Germany Mobile Gaming Market Report 2021
In Germany, mobile gaming is the video gaming sector with the largest and most diverse audience. To drive growth in mobile gaming, brands can cater more strongly to a variety…

Germany Mobile Gaming Market Report 2021

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Report Summary

This report provides comprehensive and current information and analysis of the Germany Mobile Gaming market including Mobile Gaming market size, mobile gaming statistics, anticipated market forecast, relevant market segmentation, and industry trends for the Mobile Gaming market in Germany.

Market trends in Mobile Gaming

While mobile gaming is highly popular among women in Germany, complex games that seem to produce the most consumer spend resonate more with men. With an indication that the design and how these games are targeted may be reasons for their limited uptake among women, brands have great opportunities to cater to a huge audience with untapped spending potential by designing games that specifically appeal to the interests of women.

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Quickly understand

  • The short-, medium- and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on mobile gaming.
  • Devices used to play video games Frequency of playing mobile games.
  • Motivations to play mobile games and types of mobile games played.
  • Usage and interest in cloud gaming services, including usage barriers.
  • Behaviours regarding mobile gaming, including interest in gaming smartphones and playing mobile games with friends in person.

Covered in this report

Brands include: Apple, BMW, Calm, Electronic Sports League, Google, Louis Vitton, Netflix, PUGB MOBILE, Quizduell, Razer, Rockstar Games, XBox etc.

Products covered: This report examines the German market for mobile games. Mobile games are games played on smartphones or tablets. The market size and forecast of the German mobile gaming market includes consumer spending on games apps via the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Expert analysis from a specialist in the field

This report, written by Jan Urbanek, a leading analyst in the Consumer Technology sector, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

In Germany, mobile gaming is the video gaming sector with the largest and most diverse audience. To drive growth in mobile gaming, brands can cater more strongly to a variety of gaming motivations.

Jan Urbanek - Research AnalystJan Urbanek Analyst – Research

Table of Contents


    • Key issues covered in this report
    • The impact of COVID-19 on mobile gaming
    • Market context
    • Mintel predicts
    • Opportunities
    • Graph 1: types of mobiles games played, by gender, 2021

    • Graph 2: key economic data, in real terms, 2019-23
    • Mobile devices
    • Internet infrastructure

    • Devices used to play video games
    • Graph 3: respondents typically using any device to play video games, NET, by age & gender, 2021
    • Graph 4: devices typically used to play video games, 2021
    • Graph 5: devices typically used to play video games, by gender, 2021
    • Graph 6: devices typically used to play video games, by age, 2021
    • Graph 7: repertoire of devices used to play video games, by age, 2021
    • Frequency of playing mobile games
    • Graph 8: frequency of playing mobile games, 2021
    • Reasons for playing mobile games
    • Graph 9: most important reasons to play mobile games (selection of up to three), by age, 2021
    • Graph 10: mobile gamers playing to compete with others, by gender & age, 2021
    • Types of mobile games played
    • Graph 11: types of mobiles games played, 2021
    • Graph 12: mobile game categories played in the last three months, by age, 2021
    • Mobile gaming behaviours
    • Graph 13: behaviours regarding mobile gaming, 2021
    • Interest in and uptake of Cloud Gaming
    • Graph 14: cloud gaming services used in the last 12 months, 2021
    • Barriers for using cloud gaming services
    • Graph 15: reasons for not being interested in using cloud gaming services, 2021

    • Advertising and marketing activity


      • Appendix – products covered, abbreviations, consumer research methodology and language usage
      • Appendix – market size and central forecast methodology

    About the report

    This market report provides in-depth analysis and insight supported by a range of data. At the same time, introductory and top-level content is provided to give you an overview of the issues covered.

    The consumer

    What They Want. Why They Want It.

    The Competitors

    Who’s Winning. How To Stay Ahead.

    The Market

    Size, Segments, Shares And Forecasts: How It All Adds Up.

    The Innovations

    New Ideas. New Products. New Potential.

    The Opportunities

    Where The White Space Is. How To Make It Yours.

    The Trends

    What’s Shaping Demand – Today And Tomorrow.

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