Canada Console and PC Gaming Market 2024 | Focus: Competitive Landscape
Brands that blend viral marketing, community engagement, and player feedback incorporation as part of their marketing mix see success in the gaming space. Michael Lloy, Research Analyst…

Canada Console and PC Gaming Market 2024 | Focus: Competitive Landscape

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Report Summary

Mintel’s Focus Reports extract and analyse key information and data to provide a condensed and insightful report on the topics that matter to you and your business. This report covers the competitive landscape of the Canada gaming industry, if you are interested in learning more about the Canada Console and PC Gaming Market, use the navigation at the top of this page to browse other Focus Reports on the subject.


Canada PC and Console Gaming: Competitive Landscape

Mintel’s Canada Console and PC Gaming Competitive Landscape Focus Report provides a comprehensive dive into the Canada Gaming Industry. This insightful report will guide you through the world of gaming, highlighting crucial trends, strategies, and market shifts.

Key features of the full report include:

  • A thorough examination of how brands have harnessed viral marketing, community engagement, and player feedback to pave their way to success in the gaming space.
  • An analysis of demographics-based marketing strategies that effectively target gamers across various platforms such as Twitch, X, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • Key insights into landmark mergers and acquisitions that are redefining the industry, including high-profile acquisitions by Microsoft and Sony.
  • Detailed information on top Canadian developers like Ubisoft Toronto, EA Canada, Bioware, and Behaviour Interactive, shedding light on their role and impact in the gaming industry.
  • This report provides an essential glimpse into the evolving world of the Canada gaming industry. It’s packed with vital information on new marketing strategies, significant mergers and acquisitions, and the influence of top developers. Stay on top of your game in the competitive landscape of console and PC gaming with this essential report.
  • Brands that blend viral marketing, community engagement, and player feedback incorporation as part of their marketing mix see success in the gaming space.


Meet The Expert

Michael is a Research Analyst with Comperemedia, specialising in financial services and insurance, with a focus on the Canadian market.

Brands that blend viral marketing, community engagement, and player feedback incorporation as part of their marketing mix see success in the gaming space.

Michael LoyMichael Lloy
Research Analyst

Table of Contents

    • Mintel’s perspective
  1. Canada’s Social Media Landscape

    • 99% of consumers can be found on some form of social media
    • Graph 1: daily social media usage, 2024
    • Especially considering newer platforms, younger consumers are utilizing social media daily significantly more than older consumers
    • Graph 2: daily social media usage, by age, 2024
    • Women of all ages are driving Facebook usage
    • Graph 3: daily Facebook usage, by age and gender, 2024
    • There are significantly different gendered usage behaviours, especially among younger consumers
    • Graph 4: daily social media usage, by age and gender (select), 2024
  2. Competitive landscape and marketing: hardware

    • Key players: Sony is leading the console crusade
    • Alienware: a leader in gaming hardware social media engagement and activity
    • Alienware: engaging audiences with flashy posts and gamification
    • Gaming brands are typically utilizing social media to advertise the availability of new and upcoming products
    • Gaming hardware brands promote everything from new customization options to new games on their platforms
  3. Competitive landscape and marketing: software

    • Key players: top Canadian developers
    • Activision/Blizzard: a leader in game developer social media engagement and activity
    • Activision Blizzard’s top posts leverage iconic characters from its IPs
    • Similar to hardware, game developers utilize social media to inform gamers of new releases
    • New game posts were short and light, focused on the release date and the games’ key selling features
  4. Mergers and acquisitions

    • Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard in landmark $68.7 billion deal
    • Sony acquires Bungie for $3.6 billion, bolstering its position in the live-service gaming market
    • Tencent becomes global gaming powerhouse with strategic acquisitions
    • Embracer Group’s aggressive expansion strategy: growth vs sustainability challenge in gaming sector
  5. Case study: Arrowhead Studios

    • Helldivers 2 boosts outreach and player engagement through viral marketing and community-driven updates
    • Arrowhead’s strategic community engagement fuels Helldivers 2 success
    • Helldivers stands head and shoulders above its peers for social media engagement
    • GLORY FOR SUPER EARTH! – roleplaying for the community
    • When issues arise, transparency and communication are key to maintaining good optics and a good relationship with a player base
  6. Appendix

    • Consumer research methodology
    • Abbreviations and terms
    • Console and PC Gaming – Canada – 2024

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