China Beverage Blurring Market Report 2021
“Facing with consumers’ spoiled taste as a result of continuous innovation from tea and coffee houses, enhancing overall consumption experience beyond flavour with the assistance of blurring will be important…

China Beverage Blurring Market Report 2021

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Report Summary

“Facing with consumers’ spoiled taste as a result of continuous innovation from tea and coffee houses, enhancing overall consumption experience beyond flavour with the assistance of blurring will be important in driving the growth in non-alcoholic drinks sector. Rising priorities of healthy eating not only contribute to the demand of fortified nutrition but also make consumers cautious about the intake of negative ingredients. Upgrades on products to redefine healthiness will help differentiate and refresh the image of packaged products.”
– Roolee Lu, Research Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Covered in this Report
        • Definition
        • Executive Summary

            • Market and competition
              • The consumer
                • Dairy drinks hold essential roles while carbonated soft drinks witness loss of frequent drinkers
                  • Figure 1: Consumption frequency, November 2020
                • Diversified purposes reveal the changing role of non-alcoholic drinks
                  • Figure 2: Consumption purpose, November 2020
                • Reduced negative ingredients are as desired as fortified nutrients
                  • Figure 3: Desired attributes, November 2020
                • Probiotics, cereal/grains and flowers can drive healthiness without sacrificing taste
                  • Figure 4: Ingredient perception, November 2020
                • Visualise nutritional information to expand consumer reach beyond novel flavour seekers
                  • Figure 5: Purchase triggers for blurred beverage, November 2020
                • Juice and dairy drinks are ideal platforms for beverage blurring
                  • Figure 6: Blurring preference, November 2020
                • What we think
                • Issues and Insights

                  • Enhance the sensational experience beyond flavour
                    • The facts
                      • The implications
                        • Figure 7: Product examples of non-alcoholic drinks with enhanced texture, China, 2020
                        • Figure 8: HeyTea 2020 colour code, China
                      • Don’t leave the choice of ‘plus’ or ‘minus’ to consumers
                        • The facts
                          • The implications
                            • Figure 9: Product examples of non-alcoholic drinks with both plus and minus claims, China, 2020
                          • Redefine the indulgence demand under rising health awareness
                            • The facts
                              • The implications
                                • Figure 10: Product examples of blurred alcoholic drinks, Australia, Japan and Taiwan, China, 2020-21
                                • Figure 11: Suntory Horoyoi Alcoholic Drink
                            • Market Factors

                              • Consumption will be more driven by health under stable spending
                                • Figure 12: Change in spending on non-alcoholic drinks and in-home food, February 2020 to January 2021
                                • Figure 13: Change of life priorities – higher priority, April-September 2020
                              • High penetration of tea houses sets up sensational expectation and brings challenges to packaged products
                                • Figure 14: Food purchase and consumption behaviour, November 2020
                              • Updates on ingredients drive product premiumisation
                              • Innovation Highlights

                                • Drinking yogurt replaced juice as the most active category with NPD launches
                                  • Figure 15: New products launched in non-alcoholic drinks, by subcategory, China, 2016-20
                                • Sugar, fat and calorie reduction claims are mainstreaming
                                  • Figure 16: Top growing claims on new products, by category, China, 2016-20
                                • Build new sensation around bubbly taste
                                  • Figure 17: Product examples of Yuan Qi Sen Lin Man Fen! series, China, 2020
                                  • Figure 18: Nitro Pepsi, 2019
                                • Enhance consumption experience with serving temperature
                                  • Figure 19: Product examples of Coca-Cola’s hot beverages, China, 2020-21
                                  • Figure 20: Youth Look Brown Sugar Ginger Red Jujube Plant Drink, China
                                • Introduce liquor flavour to soft drinks
                                  • Figure 21: Product examples of carbonated soft drinks with liquor flavour, China, 2019-20
                              • The Consumer – What You Need to Know

                                • Consumption shift to nutritious and healthy categories
                                  • Blurring is a meaningful way to respond to multi-roles of non-alcoholic drinks in consumers’ life
                                    • Visualisation of ‘minus’ information is as important as fortifying nutrition
                                    • Consumption Frequency

                                      • Dairy drinks have an essential role in consumers’ daily diet
                                        • Figure 22: Consumption frequency, November 2020
                                      • Role in vitamin supplement helps juice receive more frequent drinkers
                                        • Figure 23: Consumption frequency – more than once a week, 2018-20
                                      • Sports and energy drinks benefit from association with physical activities
                                        • Healthy options help sparkling water catch up with carbonated soft drinks
                                        • Consumption Purpose

                                          • Diversified purpose unveils blurring opportunity
                                            • Figure 24: Repertoire analysis of consumption purpose, November 2020
                                          • Nutritional supplement comes as a close second to thirst quenching
                                            • Figure 25: Consumption purpose, November 2020
                                            • Figure 26: Consumption purpose – Select items, by monthly personal income and family structure, November 2020
                                          • Opportunities for drinks to satisfy a craving
                                            • Figure 27: Consumption purpose – select items, 2018-20
                                        • Desired Attributes

                                          • Fortified vitamins would attract most attention
                                            • Figure 28: Desired attributes, November 2020
                                          • Visualise ‘minus’ information to reach a wider audience
                                            • Figure 29: Desired attributes – TURF analysis, November 2020
                                            • Figure 30: HeyTea Bottle Sea Salt Grapefruit Flavour Sugar-Free Sparkling Water, China, 2021
                                          • Females care more about removal of negatives while males pay attention to minerals
                                            • Figure 31: Desired attributes, by gender, November 2020
                                        • Ingredient Perception

                                          • Probiotics, cereal/grains and flowers provide solutions to the health-taste dilemma
                                            • Figure 32: Ingredient perception, November 2020
                                            • Figure 33: Ingredient perception – Healthy x tasty ranking, November 2020
                                            • Figure 34: Youth Look Flower Extract Series, China
                                          • Ingredients from foodservice can enrich taste
                                          • Purchase Trigger

                                            • Product plays a bigger role than marketing
                                              • Figure 35: Purchase triggers for blurred beverage, November 2020
                                            • Focus on the touchpoint of nutrition can further encourage purchase
                                              • Figure 36: Purchase triggers for blurred beverage – TURF analysis, November 2020
                                            • Use seasonal ingredients to attract females and high earners
                                              • Figure 37: Purchase triggers for blurred beverage, by monthly personal income, November 2020
                                          • Blurring Preference

                                            • Juice and dairy drinks are good entry points
                                              • Figure 38: Blurring preference, November 2020
                                              • Figure 39: Blurring preference – Top 10 combinations, November 2020
                                              • Figure 40: Blurring preference – Top three choices for each option, November 2020
                                            • Pay attention to the self-indulgence demand from consumers who live alone
                                              • Figure 41: Blurring preference, by living situation, November 2020
                                          • Appendix – Market Size and Segmentation

                                              • Figure 42: Consumer expenditure on non-alcoholic drinks*, by segmentation, China, 2016-20
                                          • Appendix – Methodology and Abbreviations

                                            • Methodology
                                              • Abbreviations

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