Canada Cookware Market Report 2020
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"The shutdown of non-essential businesses and limited availability of foodservice options means consumers are required to prepare most, if not all of their meals at home. Strong increases for at…

Canada Cookware Market Report 2020

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Report Summary

Covered in this report

While the majority of Canadian households appreciate the merits of home cooking, many are struggling to find the time and energy to regularly prepare such meals. Canadians recognize the benefits associated with eating nutritious meals at home and, given the increased focus on health and wellness in the country, are expected to continue to make that effort.

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Written by Meghan Ross, a leading analyst in the Household sector, her extensive knowledge delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

Canadians are engaged in the kitchen and generally enjoy cooking, though barriers to encourage frequent home cooking persist. Canadians endeavour to create healthy and nutritious meals at home but are looking for ways to make home cooking quicker, often seeking out more convenient solutions from small cooking appliances, reduced-step recipes or by forgoing cooking altogether and outsourcing the job to restaurants. Meghan Ross
Household Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Definition
  2. Executive Summary

    • The Insights
    • Food purchasing behaviours have shifted considerably as a result of COVID-19
    • Convenience and time-saving strategies will be key in Canadian kitchens
    • Despite high ownership levels, Canadians plan to add to their cookware collections
    • Cookware will need to be stylish and functional in order to earn coveted cabinet space
    • The Opportunities
    • Young Canadians are an eager audience
    • Opportunities exist online to make sales and consumer connections
    • What it means
  3. The Impact of COVID-19 on the Cookware Sector

      • Figure 1: Short, medium and longer term impact of COVID-19 on cookware, April 2020
    • Opportunities and Threats
    • Long-term impact of COVID-19 will be relatively neutral for the cookware market
    • Some consumers now have more time to experiment in the kitchen
    • Impact on the market
    • An increase in home cooking occasions gives way to an expanded need for cookware
    • Home cooks may be experimenting with new recipes
      • Figure 2: Williams Sonoma Instagram Post, April 2020
      • Figure 3: Screenshot of Chef Craig Harding Instagram Video Post, March 2020
    • Shifts in consumer behaviour
    • An additional five million Canadians are working from home
      • Figure 4: Curious Chef Instagram Video Post, April 2020
    • Health and wellness will become even more important
    • But cooking has the potential to provide more than just physical health
    • Consumers will be more comfortable with online shopping
    • How the crisis will affect key consumer segments
    • Men will play a greater role in the kitchen
    • Younger Canadians are building kitchen confidence
    • Consumers will look to brands that helped the effort
      • Figure 5: Williams Sonoma Instagram Post, April 2020
    • How a COVID-19 recession will reshape the industry
    • Discretionary spending will be limited as a result of unemployment
    • COVID-19: Canadian context
  4. The Market – What You Need to Know

    • Canadians are short on time and looking for convenient solutions to support their healthy eating goals
    • Storage space will come at a premium and cookware needs to earn its keep
    • One-person households are on the rise and changing recipe needs
    • COVID-19’s impact on dining out and food purchase behaviours is vast and growing
  5. Market Factors

    • Canadians have good intentions, but need help when it comes to nutrition
    • Housing trends will shrink cookware storage space
      • Figure 6: Cuisinart Instagram post, November 2019
    • Many Canadians are embracing a minimalist lifestyle
      • Figure 7: Marie Kondo Instagram post, July 2017
    • The rise in one-person households is changing recipe requirements
      • Figure 8: Proportion of Canadians living alone, by age, 1981 vs 2016
    • Single Canadians are motivated by social media
      • Figure 9: Attitudes towards cookware: “Social media motivates me to cook/bake more” (% any agree), singles vs overall, January 2020
      • Figure 10: One Dish Kitchen Instagram post, December 2019
      • Figure 11: Creamy Bacon and Mushroom Chicken | One Pot Chef, January 2018
    • COVID-19 will impact food shopping behaviours
  6. Key Players – What You Need to Know

    • Meal kits offer convenience to time-strapped Canadians
    • Social media provides a good opportunity for cookware brand partnerships
    • Canadians gravitate to the convenience of small cooking appliances
    • Cookware must prove its worth
    • Smart technology has arrived in the kitchen
  7. What’s Working?

    • Meal kits reduce some home cooking barriers
      • Figure 12: Goodfood Instagram post, February 2020
      • Figure 13: Meal kit usage and intent, May 2018
    • Food is a huge draw on social media
      • Figure 14: Food52 Instagram post, February 2020
      • Figure 15: Food52 Instagram post, March 2020
      • Figure 16: Rachael Ray Instagram post, November 2019
    • Customized cookware can liven up the kitchen
      • Figure 17: Screenshots from KitchenAid US Instagram video post, September 2019
      • Figure 18: Le Creuset Instagram post, March 2020
      • Figure 19: The Pioneer Woman Instagram post, September 2019
  8. What’s Struggling?

    • Small cooking appliance growth is encroaching on traditional cookware’s space
      • Figure 20: Instant Pot Instagram post, March 2020
      • Figure 21: Paderno Instagram post, October 2019
    • Restaurants and food delivery impact home cooking occasions
      • Figure 22: Frequency of cooking from scratch, September 2018
      • Figure 23: Monthly movement in selected components of the Canadian Consumer Price Index, seasonally adjusted, January 2015-December 2019
  9. What’s Next?

