India Aircare Market Report 2024
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The aircare category enjoys high penetration in India, with less than two in ten consumers (12%) claiming to have not used any aircare products in…

India Aircare Market Report 2024

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Report Summary

The aircare category enjoys high penetration in India, with less than two in ten consumers (12%) claiming to have not used any aircare products in the last six months. Among aircare products, usage centres on traditional formats such as incense sticks and camphor.

The majority of Indians perceive aircare products as being costly or non-essential for daily use, and those in lower-tier cities are more likely to consider them unnecessary compared to metro-residing adults. To capture interest, focusing on convenient small-pack options can be a key strategy for brands looking to effectively meet consumer needs.

Fragrances can act as a pathway to premiumisation, driven by the rising desire for long-lasting scents and personalised options. Interestingly, even adults residing in tier 2 cities are exploring new fragrances through the use of scented candles.

By adding air disinfection claims, the perceived value of car air fresheners and aerosol/ air freshener sprays can be greatly boosted. With consumers prioritising health, and with the enhanced demand for safer products, brands can dial up focus to incorporate botanical ingredients and non-toxic claims.

This report looks at the following areas:

  • Key trends in the Indian aircare category
  • Indians’ usage of aircare products
  • Reasons for using specific aircare products
  • Barriers to usage of aircare products
  • Opportunities for premiumisation

While scents present opportunities for premium appeal, there is increasing demand for air purity and safety. Affordability and convenience remain key value drivers.

A Mintel Analyst, Global Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. executive summary

    • Mintel’s perspective
    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Overview
    • The outlook for aircare in India
    • Increase aircare’s appeal with emphasis on convenience and affordability
    • Elevate the aircare experience with long-lasting fragrances
    • Ensure health and safety
  2. key trends

    • What you need to know
    • Aircare launches are stagnating
    • Graph 1: aircare launches, 2019-24
    • India’s aircare market is adapting to user demand for value
    • Aircare products in India are predominantly affordably priced
    • Graph 2: aircare launches, by price in US$, 2019-24
    • Innovate with minis and value bundles to bolster trial and adoption
    • Indian consumers seek value beyond just low price
    • Quality and indulgence rise as key consumer expectations
    • Convenience claims are boosting the value proposition
    • Graph 3: aircare launches with convenience claims, 2021-23
    • Safety is becoming a key priority in household care
    • Wider access to content is creating an informed consumer cohort
    • Emergence of a conscientious user base
    • Natural cleaning products appeal on safety
    • Safety propels brands to be natural, toxin-free and environmentally safe
    • Graph 4: aircare launches, by claims, 2019-24
    • Brands are focusing on claims that denote safety
    • Fragrance has been the cornerstone of communication for aircare brands in the country
    • Fragrance is a stand-out feature in brand communications
    • Calming notes of camphor, jasmine and lavender gain popularity
    • Graph 5: aircare launches by top 10 fragrances, 2019-24
    • Brands are extending the scope of aircare to include mental and emotional wellbeing
    • Leverage science to lend credence to wellbeing claims
  3. What consumers want and why

    • What you need to know
    • Usage of aircare products
    • Traditional formats lead, leaving headroom for newer categories to grow
    • Graph 6: usage of aircare products, 2024
    • Product usage differs across regions
    • Graph 7: usage of camphor, by region, 2024
    • Graph 8: usage of fragrance sachets, by region, 2024
    • SEC A consumers are core users, experimenting with new formats
    • Graph 9: usage of aircare products, by socio-economic groups, 2024
    • Innovate with new formats for experimental SEC A users
    • Tier 2 and 3 cities lead in scented candle usage, outpacing metros
    • Graph 10: usage of scented candles, by city tiers, 2024
    • Lower-tier cities have varied reasons for using scented candles
    • Graph 11: top three reasons for using scented candles, by tier 3 users, 2024
    • Graph 12: top three reasons for using scented candles, by tier 2 users, 2024
    • Position scented candles as home ornaments
    • Barriers to usage
    • Cost and perceived lack of need hinders adoption
    • Graph 13: top five barriers to usage, 2024
    • Build awareness of the need for aircare products in lower-tier cities
    • Offer non-users an affordable entry point into aircare
    • Enhance perceived effectiveness by overcoming skepticism around air pollution in metros
    • Graph 14: barriers to usage of aircare products, by city tier, 2024
    • Air freshener spray users are interested in products that reassure safety
    • Graph 15: features of interest in aircare products, by air freshener sprays/aerosols users vs non-users, 2024
    • Meet the demand for indoor air purity among urban users
    • Highlight air fresheners’ bacteria-fighting prowess
    • Features of interest in aircare
    • Longevity, portability and safety dominate aircare interest
    • Graph 16: features of interest in aircare products, 2024
    • Innovate formats that amplify ease and on-the-go usage
    • Delivering value in aircare is key to meet desire for longevity and convenience across city tiers
    • Graph 17: features of interest in aircare products, by city tiers, 2024
    • Pioneer enduring scent innovations
    • Give consumers power to set the mood
    • Parents prioritise choosing natural ingredients for the wellbeing of their family
    • Graph 18: features of interest in aircare products, by parent status 2024
    • Botanical ingredients can be considered safer
    • Non-toxic launches to ease worries
    • Case Study: Aura Cacia promises natural, safe and trusted aircare
    • Premiumise incense sticks
    • Incense sticks represent the most highly penetrated aircare category in India
    • Declining NPD signals a precursor to reinventing incense sticks
    • Graph 19: launches of incense* sticks, 2014-24
    • Sensory/ambient pleasure and personal indulgence are among the top reasons for consumers’ use of incense sticks
    • Motivations for usage of incense sticks varies vastly across city tiers
    • Graph 20: reasons for using incense sticks/agarbatti, by city tiers, 2024
    • Green, herbal, woody and floral fragrances dominate incense sticks
    • Graph 21: launches of incense* sticks by fragrance groups, 2019-24
    • Market incense sticks as integral components of wellness routines in lower-tier cities
    • Premiumise incense sticks with the promise of customised and long-lasting scents
    • Graph 22: features of interest in aircare products, by incense stick users, 2024
    • Case study: Scent & Sip premiumises incense sticks with custom-made fragrance blends
    • Focus car air fresheners on air hygiene
    • Car owners use a variety of air-freshening solutions
    • Graph 23: usage of aircare products, by car/van/jeep owners, 2024
    • Protection is the key reason for car air freshener use
    • Graph 24: reasons for using car air fresheners, 2024
    • Use protection from viruses and bacteria as a value-enhancer in car air fresheners
    • Highlight air hygiene claims in new car aircare offerings
  4. Appendix

    • Consumer survey methodology
    • Social data research methodology
    • Repertoire analysis

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