India Beer Market Report 2024
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Beer is a cherished alcoholic drink in India, favoured by 81% of surveyed alcohol consumers, and Indian drinkers closely associate it with relaxation. This Report…

India Beer Market Report 2024

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Report Summary

Beer is a cherished alcoholic drink in India, favoured by 81% of surveyed alcohol consumers, and Indian drinkers closely associate it with relaxation. This Report highlights key users and sheds light on the types of beer consumed.

It discusses the potential for innovative brews using novel ingredients, flavours and labels in the Indian market. It focuses on the characteristics and preferences of a growing group of adventurous consumers – Beer Explorers.

Alcoholic drinks are closely linked to the social settings in which they are enjoyed; this Report uncovers occasions for strong, mild, and non-alcoholic beer. In situations where beer enthusiasts prioritise quality over quantity, there is room to grow premium beer ranges; this Report details the main strategies to make this happen.

It also has an in-depth section exploring means to unlock non-alcoholic beer’s potential in India.

This report looks at the following areas:

  • Beer consumption, types preferred, and core consumers
  • Features associated with beer
  • Exploring the realm of beer experimentation; identifying Beer Explorers and their preferences
  • Occasions associated with strong, mild and non-alcoholic beers
  • Routes to premiumising beer for the Indian market
  • Preference between Indian and foreign beers
  • Consumption of non-alcoholic beer, its key consumers, and factors driving usage
  • Factors that would encourage trial of non-alcoholic beer
  • Interesting innovations from the Indian and global markets

Rising experimentation paves the way for innovation and premiumisation; localism-inspired brews that stand out for their taste will be key to drive appeal.

Anamika Banerji, Research Analyst – Food and Drink, India

Market Definitions

Includes all beer types: lager (eg Kingfisher, Tuborg), ale (eg: Kati Patang Belgian Wit), wheat beer (eg Bira 91 white), craft beer (eg Macha, Bira 91), flavoured beer (eg fruit flavoured, spirit flavoured), specialty beers that include ingredients like lemongrass or blueberry, stout beer (Guinness), light beer (eg Corona Light), diluted beer drinks like Shandies or Claras as well as low alcohol or alcohol free beers.

Table of Contents


    • Mintel's perspective
    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Overview
    • Experimentation is poised to bloom in the Indian beer market
    • Graph 1: agreement with select statements about beer, 2024
    • Great taste and Indian selections are vital pathways to premiumisation
    • Graph 2: beer features for which alcohol consumers are willing to pay more, 2024
    • Leverage the correlation between types of beer and the social setting in which they are consumed
    • Tap into the ideal beer-occasion pairings
    • Alcohol consumers seek authentic enjoyment from non-alcoholic beer
    • Graph 3: factors that would encourage trial of non-alcoholic beer, 2024
    • The outlook for the Indian beer category

    • What you need to know
    • India embraces the local in a globalised world
    • A deep appreciation for local traditions runs strong in India
    • Graph 4: consumer agreement that heritage is an important part of their identity*, 2024
    • Different facets of localism in India
    • Local products and brands spark vibrant online discussions
    • Government initiatives are aiming to boost localism and self-reliance
    • Globally, brands are empowering consumers to find high-quality local options
    • Indian brands are weaving a local story with ingredients and flavours to drive authenticity
    • Localism presents premiumisation opportunities
    • Pleasure intertwines with experimentation in food & drink
    • Exploration becomes the secret ingredient for a more-delicious food & drink experience
    • Graph 5: agreement with statements around flavour trial, 2023
    • Graph 6: select food behaviour when looking for new foods/flavours to try most of the time, by select markets, 2024
    • The joy of experimentation permeates the realm of alcoholic beverages
    • Social media platforms ignite the thirst for experimentation
    • Innovation sparks at taprooms, where magic brews
    • Alcohol brands push the boundaries with unexpected flavour twists
    • Coco Leve introduces beer ice blocks in Brazil
    • A culture of health fuels a shift towards mindful drinking
    • Alcohol consumers worldwide are reconsidering their choices
    • Delving into the global non-alcoholic beer market using Mintel's advanced AI tool, LEAP
    • It's time for sober to get cool in the eyes of consumers
    • Visibility and accessibility are key to boost adoption of non-alcoholic versions
    • Alcohol giants target Paris Olympics to promote alcohol-free alternatives

