Germany Camping and Caravanning Market Report 2024
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Despite rising costs, camping remains an affordable holiday option. However, most potential campers seek additional amenities to enhance their experience. Notably, 85% of potential campers…

Germany Camping and Caravanning Market Report 2024

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Report Summary

Despite rising costs, camping remains an affordable holiday option. However, most potential campers seek additional amenities to enhance their experience. Notably, 85% of potential campers are interested in private bathrooms, 80% in unique accommodations and 79% in wellness facilities.

The demand for additional offers ties in with inflation levelling off, giving financially stable Germans more money to spend on holidays, while those less affluent continue to face financial challenges. Camping brands can cater to wealthier consumers with premium experiences while promoting basic camping options as a cost-effective alternative for less affluent ones.

Some non-campers perceive camping as a low-quality holiday. For instance, 49% of Germans who are not interested in future camping cite being uncomfortable for sleeping as a barrier. Campsites can address their concerns and step up efforts to promote higher-quality accommodations to non-campers.

Introducing luxurious, weatherproof accommodations can help camping brands to broaden target groups and expand into the off-season. With immediate access to nature being the top campsite choice factor among potential campers at 62%, blending luxury with nature (eg outdoor wellness areas) can help campsites to meet the zeitgeist, fostering market growth.

This report looks at the following areas:

  • The short-, medium- and long-term impact of inflation on the camping market including changing camping behaviour with regard to Germans’ financial situation.
  • Interest and participation in camping, with a focus on key target groups as well as different camping types and camping destinations.
  • Factors influencing potential campers’ choice of campsites and how brands can leverage nature as one factor.
  • Interest in premium camping experiences and off-season camping, presenting room to upsell.
  • Barriers to camping and how camping brands can counteract being perceived as low-quality holidays.

With inflation leveling off, camping brands can cater to affluent campers by blending luxury and nature (eg outdoor wellness) while continuing to offer basic options to those less affluent.

Silvia Hondt, Research Analyst – Travel & Leisure

Table of Contents


    • The five year outlook for camping and caravanning
    • Market context
    • Camping brands can cater to different financial situations
    • Luxurious camping experiences are increasingly entering the market
    • Camping as a sustainable way to travel
    • Mintel predicts
    • Market size & forecast
    • Ongoing premiumisation will keep the market value growing
    • Diverse camping accommodation will broaden target groups, fueling market volume growth
    • Opportunities
    • Engage Germans with divers types of camping
    • Make the connection to nature your key value
    • Leverage upselling opportunities
    • Promote camping as a holistic experience starting at the booking process

    • The German economy
    • 2024 is expected to remain challenging
    • Graph 1: key economic data, in real terms, 2019-25
    • The inflation rate is bouncing back to more conventional levels
    • Inflation is still the key factor affecting consumers’ finances…
    • …confidence and expenditure
    • Graph 2: financial confidence index, 2022-24
    • The impact of the economy on the camping market
    • Camping prices are on the rise
    • Graph 3: consumer price index for accomodation services, holiday villages, camping sites, 2017-23
    • The financial gap among Germans is reflected in planned holiday spending
    • Graph 4: expected changes in holiday spending in 2024 compared to 2023, 2024
    • Camping brands can continue to offer flexible solutions around the topic of price
    • Affordable holidays resonate with financially struggling Germans
    • Value redefined
    • Mintel Trend Driver Value: more than affordability
    • Camping is more than the cheapest option
    • Sustainability
    • Holistic sustainability
    • Camping and sustainability go hand in hand…
    • …but green transportation is needed

    • Participation in camping types and future interest in camping holidays
    • Room to up participation in camping
    • Graph 5: participation in camping holidays in the last three years and future interest, 2024
    • Target younger men with adventure holidays…
    • …and embrace the great outdoors to broaden target groups
    • Engage less well-off consumers
    • Graph 6: participation in camping and caravanning in the past three years, by financial situation, 2024
    • Tap into diverse camping types
    • Graph 7: accommodation stayed in on camping holidays in the last three years, 2024
    • Promote comfort in addition to flexibility to families as a key target group…
    • …with pitched tents
    • Upgrade city travellers
    • Destinations: diversify camping locations
    • Graph 8: location stayed at on camping holidays in the last three years, 2024
    • Keep Gen Z engaged in camping
    • Leverage events to get Germans involved in camping
    • Collaborate with festivals
    • Camping destinations
    • Camping is mostly a domestic holiday
    • Graph 9: camping destinations in the last three years, 2024
    • Find another selling proposition besides affordability
    • Graph 10: domestic camping destinations in the last three years, 2024
    • Help campers to discover Germany from a new perspective
    • Campsite choice factors
    • Nature is a gift
    • Graph 11: campsite choice factors, 2024
    • Promote nature holidays as a mood booster
    • Combine nature with additional choice factors
    • Elevate the connection between camping and nature through campsite offers…
    • …and ease the booking process to maximise reach
    • Upsell to pet owners
    • Understand differences in campers’ choice factors
    • Graph 12: campsite choice factors, by participation in camping holidays in the last three years, 2024
    • Emphasise your target group’s needs to increase consumer loyalty
    • Interest in additional campsite offers
    • Tap into additional services
    • Graph 13: campsite offers interested in, 2024
    • Room for upselling
    • Be inspired by Bubble Tent’s glamping domes
    • Prove your efforts towards sustainability
    • Tap into actions that enhance sustainable camping
    • Graph 14: sustainability issues travel brands should prioritise, 2023
    • Create exciting outdoor experiences around camping
    • Barriers to camping
    • Show your best side…
    • Graph 15: barriers to camping, 2024
    • …to convince critics
    • Graph 16: barriers to camping, by camping participation in the last three years, 2024
    • Showcase a changing image of camping towards higher quality
    • Foster healthy sleeping at campsites
    • Win former campers back with more privacy
    • Target women with a new approach towards camping
    • Be prepared for climate change
    • Behaviours towards camping
    • Make camping a four-season outdoor experience
    • Graph 17: behaviours towards camping holidays, 2024
    • Embrace the off-peak season
    • Promote coziness in the winter

    • Steps towards green camping transportation
    • Expansions in the German market
    • Digital platforms are creating visibility for campsites
    • Advertising and marketing activity
    • roadsurfer focuses on exploring nature
    • CIVD promotes caravanning with #EverywhereAtHome
    • Niedersachsen promotes its unique camping accommodations
    • go2places elevates exploring the great outdoors
    • Cross-category campaigns: TWIX links its products to camping

    • Camping market is experiencing significant value growth
    • Camping meets the zeitgeist, fueling volume growth
    • Ongoing market value growth
    • Graph 18: market value* of the camping and caravanning market, 2019-23
    • Ongoing market value growth
    • Post-pandemic growth in volume terms
    • Graph 19: market volume of the camping and caravanning market, 2019-23
    • Post-pandemic growth in volume terms
    • Ongoing premiumisation will keep the market value growing
    • Diverse camping accommodation will broaden target groups fueling market volume growth
    • Camping at different price points is needed in the short-term
    • Market growth can be sustained in the mid- and long-term

    • Appendix – products covered, abbreviations, consumer research methodology and language usage
    • Products covered in this Report
    • Abbreviations
    • TURF analysis methodology
    • TURF analysis – “Which of the following would make you choose one campsite over another?”
    • Consumer research methodology
    • A note on language
    • Appendix – market size and central forecast methodology
    • Forecast methodology
    • Forecast methodology – fan chart
    • Market size – value
    • Market size – volume
    • Market forecast and prediction intervals – value
    • Market forecast and prediction intervals – volume

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