Germany Attitudes towards Convenience Food and Drink Market Report 2024
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72% of Germans use convenience food & drink products, rising to 90% of 16-34s. Usage declines with age, however, which must be addressed in light of Germany's ageing society. There…

Germany Attitudes towards Convenience Food and Drink Market Report 2024

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Report Summary

72% of Germans use convenience food & drink products, rising to 90% of 16-34s. Usage declines with age, however, which must be addressed in light of Germany’s ageing society. There is growing demand for more natural ingredients in convenience food & drink, with 50% of category users agreeing that such products contain too many processed ingredients.

Convenience food & drink is not immune from persisting financial pressures, which caused 48% of category buyers to purchase fewer convenience food & drink products than usual in the six months to February 2024.

74% of category users consume such products at home, with the category benefiting from continuing ‘hermit-esque’ behaviours carried over from COVID-19 lockdowns, and use of pre-prepared ingredients in semi-scratch cooking.

Overcoming the guilt associated with not cooking from scratch is a key hurdle for manufacturers to overcome; however, 51% of category users agree that using convenience food & drink instead of cooking meals from scratch frees up more leisure time.

AI and emerging technology can help expedite meal planning and preparation, thus creating more time for cooking. Moreover, increased commuting gives manufacturers an opportunity to position energising snacks in the morning, and relaxing products for an evening unwind.

This report looks at the following areas:

  • Market drivers for convenience food & drink, including the impact of AI on expediting the cooking process
  • Types of convenience food & drink products used, and how to refresh the microwaveable claim
  • Frequency of using convenience food & drink, and the role of health halos in ensuring growth
  • Consumption locations, and how to target commuters
  • Mealtime occasions, including how to encourage post-dinner relaxation
  • Purchase locations, including how to appeal to the on-the-go consumer with vending machines
  • Behaviours and attitudes related to convenience food & drink products

Convenience food & drink can give people more of their leisure time back; cleaner labels and shorter ingredient lists can help increase consumption frequency.

Khalid Peerbaccus, Food & Drink Senior Analyst

Table of Contents


    • The five-year outlook for convenience food & drink
    • Market context
    • Economic factors offer both challenges and opportunities for convenience food & drink
    • Appeal to an ageing population with benefits for their lifestyles
    • Graph 1: usage of convenience food/drink products, by age, 2024
    • Graph 2: current and projected share of age groups that make up the population, 2024-50
    • Convenient snacks can provide relief in busy, stressful lives
    • Mintel predicts
    • Government healthy-eating strategies set to drive demand for healthier product formulations
    • Plant-based eating has more opportunities for convenience brands
    • Opportunities
    • The 2024 summer of sport offers an opportunity for a sales boost
    • Tubes, a familiar household staple, can offer on-the-go convenience
    • Recreate the restaurant experience at home with pre-prepared ingredients
    • Allow for customisation in part-scratch-cooked meals
    • Promote functionality to increase usage frequency

    • The German economy
    • 2024 is expected to be more challenging than initially predicted
    • Graph 3: key economic data, in real terms, 2019-25
    • Inflation is slowly bouncing back to more-conventional levels
    • Inflation remains the key factor affecting consumers' finances…
    • …confidence and expenditure
    • Graph 4: financial confidence index, 2022-24
    • Slowing inflation may help support convenience food & drink sales
    • Retailers are set to benefit from VAT rate rebound on restaurants
    • Cooking and eating habits
    • Government healthy eating initiatives intend to nudge consumers towards healthier habits
    • Microwave cooking can make a comeback in the era of ultra-fast food
    • AI and emerging tech may streamline the cooking process, threatening pre-prepared formats
    • Return to offices provides more opportunities for convenience food & drink
    • World crises may drive emotional snacking frequency
    • Demographic and lifestyle factors
    • Short-form media can replicate the hectic nature of life, emphasising the need for convenience
    • Appeal to an ageing population with lifestyle benefits
    • Graph 5: current and projected share of age groups that make up the population, 2024-50
    • Graph 6: usage of convenience food & drink products, by age, 2024
    • Summer of sport may drive convenience consumption occasions

