Canada Cookware Market Report 2024
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The majority (78%) of consumers believe that it's worth investing in high-quality items that will endure over time, underscoring the value of longevity in cookware purchases. Consumers generally recognize the…

Canada Cookware Market Report 2024

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Report Summary

The majority (78%) of consumers believe that it’s worth investing in high-quality items that will endure over time, underscoring the value of longevity in cookware purchases. Consumers generally recognize the value of quality and are willing to invest in cookware that will serve them in the long run rather than saving a few dollars on a more affordable option.

Budget concerns will have consumers holding back from making upgrade purchases or investing in high-end cookware pieces. However, these same financial constraints will encourage consumers to reduce the amount spent dining out, thereby increasing at-home cooking occasions and the need for cookware.

Home chefs who are confident in their cooking abilities are willing to invest in higher quality cookware and express less price sensitivity. They own a wider repertoire of cookware formats and are a more engaged consumer. There is an opportunity for brands to help educate consumers as a way to build up their confidence and make cooking a more enjoyable experience.

The appeal of small kitchen appliances cannot be denied, posing a significant challenge to the traditional cookware market. Consumers are drawn to these tools because of the convenient and time-saving, hands-off approach they offer.

This report looks at the following areas:

  • Ownership and usage of cookware, bakeware and cutlery
  • Future interest in cookware, bakeware and cutlery purchases
  • Cooking skills and enjoyment
  • Cookware shopping behaviours, including openness to online shopping
  • Cookware purchase considerations
  • Attitudes and behaviours related to cookware

Canadian consumers prioritize quality cookware that endures. Many are prepared to invest both time and money in acquiring durable items that offer lasting value.

Meghan Ross, Senior Research Analyst – Home & Beauty

Market Definitions

‘Cookware’ includes all formats discussed here, and is subdivided into two additional categories: bakeware and cutlery.

Bakeware refers to products used to bake or roast foods in the oven and accessories for baked goods.

Cutlery, for the purposes of this Report, refers to individual knives as well as knife sets.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive summary

    • What you need to know
    • Consumer trends: key takeaways
    • Market predictions
    • Opportunities
  2. Consumer Insights

