China Plant-protein Drinks Market 2024 | Focus: Consumer
Currently, improvement focusing on taste and naturalness is a top priority. Different plant-protein drinks need to demonstrate unique nutritional advantages to stand out from the competition. Novel ingredients and cross-category…

China Plant-protein Drinks Market 2024 | Focus: Consumer

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Report Summary

Mintel’s Focus Reports extract and analyze key information and data to provide a condensed and insightful report on the topics that matter to you and your business. This report covers the China plant-protein drinks consumer, if you are interested in learning more about the China plant-protein market, use the navigation at the top of this page to browse other Focus Reports on the subject.

China Plant-protein Drinks Market: Consumer

What’s behind the rising demand for plant-protein drinks China? Take a look at Mintel’s report to find out. The report features insights on key industry trends, consumer behavior and growth opportunities in the market.

What’s New in the Plant-protein Drinks Market?

  • Oats Are In: Oats stand out for their nourishing attributes and benefits for heart health.
  • New Ingredients Making a Splash: Black beans and pistachios are the most sought-after new players in the market.
  • Taste Matters: Improving taste, especially texture, is a crucial strategy to regain customer interest.

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Meet The Expert

This report is written by Rika Huang, Senior Analyst at Mintel. Rika Joined Mintel in 2021 as a research analyst, specializing in food and drink industries. Before Mintel, she is a business intelligence analyst at a martech company, providing service for beauty and auto brands.

Currently, improvement focusing on taste and naturalness is a top priority. Different plant-protein drinks need to demonstrate unique nutritional advantages to stand out from the competition. Novel ingredients and cross-category variations can help boost the innovation momentum in the future.

Rika Huang
Senior Analyst, China Insights

Market Definitions

This report discusses a variety of plant-based drinks, including soy-, rice-, nut- (eg peanut and almond), grain- (eg oats, quinoa, and corn), seed- (eg flaxseed and chia seeds) and coconut-based drinks. Packaged in bottles, cans, tubs, cartons, flexible packaging and stand-up pouches, these beverages are available in family packs, individual portions and multipacks.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive summary

    • Where we are now
    • What’s next
    • Mintel’s perspective
  2. Consumer analysis

    • Consumption habits
    • The penetration growth of oat-based drinks slows down, while walnut-based drinks see a significant decline
    • Graph 1: consumption penetration* by segments, 2021, 2023 and 2024
    • Frequent users of oat-based and coconut-based drinks further grow, while apricot kernel drinks continue to decline
    • Graph 2: share of frequent users*, 2021, 2023 and 2024
    • The purchase of plant-protein drinks tend to settle into consistent regularity, driven by specific purposes
    • Graph 3: purchase channels, by plant-protein drinks and non-alcoholic drinks, 2023 and 2024
    • Frequent users of almond-based drinks particularly favour gourmet stores and short video platforms’ online stores…
    • Graph 4: ranking of purchase channels, by frequent users* of almond-based milk/drinks, 2024
    • …but brands should differentiate their product offerings and communication strategies when using these channels
    • Graph 5: consumption purpose – frequent users* of almond-based milk/drinks, by selected channels, 2024
    • Opportunities in specific demographics
    • Female consumers consume rice-based drinks more frequently and demonstrate a stronger willingness to try new products
    • Graph 6: interest in new ingredients – rice, 2024
    • Graph 7: consumption frequency – rice/brown rice drinks, 2024
    • Highlight the health benefits of rice/brown rice drinks to further appeal to female consumers
    • Graph 8: perception towards rice/brown rice drinks, by gender, 2024
    • Respondents with high household incomes expect a higher level of active product innovation
    • Graph 9: innovative variations – repertoire analysis, by monthly household income level, 2024
    • Graph 10: consumption barrier – limited innovative products, by household income level, 2024
    • Consumption purpose
    • Supplement nutrition, flavour indulgence and food pairing remain the most important consumption purposes
    • Graph 11: consumption purpose, 2024
    • The positioning of soya-based drinks as a source of essential nutrients still requires strengthening
    • Graph 12: consumption purpose – milk/flavoured milk vs soya-based drinks, 2024
    • Meanwhile, the unique nutritional value of soy-based drinks requires both scientific research and market promotion
    • Graph 13: perception towards different protein sources – milk and soymilk, 2024
    • Nuts’ unique nutritional benefits gain more attention, but the specific health advantages of apricot kernels and almonds are not yet clearly recognised
    • Graph 14: consumption purpose – selected segments, 2024
    • Graph 15: perception towards different protein sources – selected items, 2024
    • Coconut-based drinks can better satisfy the demand for indulgence and thirst relief
    • Graph 16: perception towards different protein sources – coconut-based drinks , 2024
    • Graph 17: consumption purposes – coconut-based drinks, 2024
    • Dietary fibre can be positioned as the most prominent nutritional advantage of grain-based drinks
    • Graph 18: consumption purposes – selected segments, 2024
    • Expand functional claims related to dietary fibre in oat-based drinks
    • Graph 19: perception towards different protein sources – selected items, 2024
    • Highlight the nourishing properties of oats and emphasise their tangible benefits for cardiovascular health
    • Black beans and pistachios are the most popular new ingredients
    • Graph 20: interest in new ingredients (net), 2021 and 2024
    • Graph 21: interest in new ingredients, 2021 and 2024
    • The appeal of healthy Western ingredients has increased
    • Graph 22: new launches in plant-based dairy alternative, by selected ingredients, 2021-2024
    • Graph 23: new launches in plant-based dairy alternative, by selected ingredients, 2021-2024
    • Opportunities and challenges
    • Improving the tastiness, particularly texture, should be a priority
    • Graph 24: consumption barrier, 2024
    • Consumer wariness of artificial additives impacts the consumption of plant-protein drinks
    • Graph 25: free-from claims – drinks (a), 2023
    • Improvements regarding low sugar content need to be intensified
    • Walnut-based milk/drink brands should pay attention to initiatives like clean labels and adjusting the sweetness of their products
    • Graph 26: consumption barriers – walnut-based milk/drinks, 2024
    • Rice/brown rice drinks need to improve their taste
    • Graph 27: consumption barriers – bland in taste, by respondents who have not drunk selected packaged plant-protein drinks in the last six months, 2024
    • Almond-based milk should emphasise promoting its ingredient content
    • Graph 28: consumption barriers – unsubstantial materials, 2024
    • Focus on plant-based innovations such as yogurt and milk tea
    • Graph 29: innovative variations, 2024
    • Case study on plant-based yogurt: target segmented demographics and enhance product’s healthy image
  3. Appendix – Definition and Methodology

    • Definition
    • Methodology
    • Plant-protein Drinks – China – 2024

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