    • What you need to know
    • How beer is consumed in India
    • Beer is India's chill pill
    • Graph 7: features associated with beer, 2024
    • Beer stands out as the most popular choice among alcoholic beverages
    • Graph 8: types of alcohol consumed in the last six months, 2024
    • Beer holds significant appeal for Gen Zs and consumers in India's Western region
    • Graph 9: consumption of spirits and beer, by generation and region, 2024
    • Gen Zs view beer as fun, on-trend and classy
    • Graph 10: select features associated with beer, by generation, 2024
    • Perceptions of beer vary across regions
    • A quarter of beer users drink alcohol regularly
    • Graph 11: frequency of alcohol consumption in the last six months, by beer drinkers, 2024
    • Mainstream beer dominates, while craft makes inroads with a sizeable audience in India
    • Graph 12: types of beer consumed in the last six months, 2024
    • Craft beer has a vibrant social aspect, attracting Millennials as enthusiastic patrons
    • Indian brands pave the way for exceptional craft beer experiences
    • Beer Explorers
    • Beer Explorers appreciate a diverse range of beers, from traditional to craft brews
    • Beer Explorers are keen to embrace unique ingredients and flavours
    • Graph 13: agreement with select statements about beer, 2024
    • Beer Explorers have a higher propensity to try new brands
    • Graph 14: agreement with select statements about beer, 2024
    • Who are Beer Explorers?
    • Beer Explorers, with their keen eye for quality, are prime candidates for premium selections
    • Graph 15: features in beer for which beer drinkers are willing to pay more, 2024
    • Infuse unique ingredients to elevate the novelty factor, captivating adventurous beer drinkers
    • Give Beer Explorers the opportunity to revel in Indian brews crafted with innovative ingredients
    • Urban taprooms in India offer a taste of earthy millets
    • Choose ingredients that tick the boxes of localism and sustainability
    • Flavoured beer launches have gradually increased in the Indian market
    • Graph 16: unflavoured and flavoured beer launches, 2019-24
    • Exclusive releases in taprooms ignite a craving for flavour experimentation
    • Indian brands set the stage for exploratory beer drinking
    • A glimpse of the global flavour landscape in the beer category
    • Global inspirations: beer infused with an invigorating fruity essence
    • Global inspirations: beer with floral undertones
    • Create excitement by taking flavour cues from popular alcoholic drinks
    • Add a dash of coffee for an energy kick
    • Exploring the worldwide coffee flavour adventure in beer
    • Add hints of indulgence with a rich chocolate flavour
    • The global landscape of chocolate-infused beer
    • Give beer a cocktail makeover to elevate its trendiness
    • Occasions associated with beer
    • Strong beer can be a social glue for alcohol-drinking men
    • Offer Indian-brewed beer with an exquisite taste, ideal for social gatherings
    • Graph 17: select features in beer for which male alcohol consumers are willing to pay more, by origin, 2024
    • Pair high fives with strong brews, encouraging friends to connect over beer
    • San Miguel celebrates those who "seek, explore and feed their eager minds"
    • Mild beer can elevate at-home dining for men
    • Bad Monkey encourages at-home drinking at leisure, while sparking discussions on favourite food pairings with beer
    • Help consumers unlock the magic of food-beer pairings
    • Explain how beer's recipe impacts the selection of food pairings
    • A strong beer can enhance women's enjoyment of solitude
    • Present beer as the ideal companion for a relaxing solo ritual
    • Premiumising beer for the Indian market
    • An appreciation for quality beer is emerging in India
    • Graph 18: consumers who agree that they prioritise quality over quantity in beer, by region, 2024
    • Superior taste and Indian choices are key routes to premiumisation
    • Graph 19: features in beer for which alcohol consumers are willing to pay more, 2024
    • East dwellers and consumers aged 35+ have a discerning palate for superior taste
    • Graph 20: 'superior taste' as a select feature in beer for which alcohol consumers are willing to pay more, by age and region, 2024
    • Take a taste-first approach in messaging
    • Emphasise accolades for exquisite taste to demonstrate premium quality
