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Consumer Research Reports: In-depth Market Analysis & Consumer Trends

To get access to critical analysis, studies and recommendations across a range of categories and consumer markets around the world, we provide you with business-critical information through our detailed consumer reports. 

Each consumer report offers the primary research and in-depth data found in our market data reports alongside expert insights, trend analysis and market forecasting to give you the decision-making information and competitive analysis you need. 


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  1. Marketing to Millennials - Canada - August 2019

    "At 25-42, most Millennials have aged out of the stereotypical early 20’s lazy and entitled image that has defined them for so long. Millennials are financially minded and transitioning into adulthood with more than half now responsible for others as spouses and parents. The transition into ...

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    £3,435.47 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    August 2019
  2. Senior Lifestyles - Canada - January 2019

    "Knowing that seniors are the fastest growing segment of the population makes them intuitively an increasingly important segment for marketers to pay attention to. Seniors are bucking stereotypical images and increasingly showing an interest in following their passions and dropping the sentiment ...

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    £3,435.47 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    January 2019