    • Multi-use cookware provides efficiency and value
      • Figure 24: Our Place Always Pan Instagram post, January 2020
    • Smart technology aims to making meal prep more convenient
      • Figure 25: I Am SmartyPans Instagram post, November 2019
      • Figure 26: Ovie Smarterware Kickstarter Video, October 2019
      • Figure 28: Repertoire of products owned, January 2020
    • Women have the largest assortment of cookware items
      • Figure 29: Bakeware ownership, by gender, January 2020
      • Figure 30: Cutlery ownership, by gender, January 2020
      • Figure 31: Ownership of select cookware, by gender, January 2020
    • Canadians accumulate more cookware as they age
      • Figure 32: Bakeware ownership, by age, January 2020
      • Figure 33: Product ownership repertoire, by age, January 2020
    • Bakeware ownership is lower among Asian Canadians
      • Figure 34: Bakeware ownership, Asian Canadians vs overall, January 2020
    • Income levels directly impact cookware ownership
      • Figure 35: 6 Ways To Hack Your Muffin Tins, March 2017
      • Figure 36: Product ownership, by income, January 2020
  10. Cookware Usage

    • Most cookware products are actively being used
      • Figure 37: Product usage, January 2020
      • Figure 38: Netflix Nailed It Trailer, February 2018
    • The kitchen’s gender imbalance still exists
      • Figure 39: Bakeware usage, by gender, January 2020
    • Older Canadians are using their cookware more
      • Figure 40: Attitudes towards cookware: “I love to cook/bake” (% any agree), by age, January 2020
  11. Interest in Future Cookware Purchases

    • Two thirds of Canadians long to add to their cookware collection
      • Figure 41: Interest in purchasing cookware, January 2020
    • Younger Canadians intend to add to their cookware collections
      • Figure 42: Interest in purchasing cookware (select), 18-44s vs over-45s, January 2020
    • Younger home chefs feel limited by their cooking equipment
      • Figure 43: Attitudes towards cookware: “I would try more recipes if I had better cooking equipment” (% agree), by age, January 2020
    • Younger cooks struggle with cookware handling
      • Figure 44: Attitudes towards cookware: “I find that cookware can be difficult to handle” (% any agree), by age, January 2020
  12. Cookware Purchase Behaviours

    • The vast majority of cookware purchases are made in-person
      • Figure 45: Online shopping frequency, by age, April 2018
    • Online purchase levels of cookware increase with income
      • Figure 46: Online cookware purchases, by income, January 2020
    • Household composition also affects online cookware purchases
      • Figure 47: Online cookware purchases, by household size, January 2020
      • Figure 48: Repertoire of products owned, by household size January 2020
    • Retailers used vary widely, but mass merchandisers are the go-to brick-and-mortar destination
      • Figure 49: Retailers used for cookware purchase, January 2020
      • Figure 50: Retailers used for cookware purchase, by gender, January 2020
    • Retailer choice varies by age
      • Figure 51: Retailers used for cookware purchase, 18-44s vs over-45s, January 2020
    • Higher-income Canadians are casting a wider retail net for cookware purchases
      • Figure 52: Retailers used for cookware purchase, by income, January 2020
    • Mass merchandisers are a cookware favourite across the country, but regional variations exist
    • Consumers are open to making cookware purchases online
      • Figure 53: Openness to purchasing cookware online, January 2020
  13. Attitudes towards Cookware

    • Material choice is very important to Canadians
      • Figure 54: Screenshots from GreenLife US Instagram video post, February 2019
      • Source: Instagram – greenlifeus/Mintel
      • Figure 56: Attitudes towards cookware: “I worry about the chemicals in cookware” (% agree), by parental status, January 2020
    • Storage space is a concern for many
      • Figure 57: Attitudes towards cookware: “Required storage space for cookware is an important consideration for me” (% agree), by gender, January 2020
      • Figure 58: Attitudes towards cookware: “Required storage space for cookware is an important consideration for me”, by region, January 2020
      • Figure 59: Attitudes towards cookware: “Required storage space for cookware is an important consideration for me” (% any agree), by income, January 2020
      • Figure 60: Calphalon Instagram post, November 2019
    • Stylish cookware may be displayed
      • Figure 61: Attitudes towards cookware: “I like to keep products on display in my kitchen” (% any agree), by age, January 2020
      • Figure 62: Decorated Happy Frying Pan by Anna Stay Kitchenly, May 2019
      • Figure 63: Caraway Home Instagram post, January 2020
    • Cooking and baking shows bring enjoyment to Canadians
      • Figure 64: Attitudes towards cookware: “I enjoy watching cooking/baking shows on TV” (% agree), by age, January 2020
    • Social media acts as a cooking/baking motivator, especially for the young
      • Figure 65: Attitudes towards cookware: “Social media motivates me to cook/bake more” (% agree), by age, January 2020
      • Figure 66: EASY Wonton Noodle Soup, December 2018
    • Media impact differs by racial background
      • Figure 67: Selected attitudes towards cookware (% any agree), Chinese and South Asian Canadians vs overall, January 2020
    • Some consumers are looking for guidance on product selection
      • Figure 68: The Chef Show | Official Trailer | Netflix, May 2019
      • Figure 70: Attitudes towards cookware: “I’m not sure which products are best suited for my cooking/baking needs” (% agree), by age, January 2020
    • Small kitchen appliances threaten traditional cookware
      • Figure 71: Attitudes towards cookware: “I prefer to cook with small kitchen appliances” (% agree), by age, January 2020
    • Canadian shoppers are divided on the merits of price vs quality
      • Figure 72: Attitudes towards cookware, select statements (% any agree), by household income, January 2020
  14. Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

    • Data sources
    • Consumer survey data
    • Consumer qualitative research
    • Abbreviations

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