Brazil Beauty Retailing Market Report 2021
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“The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of online shopping; even so, physical retailers continue to be the preference of a significant portion of Brazilians. Pharmacies stand out for offering flexibility…

Brazil Beauty Retailing Market Report 2021

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Report Summary

Key Topics Analysed in the Full Report

  • Impacts of the pandemic on offline and online purchases of beauty and personal care products.
  • Opportunities for brands in physical and online retail, based on the shopping places most visited by Brazilians.
  • Brazilians’ behaviors and attitudes toward beauty retailing.
  • Consumer interest in innovations in physical and online retail.

Expert Insights from a BPC Analyst

This report, written by Amanda Caridad, a leading research analyst, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight trends in the beauty retailing industry and add expert context to the numbers.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of online shopping; even so, physical retailers continue to be the preference of a significant portion of Brazilians. Pharmacies stand out for offering flexibility in deliveries and interactions, gaining penetration in the online channel. The investment in technological tools, such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality, remains essential for brands to expand their reach with omnichannel strategies.”

Amanda Caridad
Beauty and Personal Care Senior Analyst


Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Definition
  2. Executive Summary

    • Market overview
    • Analyst outlook
      • Figure 1: Analyst outlook for the beauty retailing category, 2021
    • Challenges
    • DE consumers are the most likely to buy only in-store
    • Brazilians from the North region challenge brands to be more transparent about ingredients used
    • Women adopt a more conservative spending approach during the pandemic
    • Opportunities
    • Supermarkets and hypermarkets should invest in technological experiences to attract seniors
    • Subscription services can extend reach by exploring convenience and exclusivity
    • Younger women are target audience for native digital brands on social media
  3. Market Drivers

    • Unemployment rate drops, but average income hits historical low
    • Brazil’s GDP recedes as a result of the second wave of the pandemic
    • Retail sales fall in physical channels, while online sales grow driven by marketplaces
    • Pharmacies and drug stores gain Brazilians’ preference, especially online
    • Direct sales grow and reinforce the importance of beauty consultants
  4. Key Players

    • Companies and brands
    • Boticário partners with NGO and shopping mall to empower young people in vulnerable situations
      • Figure 2: Bazar Shop in São Paulo
    • Direct sales brands offer financial services to consultants
      • Figure 3: Natura &Co Pay available on iOS and Android
    • Boticário innovates by launching “wall shop” in metro station
      • Figure 4: Boticário’s “wall shop” in metro station in São Paulo
    • Belong Be is a new beauty marketplace that brings together independent Brazilian brands
      • Figure 5: Influencer Carla Cristina shares Belong Be press kit – Brazil, 2021
      • Figure 6: Belong Be announces launch in Brazil – 2021
    • In an unprecedented partnership, Eldorado Shopping joins Amazon with exclusive page
      • Figure 7: Exclusive The Body Shop – Eldorado Shopping space at Amazon
      • Figure 8: Shopping Eldorado announces partnership with Amazon
    • Johnson & Johnson creates online sales platform to stimulate small retailers
      • Figure 9: Johnson & Johnson’s platform
    • Sephora returns to physical retail with Gift Factory
      • Figure 10: Sephora Gift Factory at Eldorado Shopping in São Paulo
    • Boticário enters in the Avakin Life game
      • Figure 11: Boticário in the Avakin Life game
    • Case study
    • After expanding portfolio, Amaro becomes a new surging beauty marketplace
      • Figure 12: Amaro campaign – Brazil, 2021
  5. The Consumer – Online vs Offline Shopping before COVID-19

    • More flexible policies for replacing or returning products can be a differential in the online channel
      • Figure 13: Online vs offline shopping before COVID-19, by socioeconomic group, 2021
      • Figure 14: Drogasil replace and return policy
      • Figure 15: Boticário replace and return policy
    • More humanized and personalized contact can help retailers integrate physical and digital channels
      • Figure 16: Online vs offline shopping before COVID-19, by working status, 2021
      • Figure 17: Sephora Kikbot chat
      • Figure 18: Sephora Beauty Call – Brazil, 2020
  6. Online vs Offline Shopping during COVID-19

