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Consumer Research Reports: In-depth Market Analysis & Consumer Trends

To get access to critical analysis, studies and recommendations across a range of categories and consumer markets around the world, we provide you with business-critical information through our detailed consumer reports. 

Each consumer report offers the primary research and in-depth data found in our market data reports alongside expert insights, trend analysis and market forecasting to give you the decision-making information and competitive analysis you need. 


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  1. Canadian Pet Owners - Canada - September 2019

    "The majority of Canadians have a pet in their household with dogs and cats being most common. The market for dog and cat food continues to climb and will likely see premium offerings expand into more product lines. Sentiment among pet owners displays a strong connection between them and their ...

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    £3,435.47 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    September 2019
  2. America's Pet Owners - US - August 2019

    "Americans are looking at the products and services made for them and asking: “why don’t they have this for my pet?” From fresh food delivery to anti-anxiety offerings, products for pets are looking more like products for people every day. This is one of the major factors driving this market ...

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    £3,435.47 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    August 2019
  3. Petcare - UK - July 2019

    “Pets are ‘people’ too, in the eyes of most pet owners. And, just like treasured members of the family, pets are indulged with toys, stylish accessories and good quality petcare products. This ‘humanisation’ trend even stretches to pets being given their own Christmas and birthday gifts. People ...

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    £1,995.00 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    July 2019