    • Huan Miao evaluates various flavour characteristics using a five-point scale
    • The popularity of Indian beer is fueled by Gen Z, urban and Western residents
    • Graph 21: 'Indian origin' as a select feature in beer for which alcohol consumers are willing to pay more, by generation, region and city tier, 2024
    • Beer drinkers' faith in the quality of Indian brands favours domestic business
    • Graph 22: agreement that the quality of beer from Indian brands is the same as global brands, by region, city tier, 2024
    • Complement talks of creativity with insights about the hygiene and safety aspects of quality
    • White Rhino Brewing Co talks about Indian brews elevated to meet international standards
    • Delve into the intricate details of quality through sensory aspects
    • The desire to explore new flavours and ingredients entices beer enthusiasts towards local brews
    • Graph 23: select features in beer for which beer consumers are willing to pay more, 2024
    • Great State Aleworks delivers modern and experimental ales with a local twist
    • Spotlight a beloved local ingredient
    • Give a taste tour of India
    • Goa-based Susegado offers a diverse range of delectable flavours
    • Intrigue beer enthusiasts by paying homage to vintage drinks
    • Regular consumption cultivates a deeper appreciation for the craft and heritage behind each sip
    • Graph 24: select features in beer for which beer drinkers are willing to pay more, 2024
    • Incorporate ageing cues to enhance the depth of the quality message
    • Spotlight the craft of beer-making
    • Opportunities for non-alcoholic beer
    • Social media conversations about non-alcoholic beer are mostly upbeat, presenting it as a refreshing and enjoyable option
    • Non-alcoholic beer finds takers in young and urban Indians, the North, upper tier cities and non-working women
    • Graph 25: consumption of non-alcoholic beer in the last six months, by age, region, city tier and working status, 2024
    • Experimentation can fuel the trend for trying alcohol-free alternatives
    • Graph 26: consumption of non-alcoholic beer by types of beer drinkers, 2024
    • Infuse innovative flavours to encourage adventurous sipping of non-alcoholic beer
    • Attract adventurous consumers with a blend of flavours from various food & drink categories
    • Add an element of fun with playful non-alcoholic beer cocktails
    • Spike soft drinks with non-alcoholic beer
    • Non-alcoholic beer is emerging as a promising prospect for those seeking to reduce their beer intake
    • Graph 27: consumption of non-alcoholic beer in the last six months, 2024
    • Highlight no-compromise options for dry days
    • Men are more likely to turn to non-alcoholic beer on family get-togethers and dates
    • Make non-alcoholic beer the new star of get-togethers
    • Focus on the untapped dating occasion
    • Alcohol consumers seek non-alcoholic beer that tastes and smells like the real deal
    • Graph 28: factors that would encourage trial of non-alcoholic beer, 2024
    • Make aroma-centric conversations to cultivate authenticity
    • Match the taste, let go of the guilt
    • Leverage superior taste cues for consumer engagement
    • Harness the power of flavour cues to ramp up excitement for non-alcoholic beer
    • Create excitement with invigorating flavour hints
    • Non-alcoholic beer drinkers are more receptive to better-for-you features
    • Graph 29: select factors that would encourage trial of non-alcoholic beer, 2024
    • Deliver a powerful, bold, low-calorie message to entice consumers to try non-alcoholic beer
    • Boost the health game with added vitamins
    • Cross-category inspiration for value addition with functional benefits
    • Appeal to Gen Zs with workout and sports performance assistance
    • Graph 30: workout/sports performance improvement as a select factor that would encourage trial of non-alcoholic beer among alcohol users, by generation, 2024
    • Flag ingredients like whey protein and collagen, linking these to post-sports muscle recovery
    • Blur the lines between non-alcoholic beer and isotonic drinks
    • Establish a connection between sports events and personalities to emphasise the integration of non-alcoholic beer with sports and fitness
    • Birell Active serves up non-alcoholic beer refreshments with a caffeine kick

    • Report definition
    • Consumer survey methodology
    • Correspondence Analysis

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