China Plant-protein Drinks Market 2024 | Focus: Competitive Landscape
In 2023, the market landscape of plant-protein drinks remained stable, with an increase in market concentration. As offline consumption recovers, brands are focusing on foodservice channels and targeting meal-pairing occasions.

China Plant-protein Drinks Market 2024 | Focus: Competitive Landscape

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Report Summary

Mintel’s Focus Reports extract and analyse key information and data to provide a condensed and insightful report on the topics that matter to you and your business. This report covers the competitive landscape of the China Plant-protein drinks market, if you are interested in learning more about the Plant-protein Drinks Market in China, use the navigation at the top of this page to browse other Focus Reports on the subject.

China Plant-protein Drinks Market: Competitive Landscape

Gain insight into the future of the beverage industry and learn about the transformative changes in consumer trends, brand strategies, and the rise of nutritious plant-protein drinks.

Key features of the full report include:

  • Unique Analysis: Mintel’s expert analyst breaks down the increase in market concentration for plant-protein drinks in 2023 and what this means for the future of the industry.
  • Brand Strategies: Take a closer look at how brands are focusing on foodservice channels and meal-pairing occasions to boost sales.
  • Endorsement Insights: Learn how endorsements from authoritative figures can drive consumption of plant-based drinks.
  • Industry Trends: Understand how brands are leveraging consumer data to their advantage.
  • Market Share: Get market share data showing major players like Yangyuan and Blue Sword Group.

This report provides an essential overview of the China plant-protein drinks market. It’s packed with vital information on new marketing strategies, industry trends, alongside expert analysis. Stay on top of your game in the competitive landscape of plant-based drinks with this report.

Meet The Expert

This report is written by Rika Huang, Senior Analyst at Mintel. Rika Joined Mintel in 2021 as a research analyst, specializing in food and drink industries. Before Mintel, she is a business intelligence analyst at a martech company, providing service for beauty and auto brands.

In 2023, the market landscape of plant-protein drinks remained stable, with an increase in market concentration. As offline consumption recovers, brands are focusing on foodservice channels and targeting meal-pairing occasions. Meanwhile, brands are leveraging endorsements from authoritative figures or organisations to validate the nutritional value of plant-protein drinks, demonstrating their worth amid fluctuating consumer confidence and limited willingness to trade up, thereby driving consumption.

Rika Huang
Senior Analyst, China Insights

Market Definitions

This report discusses a variety of plant-based drinks, including soy-, rice-, nut- (eg peanut and almond), grain- (eg oats, quinoa, and corn), seed- (eg flaxseed and chia seeds) and coconut-based drinks. Packaged in bottles, cans, tubs, cartons, flexible packaging and stand-up pouches, these beverages are available in family packs, individual portions and multipacks.

The market size covers sales through retail channels only. Also included in the market size are plant-protein drinks that incorporate milk as an additional but not main ingredient and flavoured plant-protein drinks (eg those with berries or fruit as an additional but not main ingredient).

Table of Contents

  1. Executive summary

    • Competitive landscape summary
  2. Market share

    • The rebound in offline consumption is fueling consumption occasions where major brands hold strong advantage
    • Chengde Lolo pursues diversified strategies
    • Eccentric but widely popular, Coconut Palm still needs to ramp up efforts to monetize its fame
    • Oatly refocuses on foodservice channels
  3. Marketing activities

    • Collaborate with specialty restaurants and focus on meal-pairing occasions
    • Oat milk brands are strengthening their association with the specialty coffee trend…
    • …and streamline operations for coffee chain giants by offering pre-mixed products
    • Leverage endorsements from credible sources to validate plant-based protein sources
  4. Appendix – Definition

    • Definition
    • Plant-protein Drinks – China – 2024

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