Brazil Non-alcoholic Drinks Consumption Habits Market Report 2023
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“There is scope for the non-alcoholic beverage category to explore key benefits that matter to consumers, such as hydration, energy and mood enhancement, potentially increasing the attractiveness and frequency of…

Brazil Non-alcoholic Drinks Consumption Habits Market Report 2023

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“There is scope for the non-alcoholic beverage category to explore key benefits that matter to consumers, such as hydration, energy and mood enhancement, potentially increasing the attractiveness and frequency of consumption of all categories.”
– Laura Menegon, Food and Drink Analyst – Latam

Key issues covered in this Report

  • Consumption of the main categories of non-alcoholic beverages
  • Frequency of consumption by category
  • Benefits that encourage consumption
  • Attitudes towards non-alcoholic beverages in total, and to sports and energy drinks in particular
  • Willingness to pay more for non-alcoholic beverages with specific benefits

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Definition
  2. Executive Summary

    • Market overview
    • Analyst outlook
      • Figure 1: Analyst outlook for the non-alcoholic drinks category, 2023
    • Challenges
    • Soft drinks face barriers among families with children, but special occasions can create a path to consumption
    • Almost a third of respondents are unaware of the benefits of sports drinks
    • Opportunities
    • Multiple segments can capitalize on interest in drinks that boost energy
    • Mood benefits may reduce young consumers’ guilt when drinking soft drinks
    • Beverages formulated for specific life stages attract consumer interest
  3. Market Drivers

    • One third of Brazilians live on less than the minimum wage
    • Although inflation slowed in April, the rise in essential categories may lead to lower spending on beverages
    • Labeling regulations may heighten concerns about excess sugar
    • WHO advises against use of sweeteners for weight control
  4. Key Players

    • Heineken launches Clash’d, a premium soft drink made of malt and natural ingredients
      • Figure 2: Clash’d soft drink, Heineken, 2023
    • Coca Cola Creations launches soft drink in partnership with Rosalia
      • Figure 3: Coca Cola Movement in partnership with Rosalía, 2023
    • Pepsi announces new designs
      • Figure 4: New designs for Pepsi, 2023
    • Engov expands into energy drinks
      • Figure 5: Energy drink Engov Up, Brazil, 2023
    • Vulcano Energy Drink launches limited edition illustrated with characters from Dungeons & Dragons
      • Figure 6: Vulcano Energy Drink with Dungeons & Dragons theme, 2023
    • 3 Corações launches RTD cappuccino with whey protein
      • Figure 7: RTD cappuccino with added whey protein, 3 Corações
    • Natural One launches oatmeal beverage line
      • Figure 8: Natural One’s vegetable beverage line, 2023
    • Case study
    • Daily Dose juices prevent food waste
      • Figure 9: Daily Dose juices made with upcycled ingredients
  5. Non-alcoholic Drink Consumption

    • Functional, natural ingredients can boost energy drinks
      • Figure 10: Non-alcoholic drink consumption, 2023
      • Figure 11: Rocamina energy drink, Mexico
      • Figure 12: Savvy energy drinks with adaptogens and nootropic ingredients, Australia
      • Figure 13: Yerba mate-based energy drink. Baer Mate, Brazil
    • Iced coffees have growth potential, especially among younger consumers
      • Figure 14: Hot and iced coffee consumption by age group, 2023
      • Figure 15: Starbucks Cloud Macchiato launch image, United States, 2019
      • Figure 16: Cold RTD coffee beverages, 2022-23
    • The juice category can take advantage of interest in energy
      • Figure 17: Attitudes to non-alcoholic drinks, by non-alcoholic drink consumption, 2023
      • Figure 18: Juices for energy and nervous system functionality, 2022-23
  6. Non-alcoholic Drinks Consumption Frequency

    • Packaging with measurement lines encourage hydration
      • Figure 19: Consumption frequency of still bottled water, 2023
      • Figure 20: 10 best-selling water bottles in Brazil, 2023
      • Figure 21: Packaging that encourages hydration
    • Carbonated soft drinks part of weekly family routines
      • Figure 22: Frequency of drinking carbonated soft drinks, 2023
      • Figure 23: Recipe suggestions with soft drinks as an ingredient, Zevia Beverages
      • Figure 24: Instagram post encouraging use of Convenção’s soft drink with popcorn while watching movies
  7. Benefits that Encourage Consumption

    • Technology can take hydration to new heights
      • Figure 25: Benefits that would motivate the purchase of non-alcoholic beverages, 2023
      • Figure 26: Nix Hydration Biosensor
      • Figure 27: Weo smart water bottle
    • Mood boosts may reduce guilt surrounding soft drinks
      • Figure 28: Benefits that would motive consumption, by age group, 2023
      • Figure 29: Carbonated beverages that promote mood enhancement, Emotional Utility Beverage, 2023
      • Figure 30: Carbonated soft drinks that provide benefits for mental/emotional health, 2021-23
    • Mood enhancing beverages can help consumers seeking to reduce alcohol consumption
      • Figure 31: TURF analysis – Benefits that would motivate consumption, 2023
      • Figure 32: Kin Euphorics beverage line
  8. Sports Drinks Consumption Habits

    • Consumers need to be educated about the benefits of sports drinks
      • Figure 33: Attitudes to sports drinks, 2023
      • Figure 34: Informational posts about the benefits of sports drinks, Gatorade Brazil
    • Isotonic drinks that offer benefits other than hydration can grow
      • Figure 35: Isotonic drinks with benefits other than hydration, 2021-22
    • Women less likely to consume sports drinks
      • Figure 36: Perceptions of sports drinks, by gender, Brazil, 2023
      • Figure 37: Sports drinks with natural ingredients and appealing flavors, 2023
  9. Interest in Non-alcoholic Beverages

    • Beverages formulated for specific life stages attract consumer interest
      • Figure 38: Interest in beverages formulated for a specific life stage, 2023
      • Figure 39: Fases line, Leão
    • RTD coffees with added nutrients may enhance gaming performance
      • Figure 40: Interest in RTD coffees with added nutrients, 2023
      • Figure 41: RTD coffee beverages with added nutrients, 2022-23
  10. Appendix – Abbreviations

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