Germany Aircare Market Report 2023
In challenging market conditions, aircare brands can prove their value by promoting aircare as affordable luxury, by making products greener and by using natural ingredients. Katharina Kirsch, Associate Analyst,…

Germany Aircare Market Report 2023

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The Germany Air Care Market Report 2023 identifies consumers’ attitudes towards air care in Germany, air care technology, and the impact of COVID-19 and inflation on the air care industry in Germany. This report covers the air care market size, market segmentation, market forecast, and trends in the air care industry in Germany.

Air Care in Germany: Current Market Landscape

Working and studying from home mandates during the pandemic fuelled demand for air care products as consumers recognized air care benefits, e.g. health. One of the biggest threats for the air care industry in Germany is the economic situation. The purchase of air care products is discretionary, which puts air care in Germany under pressure as consumers are more conscious of prices. After record high sales in 2020/21, air care market growth declined in 2022 but remained well above pre-pandemic levels.

For 2023 air care market growth in value can be expected mainly due to price increases, while volume levels will go down. As consumers will further limit their discretionary spending in categories such as leisure or luxury goods, low-threshold wellness spending will be in demand. Air Care companies can step into that space and promote air care benefits and air care products as affordable luxury.

Air Care Industry Trends: What Consumers Want and Why

As the COVID-19 pandemic shaped consumers’ health attitudes, the usage of sprays and aerosols increased the most. Air care products like sprays and aerosols are particularly popular as they serve as a quick and efficient help to sanitise rooms and surfaces. According to our air care in Germany report, particularly sprays containing natural ingredients enjoy increased relevance in times of heightened health concerns. This increased interest in health has also offered new target groups to air care companies, e.g. young male adults.

Hybrid working models further created usage needs for air care in Germany that continue to keep engagement levels of air care products high. The air care market share of scented candles has increased, which can be related to the fact that people bought them to create a special atmosphere at home, taking advantage of health/wellness related air care benefits.

  • Air Care in Germany Consumer Behaviours: 61% of consumers have used air care products in the last 12 months.
  • Air Care Market Size: The market size of air care in Germany has seen a record high of €475m during the pandemic years.
  • Air Care Market Growth: Growth in the air care industry in Germany has been declining, but is set for log-term stabilisation.
  • Market Opportunities: Between 2020 and 2022, the usage of air care products by 16 to 24-year-old males increased by 8 percentage points to 81%.

Air Care in Germany Report: Market Opportunities

The market value of the air care industry in Germany will still exceed pre-pandemic levels due to increased interest in health and air care benefits. Air care companies can focus on launching a greater variety of gender neutral products and products with innovative air care technology to keep up engagement among new target groups.

Moreover, air care companies can promote air care products as affordable luxury while also investing in a greater variety of products to meet consumers’ need for creating a special atmosphere in tough economic times. Going forward, air care companies should further invest in efforts around sustainability as air care technology still falls short on ethical claims compared to other household categories. A greater focus on sustainability and naturalness will create opportunities for air care market growth.

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Quickly Understand Air Care in Germany

  • The short-, medium-, and long-term impact of inflation on the air care industry in Germany.
  • The usage, purchase frequency, and purchase locations of air care products.
  • Incentives and general buying behaviour towards air care technology.
  • Launch activity and innovation opportunities for air care companies.
  • Air care market size and air care market share.

Covered in this Report

Products: Aerosol, pump sprays, continuous electrical air fresheners (plug-ins, battery-operated/automatic sprays, timed release), continuous non-electrical air fresheners (blocks/gels, non-battery-powered click sprays, scented oils/reed diffusers), scented candles, oil burners, kitchen appliance fresheners, carpet/vacuum fresheners, car fresheners, and many more.

Brands: Procter & Gamble (Febreze), RB (Sagrotan), The Body Shop, OneLife, dm (Denkmit, Profissimo), Yankee Candle, Farm to Aromatherapy, YouTube, Facebook, JuwelKerze, Edeka, Depot, MoodoAir Ltd, Amazon, Air Wick, Rituals, and many more.

Expert Insights into the Air Care Industry in Germany

This report, written by Katharina Kirsch, associate analyst, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current air care industry trends in Germany, and adds expert context to the numbers.

In challenging market conditions, air care companies can prove their value by promoting air care products as affordable luxury, by promoting their value and by using natural ingredients.

Katharina Kirsch, Associate Analyst
Katharina Kirsch
Associate Analyst, Germany

Table of Contents


    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Market context
    • Mintel predicts
    • Opportunities
    • The competitive landscape

    • German economy
    • Graph 1: key economic data, in real terms, 2019-24
    • Sustainability
    • Health
    • Hybrid working

    • Usage and purchase frequency of aircare products
    • Graph 2: usage of types aircare products in the last 12 months, 2020 vs 2022
    • Graph 3: buying frequency of aircare products, 2022
    • Graph 4: frequency of buying aircare products – NET, by age, 2022
    • Purchase location
    • Graph 5: purchase channel of aircare products, 2022
    • Graph 6: location of purchase of in-store aircare products, 2022
    • Graph 7: online purchase locations of aircare products, 2022
    • Incentives to buy aircare products
    • Graph 8: most important factors when buying aircare products – NET, 2022
    • Graph 9: most important factors when buying aircare products, natural ingredients – NET, by age, 2022
    • Buying behaviours around aircare products
    • Graph 10: buying behaviour around aircare products, 2022
    • Attitudes towards aircare products
    • Graph 11: attitudes towards aircare products, 2022

    • Graph 12: NPD in household care, by top five categories, 2018-22
    • Graph 13: NPD in aircare, by subcategory, 2018-22
    • Graph 14: NPD in aircare, by top ten claims, 2018-22
    • Graph 15: share of NPD in aircare, by launch type, 2018-22
    • Graph 16: NPD in aircare products, by top 10 companies, 2022
    • Graph 17: NPD in aircare, own-label vs branded, 2018-22
    • Advertising and marketing activity



    • Appendix – products covered, abbreviations, consumer research methodology and language usage
    • Appendix – market size and central forecast methodology

About the report

This market report provides in-depth analysis and insight supported by a range of data. At the same time, introductory and top-level content is provided to give you an overview of the issues covered.

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The Market

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The Opportunities

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The Trends

What’s Shaping Demand – Today And Tomorrow.

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