China Fragrance Trends in BPC Market Report 2022
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“With the fragrance trend continuously penetrating the personal care and household care market, more scented products have entered consumers’ life. Having more players joining and adding layered scents worked as…

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“With the fragrance trend continuously penetrating the personal care and household care market, more scented products have entered consumers’ life. Having more players joining and adding layered scents worked as a trigger for premiumisation in the past, but it will be more mainstream in the future. To further drive premiumisation, brands must offer innovative scent types without borrowing from the fragrance category, given many of them have built up scent innovation capabilities. Meanwhile, developing more advanced functional benefits is critical and has more weight than relying purely on scents to gain growth.
As for the fragrance market, it remains promising, given consumers’ proactive exploration and their strong desire to express individuality and demonstrate personal taste on different occasions. But this will pose challenges to scent innovation, given consumers require uniqueness to differentiate themselves. To maintain a leading position, fragrances need to utilise niche elements such as Chinese medicine ingredients under different scent types to bring more new comprehensive creations. Additionally, brands could leverage mini-size fragrances to further facilitate consumer exploration and promote fragrance usage on non-social occasions to maintain strong momentum in the future.”
– Yali Jiang, Senior Analyst

This Report looks at the following areas:

  • Future market outlook and growth prospects in the next five years
  • COVID-19’s impact on the fragrance market and market value forecast under different scenarios
  • Latest new product trends and competitive marketing activities
  • Desired scent types for different BPCH categories
  • Fragrance usage occasions
  • Fragrance knowledge sources
  • Attitudes towards scents in fragrance and scented personal care/home products

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Definitions
  2. Executive Summary

    • Market and competition
    • A year of bouncing back after being heavily impacted
      • Figure 1: Sales value and growth rate of total fragrance market, 2016-21
    • Scents still driving premiumisation but competition getting fierce
    • The impact from COVID-19 outbreak in 2022
      • Figure 2: Summary of Mintel’s scenario expectations and the impact on the fragrance market, 2022
      • Figure 3: COVID-19 scenario value forecasts for fragrances, 2016-26
    • Companies and brands
      • Figure 4: Leading manufacturers’ share in value sales of fragrances, China, 2020 and 2021
    • The consumer
    • 80% of consumers have purchased fragrances/scented products for self-use
      • Figure 5: Product purchase, 2022
    • Although scent preference varies by category, brands are competing in blended scents
      • Figure 6: Desired scent type, 2022
    • Consumers are explorative both when wearing and purchasing fragrances
      • Figure 7: Fragrance purchase/usage behaviours, 2022
    • Strong willingness to use it on at-home occasions in the future
      • Figure 8: Fragrance usage occasions, 2022
    • Consumers use diverse channels to gain fragrance knowledge
      • Figure 9: Fragrance knowledge source, 2022
    • Consumers prefer light scents in personal care and homecare products
      • Figure 10: Acceptance/preference of scented personal care and homecare products, 2022
    • What we think
  3. Issues and Insights

    • Differentiate scents among different categories
      • Figure 11: Examples of scented personal care products, China
      • Figure 12: Examples of scented laundry and fabric care products, China
      • Figure 13: Example of scented home products, China
    • Personal care and homecare brands need to be more creative rather than copying scents from fragrances directly…
    • …while the fragrance category needs to create more uniqueness
      • Figure 14: Example of new fragrance launch in series with various blended scents and rare elements, China
    • Tap into emotional uplifts on at-home occasions to fit the new normal amid the pandemic
      • Figure 15: Example of fragrance usage on at-home occasions, China
    • Roll out consumer cultivation plans in place
    • Leverage non-brand-leading resources to educate core targets, say fragrance KOLs
      • Figure 16: Examples of professional fragrance KOLs, China
    • Promote self-training via mini sizes
  4. Market Size

    • The growth of fragrance market bounced back in 2021
      • Figure 17: Sales value and growth rate of total fragrance market, 2016-21
  5. Market Factors

    • Strong emotional needs for fragrances
    • Scent concepts facilitated new business chances
      • Figure 18: Examples of business opportunities inspired by scent concept, China
    • Niche premium brands eager to enter the China market to build a presence
      • Figure 19: Example of premium fragrance brands’ expansion in China, 2021-22
    • Active funding activities of domestic brands
  6. COVID Influences (Including Market Forecast)

    • COVID-19 China context
    • COVID-19 impact on the market and consumer
    • Consumers continuously reduce their spending on beauty
    • Stronger concern over financial uncertainty in mid and high household earners
    • Increased at-home time due to lockdown measures
    • Consumers’ need for mood improvement was strong during the pandemic
    • Market forecast
      • Figure 20: COVID-19 scenario value forecasts for fragrances, 2016-26
    • Fragrance will keep the strong momentum under the minimum-impact scenario
    • Fragrances could serve as emotion boosters under the medium-impact scenario
    • Fragrances are likely to be deprioritised with consumers’ financial confidence heavily impacted under the high-impact scenario
  7. Market Share

    • International companies still dominant
      • Figure 21: Leading manufacturers’ share in value sales of fragrances, China, 2020 and 2021
      • Figure 22: Chanel’s new fragrance launch and marketing activity, China, 2022
  8. Marketing Activities

