack of standardised sustainability claims, and brands should therefore..."
    This report looks at the following areas:Consumers' outfit preferences for different occasions, sources of outfit inspiration and style preferences: as consumers move between ever more diverse everyday occasions and the lines between these occasions become increasingly blurred, their demand for versatile outfits is growing, further fuelling the popularity of clothes..."
    The US home laundry market is navigating a complex terrain of fluctuating sales projections and a discernible shift in consumer behavior, particularly among younger demographics. Anticipated to face a short-term sales decline of 9% in 2024 before rebounding to a promising 5.1% growth rate from 2023-28, the market's vitality hinges..."
    A striking 80% of yogurt consumers consider it a healthier alternative to indulgent snacks, underscoring yogurts position as a mainstay in consideration sets beyond traditional uses. This mirrors a broader trend of consumers seeking protein-rich and convenient foods for a wider variety of eating occasions. The growth of the yogurt..."
    Alcoholic beverage consumption in Canada, which is led by wine and beer, is shifting. There is a growing trend of consumers reducing their alcohol intake, including out-of-home drinking, influenced by soaring prices and inflation. As the 'sober curious' movement grows, the rise in low-alcohol and non-alcoholic alternatives is evident. Besides,..."
    The men's sector is evolving, with retail sales (MULO) expected to exceed $6 billion in 2024. APDO and skincare/bodycare categories are seeing significant growth as key demographics look to skincare rituals and holistic body care practices that complement their overall wellness objectives. At the heart of this transformation is a..."
    The bodycare and antiperspirant/deodorant (APDO) market is projected to reach $9.54 billion in 2024 and expand to an estimated $10.49 billion by 2029. The upward trajectory of the category is bolstered by improved financial outlooks and holistic health trends that reframe essential hygiene routines. Furthermore, the entrance of beauty brands..."
    Garden shoppers continue to seek out convenience when it comes to shopping as many use the online channel through out their purchasing journey, with the availability of online services and click-and-collect to be most important when choosing their respective garden retailer. As more consumers relocate to..."