    • Consumer fast facts
    • Cooking Skills and Enjoyment
    • Most Canadians are relatively comfortable in the kitchen
    • Graph 1: self-assessed cooking skills, men vs women, 2024
    • Encourage younger men to continue to build cooking confidence
    • Graph 2: self-assessed cooking skills, men vs women by age, 2024
    • Position home cooking as a cost-saving strategy to improve skills among lower-income households
    • Graph 3: self-assessed cooking skills, by household income, 2024
    • Building skills makes time in the kitchen less of a chore
    • Graph 4: enjoyment of cooking and baking (% any agree), by cooking skill, 2024
    • Cookware Ownership
    • Consumers rely on a wide variety of cookware tools
    • Graph 5: cookware item ownership, 2024 vs 2020
    • Men favour convenient cooking tools, but women own a larger repertoire
    • Graph 6: cookware item ownership, men vs women, 2024
    • Home chefs build their cookware repertoire over time
    • Graph 7: cookware item ownership, by age, 2024
    • Decorating tool ownership trends highlight the influence of online inspirations
    • Graph 8: bakeware item ownership, by age, 2024
    • Cultural recipes and cooking practices impact tool ownership among Asians
    • Graph 9: cookware item ownership, by racial background, 2024
    • Graph 10: cookware category ownership, by racial background, 2024
    • Lower income Canadians are making do with fewer pieces
    • Graph 11: cookware category ownership (nets), by household income, 2024
    • Tool repertoire increases with cooking skill
    • Graph 12: number of cookware items owned, by cooking skill level, 2024
    • Cookware Usage
    • Kitchen tools are replied upon regularly
    • Graph 13: cookware item usage, 2020 vs 2024
    • Usage of cookware is almost universal, regardless of gender
    • Graph 14: cookware category usage, men vs women, 2024
    • Cooking is seen as an enjoyable task by many
    • Older, more confident cooks are making use of their kitchen tools
    • Graph 15: cookware category usage, by age, 2024
    • Interest in Cookware Ownership
    • Canadians are interested in building their cookware arsenal
    • Graph 16: interest in purchasing cookware items, 2024
    • Younger consumers plan to build up their kitchens over time
    • Graph 17: interest in purchasing cookware items, by age, 2024
    • Retail channel used for cookware purchases
    • Comfort with online shopping has increased
    • Graph 18: channels used for cookware purchases, 2020 vs 2024
    • In-store remains the primary retail touchpoint for cookware purchases
    • Graph 19: channels used for cookware purchases, by age, 2024
    • Shopping preferences align with retail channel choice
    • Reliance on ecommerce for cookware purchases increases along with household income
    • Graph 20: channels used for cookware purchases, by household income, 2024
    • Advanced cooks can find niche products online
    • Graph 21: channels used for cookware purchases, by cooking skill level, 2024
    • The majority of shoppers are open to shopping for cookware online
    • Graph 22: openness to shopping for cookware, bakeware or cutlery online, 2024 vs 2020
    • Openness to online shopping declines with age
    • Graph 23: those open to purchasing cookware, bakeware or cutlery online in the future, 2024
    • Parents are using online cookware shopping as a convenient option
    • Graph 24: those open to purchasing cookware, bakeware or cutlery online in the future, by parental status, 2024
    • Purchase considerations
    • Canadians consider a range of factors when investing in cookware
    • Graph 25: purchase trade-off considerations, 2024
    • Durability is universally valued, regardless of cooking skill
    • Graph 26: cookware shopping perspectives, by cooking skill level, 2024
    • Educate consumers to build trust
    • Reassure consumers that their purchases will last
    • Dependability is valued, regardless of budget
    • Graph 27: trade-off between affordability and quality, by household income, 2024
    • Shopping behaviours and attitudes
    • Multiple factors play into perceptions of value
    • Build consumer cooking skills to ease price sensitivity
    • Graph 28: cookware shopping attitudes, by cooking skill level, 2024
    • Reading reviews is becoming more commonplace
    • Graph 29: shopping behaviours and attitudes, 2020 vs 2024
    • Cookware attitudes
    • While aesthetics are important, quality remains key
    • Durability claims build trust and value
    • Design inspiration can encourage additional purchases
    • Design-focused products may help alleviate storage concerns
    • Linking attractive designs to convenience
    • …or to a cause
    • Small kitchen appliances threaten cookware growth
    • Venturing into the small appliance market
    • Cookware can make or break time in the kitchen
    • Lack of equipment is a barrier to experimentation
    • Graph 30: "I would try more recipes if I had better cooking equipment" (% any agree), by age, 2024
    • Skilled cooks are seeking inspiration from their cookware
    • Graph 31: cookware attitudes (% any agree), by cooking skill, 2024
    • Cookware composition plays an important role for consumers
    • Composition choices affect performance
    • Linking cookware materials to sustainability and health
    • Eliminating the need for a non-stick coating with material choice
    • Material's impact on performance and flavour is better understood by experienced cooks
    • Graph 32: cookware material attitudes (% any agree), by cooking skill, 2024
    • High income, skilled cooks value material quality in premium cookware
    • Purchase considerations – CHAID, 2024
  3. Competitive strategies

    • Launch activity and innovation
    • Capitalize on the shift outdoors
    • Partnerships with common links
    • Address health concerns with transparency and innovation
    • Free-from messaging is used to assure consumers of product safety
    • Marketing and advertising
    • Canadians have an appetite for food content
    • Graph 33: types of influencer and brand accounts followed on social media, 2023
    • Social media inspires and motivates
    • Younger men are particularly motivated to cook as a result of social media
    • Graph 34: 'Social media motivates me to cook/bake more' (% any agree), by age and gender, 2024
    • Social media can be used for education, not just inspiration
    • Advanced content can push experienced cooks to test their skills
    • Graph 35: social media and celebrity attitudes (% agree), by cooking skill, 2024
    • Young men are interested in celebrity partnerships
    • Relatable celebrities makes learning accessible
    • The price of convenience
    • Build perceptions of value through versatility
    • Add-on accessories can enhance value
  4. The Market

    • Market drivers
    • Increased costs put pressure on consumer budgets
    • Graph 36: Consumer Price Index (CPI), 2021-24
    • Encourage upgrades to shorten purchase cycles
    • Small spaces require storage solutions
    • Single-detached houses are the largest homes
    • Graph 37: home size, by type of home (NET), 2024
    • Increases in single-person households shift recipe needs
    • Graph 38: proportion of the population (aged 15 and older) living alone, 1981-2021
    • Emphasize home cooking's health benefits to encourage additional cookware occasions
  5. Appendix

    • Market definition
    • Consumer research methodology
    • Consumer qualitative research
    • Generations
    • Abbreviations and terms
    • Base sizes for 2020 cookware usage
    • CHAID Methodology
    • Purchase considerations – CHAID – Table output, 2024

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