    • Collaborating with floral designer to enhance aesthetics and artistry
      • Figure 23: Example of collaboration between fragrance brand and floral designer, US, 2022
    • Leveraging fragrance brand synergy for business expansion
      • Figure 24: Examples of fragrance brand extension, China
    • More mini-size collections officially being sold to drive trials
      • Figure 25: Examples of fragrance offerings in mini sizes, China
    • Niche craftsmanship fragrance brand opens immersive exhibition in China
      • Figure 26: Le Labo ×FNJI immersive exhibition, China, 2021-22
    • Domestic fragrance brands keep investing in offline stores
      • Figure 27: Examples of domestic brands’ offline stores, China, 2021
    • Standing with its ambassador to gain consumer trust
  9. New Product Trends

    • Unisex trend still emerging
      • Figure 28: New product launches in fragrance market, by sub-category, China, 2018-22
    • Both mature brands and niche new brands have genderless new launches
      • Figure 29: Example of unisex fragrance launch, China, 2022
      • Figure 30: Example of genderless fragrance brand, US and China
    • New product introduction absolutely dominates
      • Figure 31: New product launches in fragrance market, by launch type, China, 2018-22
    • Limited edition tops all fast-growing claims
      • Figure 32: Top growing claims in new fragrance launches, China, 2018-22
    • Launching limited editions with seasonal themes
      • Figure 33: Example of new fragrance launches in limited edition, China, 2022
    • More new launches of ‘clean’ fragrances to support eco
      • Figure 34: Examples of new fragrance launches with ‘clean’ claim, China, 2022
    • Hi-tech empowers both fragrances usage and selection
      • Figure 35: Example of AI-based smart fragrance, Germany
      • Figure 36: Example of neuroscience technology based fragrance finder, France, 2022
    • Air care products taking care of various emotions
      • Figure 37: Examples of air care products highlighting emotional benefits, China
    • Scented candles with special designs in the spotlight
      • Figure 38: Examples of homecare products with special designs, China
  10. Product Purchase

    • The overall fragrance trend penetrates 80% of respondents
      • Figure 39: Product purchase, 2022
    • High adoption among females
      • Figure 40: Product purchase, by gender, 2022
    • Women aged 25-29 purchase the most
      • Figure 41: Product purchase, by age, female, 2022
    • Adoption increases with income for certain product types
      • Figure 42: Product purchase – Selected product types, by monthly personal income, 2022
    • Married with kids are enthusiastic about scent adoption
      • Figure 43: Product purchase, by marital status, 2022
    • Almost no gap in penetration between tier 2 and tier 3 cities
      • Figure 44: Product purchase, by city tier, 2022
  11. Desired Scent Type

    • Floral over-indexed all the desired scent types of all product types
      • Figure 45: Desired scent type, 2022
    • Laundry and fabric care has wide choices of scents, while home products associated with niche scent
      • Figure 46: Example of diverse scent types in laundry and fabric care products, China
      • Figure 47: Correspondence analysis of desired scent types for fragrances/scented products, 2022
  12. Fragrance Purchase/Usage Behaviours

    • Consumers switch perfume frequently
    • Diverse exploration behaviours of fragrance wearers
      • Figure 48: Fragrance purchase/usage behaviours, 2022
    • Affluent consumers tend to reapply fragrance when going out
      • Figure 49: Fragrance purchase/usage behaviours, monthly personal income, 2022
  13. Fragrance Usage Occasions

    • Robust social needs for fragrance at current stage…
    • …but strong willingness to use on at-home occasions in the future
      • Figure 50: Fragrance usage occasions, 2022
    • Men are willing to expand their usage occasions in the future
      • Figure 51: Selected fragrance usage occasions, by gender, 2022
    • High earners leading fragrance usages on almost all occasions
      • Figure 52: Fragrance usage occasions – ‘Have used’, by monthly personal income, 2022
    • Non-single consumers have high fragrance usage on at-home occasions
      • Figure 53: Gaps of fragrance usage occasions – ‘Have used’ between single respondents (as benchmark) and non-single respondents, 2022
  14. Fragrance Knowledge Source

    • Different sources for knowledge gathering
      • Figure 54: Fragrance knowledge source, 2022
    • Significant gaps in utilisation of various fragrance knowledge sources between fragrance users and non-users
      • Figure 55: Gaps of fragrance knowledge source between fragrance users and non-users (as benchmark), 2022
    • Females rely more on KOLs on social media to get fragrance knowledge
      • Figure 56: Fragrance knowledge source, by gender, 2022
    • Post-90s proactively pursuing fragrance knowledge
      • Figure 57: Fragrance knowledge source, by generation, 2022
    • Consumers with low personal income less keen on fragrances knowledge
      • Figure 58: Fragrance knowledge source, by monthly personal income, 2022
  15. Attitudes towards Fragrances and Scented Products

    • Scents are preferred…but the light ones, please
      • Figure 59: Acceptance/preference of scented personal care and homecare products, 2022
      • Figure 60: Example of beauty retailer’s efforts on promoting fragrances with light scent, US
    • Long-lasting scents are still in strong need
      • Figure 61: Demand for long-lasting scents in fragrances, 2022
    • Scents in personal care and homecare should be layered but need differentiation
      • Figure 62: Expectation for scented personal care and homecare products, 2022
  16. Beauty Personas

    • Who are they?
    • Aggressive Apprentice and Ethical Consumers are indifferent to the fragrance trend
      • Figure 63: Product purchase – Selected product types, by beauty persona, 2022
    • Holistic Wellbeing Followers are eager to gain fragrance knowledge
      • Figure 64: Fragrance knowledge source – Selected channels, by beauty persona, 2022
    • Holistic Wellbeing Followers seek emotional benefits from light scents
      • Figure 65: Acceptance/preference of scented personal care and homecare products, by beauty persona, 2022
  17. Appendix – Methodology and Abbreviations

    • Methodology
    • Abbreviations

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