    • Types of convenience food & drink products used
    • Evolve convenience as a concept by focusing on time 'gained'
    • Graph 7: usage of food & drink products with select convenience claims in the last six months, 2024
    • Position convenience products as a way for consumers to get back more of their valuable time
    • Convenience food & drink products can act as a tonic for busy parents
    • Position microwaves and air fryers as an energy-efficient option to revitalise claim
    • Explore tubes as a vehicle for convenient snacking whilst on the go
    • Frequency of using convenience food & drink
    • Boost consumption frequency to ensure long-term category growth
    • Frequent users of convenience food & drink have hectic lifestyles
    • Graph 8: use of convenience food & drink more than once a week by presence of children in household, 2024
    • Graph 9: use of convenience food & drink once a week or more, by working status, 2024
    • Promote daily usage of convenience products by elevating health status…
    • …and dialling down on high-calorie ingredients
    • Appeal to on-the-go morning consumption with less-sweet, natural ingredients
    • Consumption locations for convenience food & drink
    • Most convenience foods are used at home
    • Graph 10: consumption locations for convenience food & drink in the last six months, 2024
    • Promote quality of at-home convenience options
    • Target commuters and travellers with revitalising convenience food & drink
    • Win back commuting time with time-saving convenience products
    • Mealtime occasions for convenience food & drink
    • Functionality can boost post-dinner consumption
    • Graph 11: mealtime occasions for convenience food & drink in the last six months, 2024
    • Provide convenient energisers to get through the afternoon slump
    • Promote post-dinner relaxation with natural relaxants
    • Purchase locations of convenience food & drink
    • Supermarkets and discounters are the key purchase locations for convenience food & drink
    • Graph 12: purchase locations of convenience food & drink in the last six months, 2024
    • Discounters offer strong own-label products, yet consumers want more
    • Return to the office provides opportunities for more to-go offerings
    • Online-only retailers can encourage bulk buying of convenience food & drink
    • Appeal to impulse buying by increasing visibility in public spaces
    • Behaviours related to convenience food & drink
    • Impulsivity drives purchase, but consumers are becoming more health-conscious
    • Graph 13: behaviours related to convenience food & drink, 2024
    • Offset guilt by aiding the scratch-cooking process
    • Fuse time-saving and customisation as an attractive middle-ground option
    • Huel launches convenient, complete nutrition in a bottle at retailer REWE
    • Attitudes towards convenience food & drink
    • Improved sustainability credentials will rise in importance
    • Graph 14: attitudes towards convenience food/drink, 2024
    • Refillable packaging will allow brands to bide their time for packaging innovation
    • Communicate the virtues of processed ingredients in aiding convenience
    • Encourage consumers to relax in their newly found free time

    • More opportunities to promote the time savings of convenience foods
    • Graph 15: food & drink launches with convenience claims, 2018-24
    • Thomy 'saurk' enables on-the-go sauce dispensing
    • Condensed formats are more convenient for on-the-go usage
    • Prepared cooking aids drive an increase in semi-scratch cooking
    • Graph 16: launches of convenience food & drink*, by category, 2018-24
    • Just Spices' 2023 'all-rounder' supports at-home convenience
    • Prepared meals give convenient exposure to world cuisines
    • Expect microwaveable and air fryer claims to rise as consumers look for energy-efficient cooking
    • Coffee bags can be convenient and environmentally friendly
    • Private label takes a strong share of convenience launches…
    • Graph 17: branded vs private-label launches of convenience food & drink*, 2018-24
    • …with retailers leading the pack
    • Graph 18: launches of convenience food & drink* by ultimate company, 2022-24
    • Innovation enables brands to differentiate from private labels
    • Graph 19: branded v private-label launches of convenience food & drink*, by launch type, 2022-24
    • Steady uptick of vegan and plant-based convenience food launches
    • Graph 20: launches of convenience food & drink* with a vegan/plant-based claim, 2020-23
    • Pre-prepared plant-based convenience food & drink products make diet more accessible
    • Veganz offers multifaceted convenience with 2D printed oat drink sheets
    • Convenience food & drink products ahead of the wider industry average for Nutri-Score inclusion
    • Graph 21: on-pack Nutri-Score mentions on convenience vs other food & drink* launches, 2020-23
    • Advertising and marketing activity
    • yfood offers a convenient one drink, one meal solution
    • Nestlé's THOMY introduces revolutionary 'saurk'
    • 2024 sees Meßmer Tee launch 'sport' cold infusion
    • Veganz highlights the reduction in packaging waste its product offers

    • Appendix – products covered, abbreviations, consumer research methodology and language usage
    • Products covered in this Report
    • Abbreviations
    • Consumer research methodology
    • A note on language

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