Thailand Facial Skincare Market Report 2024
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Thai consumers are leaning towards minimalistic skincare routines, with more of them using only essential, high-quality products over doing complex routines. This shift reflects a broader movement towards simplicity and…

Thailand Facial Skincare Market Report 2024

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Report Summary

Thai consumers are leaning towards minimalistic skincare routines, with more of them using only essential, high-quality products over doing complex routines. This shift reflects a broader movement towards simplicity and prioritisation in skincare choices.

Additionally, the growing acceptance of non-invasive facial procedures could disrupt the facial skincare category. Thai consumers’ acceptance of such treatments reflects a shift in perceptions and preferences. However, there’s an opportunity to present consumers with a new sub-category as facial procedures come with side effects; change facial skincare’s role to support consumers through those side effects and help them strengthen their skin.

Healthy skin has become a desired standard for Thai consumers, seen particularly in Gen Zers’ rising inclination towards microbiome skincare products. As such, brands can launch diverse microbiome skincare products that address this group’s specific skin problems and concerns.

This report looks at the following areas:

  • The growing trend of simplified facial skincare routines
  • Consumer preferences for essential skincare steps and products
  • The increasing acceptance of non-invasive facial aesthetic procedures
  • A rising interest in microbiome skincare products
  • Various opportunities in facial skincare products
  • The association between skin attributes and healthy facial skin

Refresh the facial skincare category with targeted solutions. Provide modern solutions like post-procedure care and microbiome support for improved skin health.

Chayapat Ratchatawipasanan, Principal Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Executive summary

    • Mintel's perspective
    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Overview
    • The outlook of the facial skincare category in Thailand
    • Facial skincare faces a challenge as consumers return to the basics
    • Graph 1: consumers who added a new step to their facial skincare routine in the past three months, 2021-23
    • Prioritise targeted solutions and introduce new usage occasions
    • Graph 2: consumers who strongly agree that using too many skincare items may cause issues, 2023
    • Enhance facial procedure results with complementary skincare products
    • Graph 3: agreement that it's more worth spending on aesthetic treatments than on skincare products, 2023
    • Promote fundamental skin health with microbiome skincare
    • Graph 4: association between skin attributes and healthy facial skin, 2023
  2. Key Trends and Market Factors

    • What you need to know
    • Expansive growth potential for facial skincare in Thailand
    • Graph 5: facial care market size and annual growth rate, 2024
    • The 'skinimalism' trend is rising in Thailand
    • Embrace the 'skinimalism' revolution: quality over quantity in skincare trends
    • Thai consumers are streamlining their facial skincare routines
    • Graph 6: consumers who added a new step to their facial skincare routine in the past three months, 2023
    • Case study (South Korea): KraveBeauty revolutionises skincare with simplicity
    • Case study (Thailand): INGU Skin promotes reducing skincare steps to minimise skin issues
    • 'Skin cycling' creates occasions for brands to stay relevant
    • Facial aesthetic procedures challenge the facial skincare category
    • More consumers are accepting of facial procedures in Thailand, reflecting demand for more effective solutions
    • Graph 7: consumers* who strongly agree that it is acceptable to have non-invasive surgery to improve one's appearance, 2024
    • Non-invasive procedures are projected to grow further
    • Aesthetic procedures aim to dominate facial skincare
    • Microbiome-related facial skincare gains momentum amid an avid focus on skin health
    • Microbiome claims are growing in facial skincare launches in Thailand
    • Graph 8: the top five claims in facial skincare launches, 2021-24
    • Online forum discussions around the microbiome have been gaining momentum
    • Microbiome skincare gains interest among Thai consumers
    • Graph 9: microbiome skincare product usage and interest, 2023
    • The microbiome concept in skincare is diversifying beyond skin health promotion
  3. What consumers want and why

