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Consumer Research Reports: In-depth Market Analysis & Consumer Trends

To get access to critical analysis, studies and recommendations across a range of categories and consumer markets around the world, we provide you with business-critical information through our detailed consumer reports. 

Each consumer report offers the primary research and in-depth data found in our market data reports alongside expert insights, trend analysis and market forecasting to give you the decision-making information and competitive analysis you need. 


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  1. The Experiential Traveller - Canada - May 2019

    "Canadians are savvy leisure travellers, with the majority having taken an overnight leisure trip in the past year. Most consumers have eaten at a local restaurant in the past year, which ranks as a top travel priority. Travel influencers revolve around exploring new places, trying something that ...

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    £3,435.47 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    May 2019
  2. Family Vacations - Canada - February 2019

    "Canadians are inclined towards leisure travel, with the majority having taken an overnight leisure trip in the past two years. In this same period, a quarter of consumers had gone on a leisure trip with their children under the age of 18 and most went with their spouse/common-law partner. ...

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    £3,435.47 (Excl.Tax)
    Consumer Report
    February 2019