A Year of Innovation in the Baby Personal Care Market 2023
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Baby personal care innovation continues to be driven by wellness, eco and natural trends. Convenience has also become a higher priority post COVID-19. Dionne Officer, Research Analyst - BPC…

A Year of Innovation in the Baby Personal Care Market 2023

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Explore the latest global innovations across the baby care products industry in 2023. Our global baby personal care market report identifies the biggest launch activities, pivotal consumer attitudes and important advances of the year across regions like EMEA, APAC, and the Americas.

Innovation in Baby Personal Care – EMEA

Value for money is a high priority for UK parents, creating an opportunity for private label retailers to ramp up innovation. Value positioning is key to attracting customers, but the focus shouldn’t solely be on low prices. Innovation should also focus on the parental interest in natural, vitamin-enriched and ‘free-from’ formulas.

  • 54% of UK parents of 0-4 year olds agree that value for money has become a higher priority for them since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Innovation in Baby Personal Care – APAC

The emergence of pre and probiotic baby personal care formulas reflects the growing consumer interest in skin health. Parents are looking for and willing to pay more for products that will support their babies’ skin microbiome. In baby sun care, parents’ concerns around the use of chemicals needs to be addressed, and reassurances around safety should be provided through improved marketing and communication.

  • 42% of Chinese parents of children aged 0-3 say they haven’t bought baby sun care because it ‘contains chemical ingredients’.

Innovation in Baby Personal Care – Americas

Parents are willing to pay a premium for baby care products with wellness benefits, in particular aromatherapy. A focus on relaxation and sleep-aid is already key in the soap and bath products category, and brands should look to expand on this and innovate around baby wellbeing. 

  • 84% of US parents are interested in/willing to pay more for products that promote the emotional wellbeing of babies (e.g. soothing scent).

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Expert Analysis from a Specialist in the BPC Sector

This report, written by Dionne Officer, a leading analyst in the BPC sector, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight global trends and innovation in baby personal care and add expert context to the numbers.

Baby personal care innovation continues to be driven by wellness, eco and natural trends. Convenience has also become a higher priority post COVID-19.

Dionne Officer
Research Analyst – BPC Innovation

Table of Contents


    • Europe: room for private label to innovate
    • Graph 1: share of private label launches in the overall baby personal care* category, 2018 vs 2022
    • Europe: high interest in convenience drives innovation
    • Graph 2: baby personal care* launches by select convenience claims, 2018 vs 2022
    • The Middle East & Africa (MEA)
  2. Asia Pacific (APAC)

    • Asia: interest in skin health/microbiome-friendly formulas inspires NPD
    • Graph 3: share of baby personal care launches with prebiotic and probiotic claims, by category, 2022
    • Asia: baby suncare must allay safety concerns
    • Australia & New Zealand (ANZ)
  3. the americas

    • North America: aromatherapy claims can tap into wellness trends
    • North America: the focus on sensitive skin remains on trend
    • Latin America: eco/ethical claims are set to expand
    • Graph 4: baby personal care launches by top four fastest growing eco-ethical claims, 2018 vs 2022

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