Brazil Foodservice Market Report 2024
This report looks at the following areas:Dine-in frequency and foodservice typesConsumption occasion and choice factor by occasionAnticipated change in dining behavior – takeoutAnticipated change in dining behavior – dining inMotivation…

Brazil Foodservice Market Report 2024

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Report Summary

This report looks at the following areas:

  • Dine-in frequency and foodservice types
  • Consumption occasion and choice factor by occasion
  • Anticipated change in dining behavior – takeout
  • Anticipated change in dining behavior – dining in
  • Motivation and interest
  • International cuisine interest

Consumption occasions and different consumer profiles have specific demands, but the focus on price, varied menus and relaxing experiences is almost unanimous.

Ana Paula Gilsogamo, Senior Analyst Food & Drink, Latam

Market Definitions

This Report analyses Brazilian consumers’ eating out habits, including occasions of eating out and ordering takeout, and their attitudes, behaviors and spending habits in this category.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

    • What you need to know
    • Challenges
    • Foodservice prices continue to rise, impacting consumer habits
    • Graph 1: choice factor by occasions – price, 2024
    • Graph 2: INPC index – accumulated annual change – general index, in-home food and out-of-home food, 2020-23
    • Despite good overall numbers, foodservice frequency is still low
    • Graph 3: dine-in frequency, 2024
    • QR-code menus don’t appeal to all generations
    • Graph 4: motivation and interest – selected item, by generation, 2024
    • Opportunities
    • Interest in typical regional dishes and cuisine offers opportunities
    • Relaxing spaces can offer a more attractive experience to consumers
    • Restaurants can add indulgence through innovative formats and ingredients to win over Gen Zs
  2. The Consumer

    • Category overview
    • Pizzerias continue to be the most popular type of restaurant
    • Graph 5: foodservice types (any consumption format), 2024
    • Dine-in and delivery consumption doesn’t vary much by restaurant type
    • Graph 6: foodservice types, by consumption format, 2024
    • Price and a varied menu stand out among choice factors on practically all occasions
    • Graph 7: choice factor by occasions, 2024
    • Frequency and foodservice consumption format
    • Pizzerias are losing ground among the C and DE classes
    • Graph 8: foodservice types (any consumption format) – selected items, by socioeconomic group, 2024
    • Pizzerias need to invest in more affordable options and increase their presence in other regions
    • Frequent users, consumers who live alone deserve more attention from foodservice
    • Graph 9: dine-in frequency (heavy and light users), 2024
    • Varied and customizable menus can attract those who live alone
    • Street food stalls/food trucks can improve consumption experience of those who work and study
    • Graph 10: foodservice types – street food stalls/food trucks, by work and student status, 2024
    • Convenient and complete meal for a quick break in the day or practical consumption during tasks
    • American restaurants can invest in menus and experiences for couples
    • Graph 11: consumption occasion – selected item, by foodservice types, 2024
    • Varied menu is the most relevant choice factor for a date
    • Graph 12: choice factor by occasions, 2024
    • Combos and varied menus for couples cater for special occasions as well as one-off dates
    • Restaurants can help parents of Alpha Generation children enjoy romantic dates
    • Consumption occasion and choice factor by occasion
    • Brazilian restaurants are losing ground to American options and other international cuisines for dinners and special occasions
    • Graph 13: choice factor by occasion, by foodservice type, 2024
    • Restaurants serving regional cuisine can take advantage of Brazilians’ interest and position themselves for dinner and special occasions
    • Regional restaurants and typical dishes gain space in other regions and countries
    • Breakfast, a less common foodservice occasion, provides an opportunity for more unique and valuable options to be offered
    • Graph 14: consumption occasion, 2024
    • Brunch options and internationally-inspired menu can expand breakfast consumption in restaurants
    • Regional and more complete ‘hotel breakfast’ options can also be enjoyed as brunch
    • Gen Zs focus on indulgent options
    • Graph 15: choice factor by occasion – indulgent options, by generation, 2024
    • Restaurants can add indulgence through innovative formats and ingredients to win over Gen Zs
    • Children-focused restaurant, menu for the whole family
    • Graph 16: choice factor by occasion – meal with kids, 2024
    • Themed children‘s restaurants can offer formats other than snack bars
    • Anticipated change in dining behavior – takeout and dining in
    • Consumers anticipate dining in at restaurants more often than getting food delivery
    • Graph 17: anticipated change in dining behavior – dining in, 2024
    • Graph 18: anticipated change in dining behavior – takeout, 2024
    • Consumers want to have new experiences that promote moments of socialization in restaurants
    • Graph 19: dining motivators, 2024
    • Different consumer profiles want different experiences
    • Hybrid workers plan on ordering from restaurants more often to save time
    • Graph 20: anticipated change in dining behavior, by employment and remote working, 2024
    • Graph 21: dining motivators, by the employment and remote work, 2024
    • Help hybrid workers save time
    • Motivation and interest
    • Relaxing spaces can offer a more attractive experience to consumers
    • Graph 22: motivation and interest, 2024
    • Restaurants can invest in a variety of relaxing and de-stressing experiences
    • Free tap water appeals to Generation Z
    • Graph 23: motivation and interest – selected items, by generation, 2024
    • Nobody is denied a glass of water?
    • QR-code menu doesn’t appeal to the old or young
    • QR-codes can hinder consumer experience
    • With or without QR-code, restaurant experience starts with the menu
    • International cuisine interest
    • Consumer profile of heavy users indicates a strong preference for international cuisine choices
    • Italian cuisine is the most popular, but there is room for others
    • Graph 24: international cuisine interest, 2024
    • Restaurants can explore less popular international cuisines
    • Men are more likely to be interested in South American and Iberian cuisines
    • Graph 25: international cuisine interest – selected items, by gender, 2024
    • South American and Iberian cuisine restaurants can focus on animal proteins from their typical dishes
    • Students show greater interest in Korean cuisine
    • Graph 26: international cuisine interest – selected item, by student status, 2024
    • The Korean Wave, also known as Hallyu, makes its way into foodservice
  3. Key Players

    • Companies and brands
    • After closing stores in 2023, Starbucks Brazil could reopen with the purchase of its operations by ZAMP
    • Chains and franchises plan expansions
    • An increasing number of small and medium-sized burger restaurants are now available on delivery apps
    • Launches and innovations
    • Carlo’s Bakery opens factory and concept store in São Paulo
    • Chain restaurants and fast-foods invest in digitization and self-service
    • Marketing campaigns and actions
    • Associations, chefs, restaurants and brands are taking initiatives to support bars, restaurants and producers in Rio Grande do Sul
    • The 8th edition of Taste takes place in São Paulo
  4. The Market

    • The cost of dining out is still on the rise
    • Graph 27: INPC index – accumulated annual change – general index, in-home food and out-of-home food, 2020-23
    • Research indicates that the buying power of meal vouchers is declining
    • Food service turnover is increasing and continuing to recover following the pandemic
  5. Appendix – Definition, Methodology and Abbreviations

    • Report definition
    • Methodology
    • Abbreviations

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