    • Subscription services can extend reach by exploring convenience and exclusivity
      • Figure 19: Online vs offline shopping during COVID-19, by remote work, 2021
      • Figure 20: Glambox products – Brazil, 2021
      • Figure 21: Glambox subscriber – Brazil, 2021
  7. In-store Purchase

    • Supermarkets and hypermarkets can innovate by including technological experiences for beauty product experimentation
      • Figure 22: In-store purchase, by age, 2021
      • Figure 23: Boticário Lab in Curitiba
    • Pharmacies and drug stores can expand the reach of their private labels among men aged 35+
      • Figure 24: In-store purchase, by gender and age, 2021
      • Figure 25: Private label personal care products sold in pharmacies/drug stores
    • Direct sales brands challenged to reflect values defended by women aged 35+
      • Figure 26: In-store purchase, by gender and age, 2021
      • Figure 27: Direct sales brands can communicate their diversity initiatives
      • Figure 28: Avon’s foundation meets the needs of Brazilian skin
  8. Online Purchase

    • Pharmacies and drug stores stand out by offering greater speed and flexibility in product delivery
      • Figure 29: Online purchase, by socioeconomic group, 2021
      • Figure 30: DrogaRaia app offers click and collect service
    • Augmented reality technology can help brands drive online sales through their own apps or ecommerce
      • Figure 31: Online purchase, by gender and age, 2021
      • Figure 32: Benefit Cosmetics’ Brow Try-on tool in partnership with WeChat – China, 2020
      • Figure 33: Lâncome announces first virtual concept store in Singapore
    • Native digital brands become attractive to younger women who consume beauty content on social media
      • Figure 34: Online purchase, by gender and age, 2021
      • Figure 35: Bisyou is a success among followers
      • Figure 36: Bisyou partners with beauty influencers on Instagram
  9. Shopping Behaviors

    • Brazilians from the North region are more critical of information about beauty and personal care products
      • Figure 37: Shopping behaviors, by region, 2021
      • Figure 38: The Body Shop opens a store exploring the Activist Maker Workshop concept – Singapore, 2020
      • Figure 39: Cocokind introduces new packaging with quantitative sustainability data – US, 2021
    • Gen Zs look for online reviews before buying a product
      • Figure 40: Shopping behaviors, by generation, 2021
      • Figure 41: Youthforia offers first blush that reacts with the skin pH
      • Figure 42: Screenshot – Youthforia BYO Blush reviews
    • Interactive digital experiences can help consumers discover products while they have fun
      • Figure 43: Shopping behaviors, by age, 2021
      • Figure 44: SK-II Studio presents: VS Series official trailer – China, 2021
      • Figure 45: SK-II Studio – China, 2021
      • Figure 46: Tmall Club and Biotherm offer escape room inspired interactive experience – China, 2020
  10. Attitudes toward Beauty Retailing

    • Women adopt a more conservative spending approach during the pandemic
      • Figure 47: Attitudes toward beauty retailing, by gender, 2021
      • Figure 48: Americanas campaign – Brazil, 2021
      • Figure 49: Natura Friday explores conscious purchase – Brazil, 2021
    • Exclusive service can increase sense of security and retain consumers in physical stores
      • Figure 50: Attitudes toward beauty retailing, by gender and age, 2021
      • Figure 51: Boticário offers exclusive service in a new concept store
  11. Interest in Innovations

    • Virtual stores can meet demand of AB consumers for interactions and experiences without leaving home
      • Figure 52: Interest in innovations, by socioeconomic group, 2021
      • Figure 53: Social isolation has boosted virtual tourism during the pandemic
      • Figure 54: Charlotte Tilbury bets on virtual store to offer realism in the online environment
      • Figure 55: Clarins virtual store simulates Clarins Lab’s physical space in Paris
    • Creating communities can help brands strengthen relationships with consumers, especially on social media
      • Figure 56: Interest in innovations, by gender, 2021
      • Figure 57: Julia Petit responds to a complaint regarding a Sallve product – Brazil, 2021
      • Figure 58: Sallve post announcing a new formula – Brazil, 2021
  12. Appendix – Abbreviations

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