    • What you need to know
    • Back to the basics – but with new usage occasions
    • Thai consumers' beauty routines emphasise basic skincare steps to achieve healthy-looking skin
    • Graph 10: facial skincare consumers used more frequently in the last six months, 2023
    • Demographic profile of Essential-routine Aspirants
    • While aspiring for simplicity, Essential-routine Aspirants still adhere to sophisticated skincare routines
    • Graph 11: consumers used facial skincare items more frequently, 2023
    • Consumers streamline skincare routines to minimise irritation
    • Graph 12: consumers who strongly agree that product overuse can cause skin issues, 2023
    • Sensitive skin prompts the search for simplification
    • Graph 13: skin sensitivity level, 2023
    • Dermacosmetics take centre stage in the facial skincare routines of Essential-routine Aspirants
    • Graph 14: dermacosmetic skincare usage, 2023
    • Instead of 'skin cycling', promote skincare products for targeted treatment as a 'skinimalist' beauty routine companion
    • Graph 15: facial skincare launches with 'targeted treatment' claims, 2014-24
    • Provide treat-and-protect solutions to emphasise efficacy
    • Explicitly call out ingredients for premiumisation
    • Graph 16: consumers who strongly agree that ingredient highlights on labelling presents a premium product, 2023
    • Provide an as-needed concentrated shot to add benefits to a simplified routine
    • Leverage biotech ingredients to offer novelty with higher efficacy
    • Offer facial skincare solutions with trending ingredients that relate to specific skin issues
    • Graph 17: interest over time for select skincare ingredient keywords, 2023-24
    • Offer facial skincare solutions with trending ingredients that relate to specific skin issues
    • Graph 18: facial skincare launches containing retinol and its derivatives, 2014-24
    • Stand out with innovative skincare delivery systems
    • Consumers seek new facial skincare routines that complement facial procedures
    • Professional aesthetic treatments are becoming integral to Thai consumers' facial care routines
    • Graph 19: consumers' agreement that it's worth spending on aesthetic treatment rather than on skincare products, 2023
    • Segmentation of consumers by aesthetic treatment attitudes and experiences
    • Graph 20: consumer groups by aesthetic treatment attitudes and experience, 2023
    • Demographic profile of Aesthetic Treatment Enthusiasts
    • Demographic profile of Potential Adopters
    • Skin sensitivity worries can lead to hesitation when considering facial procedures
    • Graph 21: consumer agreement with 'Getting facial procedures would make skin more sensitive', by consumer segment, 2023
    • Facial procedures trigger facial skincare routine alterations
    • Graph 22: consumer agreement with 'Facial skincare routines should be changed after receiving facial procedures', by consumer segment, 2023
    • Provide post-procedure facial skincare routines
    • Call out facial skincare products' compatibility with post-procedure skin
    • Offer post-procedure care focusing on skin recovery
    • Enhance skin barrier health to prepare for aesthetic treatments
    • Graph 23: consumer agreement with 'healthy skin is the most desirable condition I would like to achieve', by consumer segment, 2023
    • Incorporate beauty devices to increase usage occasions
    • Graph 24: consumers using beauty devices at home, 2023
    • Provide a beauty device for at-home use inspired by clinical procedures
    • 'Healthy skin' is vague, prompting consumers to look for more tangible and lasting solutions
    • Healthy skin is the most desirable condition that Thai consumers want, but what's next?
    • Graph 25: consumers who strongly agree that healthy skin is the most desirable condition they would like to achieve, 2023
    • Foster skin condition equilibrium as a way to achieve skin health
    • Demographic profile of Balance-seeking Skincare Enthusiasts
    • Thai consumers strongly correlate healthy skin with hydration and a resilience against sensitivity
    • Graph 26: associations between skin attributes and healthy facial skin, 2023
    • Gen Z Balance-seeking Skincare Enthusiasts use microbiome-related skincare ingredients similar to how they use hyaluronic acid
    • Graph 27: key ingredients in skincare that consumers use and will continue to use, 2023
    • Leverage microbiome science to tackle persistent facial skin issues
    • Graph 28: skin issues, 2023
    • Address specific facial skin issues with a microbiome equilibrium mechanism
    • Offer post-acne care with microbiome balancing as preventive care to stay relevant
    • Leverage more strains of probiotics to address skin issues
  4. Appendix

    • Consumer research methodology
    • Index calculation
    • Social data research methodology
    • Abbreviations

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