German Attitudes towards Healthy Eating and Drinking Market Report 2022
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A growing focus on holistic health is shifting the market towards better-for-you (BFY) food/drink that address long-term physical, mental and planetary health. Valentin Thies, Senior Research Analyst - Food…

German Attitudes towards Healthy Eating and Drinking Market Report 2022

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The Germany Healthy Eating Market Report 2022 identifies consumers’ attitudes towards eating and drinking healthily as well as the impact of COVID-19 and inflation on those attitudes, and the frequency of eating and drinking healthily. This report covers the attitudes towards healthy eating and drinking in Germany market size, market forecast, market segmentation and industry trends for the Germany healthy eating market.


Opinions on Healthy Eating Importance Germany

These are some statistics on Germans opinions and attitudes towards healthy eating and drinking.

Do People in Germany eat healthy?

The majority of Germans try to eat and drink healthily most of the time. 66% of the German population state that they make an effort to consume healthy foods and drink, which contrasts the high obesity figures in Germany.

Would you say that you eat a healthy and balanced diet?

Overall, a shift towards conscious consumption is visible, with a new ‘trinity’ of holistic health emerging: good for the body, good for the mind and good for the planet. Germans are getting more conscious about ow a healthy diet contributes to their overall wellbeing, and are realising that this is a factor well within their control to ensure they live a healthy lifestyle.

Current Market Landscape

While over half of Germans claim to at least try to eat/drink healthily, high obesity levels in Germany are fueling the demand for convenient better-for-you foods/drinks that encourage better and balanced dietary choices, resulting in improved weight management. This paradox is partly driven by a reliance on few and differing sources of dietary advice, leading to varying levels of nutrition proficiency. Moreover, the lack of on-pack transparency in some food/drink can lead to confusion and misinformed dietary choices.

Another growing interest on the German healthy eating market, is holistic health resulting after COVID-19 increased the focus on physical, mental, and planetary health. Products can connect the dots between such specific health factors and holistic health for a more long-term preventative health approach.

Germany Healthy Eating Market Share and Key Industry Trends

With rising obesity levels and health misinformation remaining a challenge, brands can play a bigger role, alongside the government, in informing consumers by, e.g. using simple health cues on-pack and exploring new channels of communication, e.g. TikTok, to create education touchpoints for credible information.

A further adoption of increased transparency will improve decision making in favour of healthier product options. In food/drink health themes such as plant-based dieting, conscious consumption, and functional health, e.g. immune, gut, mental health, will prevail in the next years.

  • 66% of Germans try to eat/drink healthily.
  • 67% of men and 53% of women in Germany are overweight.
  • 47% of Germans are reliant on only one or two sources of information for dietary advice.
  • 64% of Germans plan to support their immune health through their diet in the future.

Future Trends in the Germany Healthy Eating Market

Long-term, growing consumer pressure and government ambitions to increase organic farming will democratise access to sustainable nutrition. Furthermore, increased digitalisation will result in more products targeting mental wellbeing and access to affordable personalised direct-to-consumer nutrition services/products.

Sustainable nutrition is one of the most important diet trends of the decade. A more conscious approach to consumption, coupled with government pressure, will drive demand for plant-centric products. Concepts that embed planetary health in their value proposition and encourage the consumption of more plants hold potential.

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Quickly Understand

  • Market drivers for healthy eating/drinking.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on healthy eating/drinking.
  • Frequency of eating/drinking healthily and main sources for advice.
  • Behaviours and attitudes related to healthy eating/drinking.
  • Recent product launch activity and market opportunities for 2022.

Covered in this Report

Products: Consumers’ attitudes towards and behaviours related to healthy eating and drinking (including all food and drink categories).

Brands: EAT-Lancet, Lorenz, PepsiCo, Maggi, Greenforce, Voelkel, Onken, Quinola, and more.

Expert Analysis from a Specialist in the Field

This report, written by Valentin Thies, a leading research analyst in the Food and Drink sector, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends in the Germany attitudes towards healthy eating market and adds expert context to the numbers.

A growing focus on holistic health is shifting the market towards better-for-you (BFY) food/drink that address long-term physical, mental and planetary health.

Valentin Thies
Valentin Thies
Senior Food & Drink Analyst

Table of Contents


    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Market context
    • Graph 1: frequency of eating/drinking healthily, 2021
    • Mintel predicts
    • Opportunities

    • Graph 2: key economic data, in real terms, 2019-23
    • Graph 3: population, by age group, 2020-30

    • Frequency of eating/drinking healthily
    • Graph 4: frequency of eating/drinking healthily, 2021
    • Graph 5: key factors driving consumer behaviour around wellbeing*, 2021
    • Graph 6: frequency of eating/drinking healthily, by age, 2021
    • Main sources for healthy eating/drinking advice
    • Graph 7: main sources for seeking advice on healthy eating/drinking, 2021
    • Graph 8: repertoire of sources of health advice chosen for healthy eating/drinking, by age, 2021
    • Benefits people would ideally like from their diet
    • Graph 9: health benefits consumers ideally would like from their diet, 2021
    • Preferred categories for functional health benefits
    • Graph 10: preferred categories for functional health benefits, 2021
    • Graph 11: top factors when shopping for food, 2021*
    • Behaviours regarding healthy eating/drinking
    • Graph 12: behaviours regarding healthy eating/drinking, 2021
    • Graph 13: important ethical and environmental factors when making food and drink choices, 2021*
    • Attitudes towards healthy eating/drinking
    • Graph 14: attitudes towards healthy eating/drinking, 2021
    • Graph 15: selected reasons for snacking, by age group, 2021
    • Graph 16: interest in/past usage of personalised food/drink concepts, 2021*

    • Graph 17: food and drink launches, by top 15 selected health claims, 2021
    • Graph 18: food and drink launches with minus, plus, functional and free-from claims, by top 10 categories, 2021
    • Graph 19: % of total food and drink launches with Nutri-Score labelling, 2018-21
    • Graph 20: food and drink launches with the Nutri-Score, by category, 2021
    • Graph 21: food and drink launches, by selected fast-growing health claims, top 10 by sample size, 2017 vs 2021
    • Graph 22: food and drink launches with vegan, vegetarian and plant-based claims, 2017-21
    • Graph 23: food and drink launches with natural claims, 2021
    • Advertising and marketing activity

    • Appendix – products covered, abbreviations, consumer research methodology and language usage

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