Germany Shopping Trends Autumn/Winter Market Report 2023
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Whilst spending on seasonal events rose in 2022, volume retail sales shrunk in December amidst rising prices, creating challenges and opportunities for retailers. Armando Falcao, Freelancer…

Germany Shopping Trends Autumn/Winter Market Report 2023

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Get ahead with Mintel’s German Shopping Trends Outlook and learn how consumer trends in Germany are impacting the German retail sector. Our Germany Shopping Trends Autumn/Winter Market Report 2023 is packed with insights on German consumer attitudes. By purchasing this report, you’ll get a German shopping trends analysis and a detailed market forecast on consumer spending in Germany this autumn/winter.

Quickly Understand Consumer Trends in Germany

  • The retail landscape trends in Germany for autumn/winter seasonal events, e.g. Halloween, Black Friday, and Christmas.
  • The legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic on the German retail sector.
  • The ongoing impact of inflation and rising living costs on seasonal events’ retail sales.
  • What types of products do consumers shop for during seasonal events in Germany?
  • The surge in popularity of online retailing and the importance of performing at an omnichannel level.
  • The importance of sustainability in the German retail sector.
  • How are consumer attitudes impacting their seasonal shopping behaviour?
  • Key consumer interests and trends in seasonal retailing and key opportunities supported by developments in technology and robotics.

German Retail Sector Overview

Nominal spending rebounded for most seasonal events in 2021/22, but rising prices and economic uncertainty continue to squeeze household budgets and are impacting consumer spending in Germany. The retail sector in Germany took a hit during Black Friday Christmas sales in 2022, and it is expected that retail revenue will decline further in 2023.

As inflation subsides and confidence continues to rise, seasonal shopping will return to a more robust pace and consumer spending in Germany will pick up again. The retail sector in Germany will show mild recovery and even growth in 2024.

German Shopping Trends Analysis: What Consumers Want and Why

Mintel’s German shopping trends outlook shows that in spite of high inflation levels most German consumers plan to purchase gifts for Christmas 2023. The majority of those are considering to do their Christmas shopping online. Discounts, e.g. Black Friday sales, and premiumisation are ways to appeal to German consumers to go through with their shopping plans for this upcoming Christmas.

Halloween, according to our German shopping trends analysis, has gained attention in Germany with purchases for Halloween increasing in 2022. With increased interest in seasonal shopping, concerns about sustainability are also gaining more attention. Shoppers fear that seasonal purchases produce too much waste, creating opportunities for sustainable Halloween or other seasonal products.

  • Retail Landscape Trends in Germany: 40% of German consumers purchased Halloween products in 2022.
  • German Retail Consumer Behaviour: Post-pandemic many have gotten used to shopping on online platforms. In 2023, 81% of German consumers plan to shop for Christmas gifts online.
  • Market Opportunities in the German Retail Sector: Mintel’s German shopping trends outlook shows that consumers’ demands for sustainability are getting traction. 75% of shoppers think that seasonal products produce too much waste. Retailers can tackle waste-issues to appeal to climate-conscious Germans.

German Shopping Trends Outlook and the Future of the Retail Sector in Germany

Despite high costs of living, Mintel’s German shopping trends analysis shows that German consumers are still willing to spend money on Christmas gifts and there are numerous opportunities to help ensure retail sales continue to grow in the upcoming years. Moreover, sustainability will remain a key opportunity for brands to retain their audience in the German retail sector.

To learn more about what your audience wants and how you can tap into lucrative opportunities, purchase our full report about German shopping trends this autumn/winter.

To discover more about retail landscape trends in Germany, read our Germany Consumers and the Cost of Living Market Report 2023, or take a look at our extensive Retail Market Research.

Covered in this Report

Products: Sweets, chocolates, pumpkins, decorations, fancy dress, special food and drink, cosmetics, games, toys, pet accessories, fireworks, clothing, footwear, computer, tablets, smartphones, BPC products, TV and audio devices, video games, books, homewares, jewellery, watches, games consoles, digital content, and more.

Brands: Starbucks, QC Makeup Academy, Happy Socks, Johanna Parker, Disney, Lidl, Santos Grills, Amazon, REWE, Edeka, Aldi, Galeria, Primark, Takko, Kik, Zalando, Lego, Hello Fresh, Sky, Penny, and more.

Expert Insights into Consumer Trends in Germany

This report, written by Armando Falco, delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight German shopping trends for autumn/winter 2023, and adds expert context to the numbers.

Whilst spending on seasonal events rose in 2022, volume retail sales shrunk in December amidst rising prices, creating challenges and opportunities for retailers.

Armando Falco
Armando Falco
Retail Analyst, Germany

Table of Contents


    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Market context
    • Graph 1: retail sales (excl VAT), 2009-23
    • Graph 2: Christmas gift shopping share of total retail sales, by channel, 2012-22
    • Graph 3: harmonised consumer price indices, by category, 2022-23
    • Graph 4: Christmas season retail sales (excl VAT), 2015-22
    • Mintel predicts
    • Opportunities
    • Graph 5: online awareness and involvement in Black Friday deals, 2016-22
    • Graph 6: online awareness and involvement in Cyber Monday deals, 2016-22
  2. market drivers

    • The German economy
    • Graph 7: key economic data, in real terms, 2019-24

    • Sector size and forecast
    • Graph 8: [no title]
    • Graph 9: [no title]
    • Graph 10: online retail sales (excl VAT) during Black Friday & Cyber Monday, 2016-22
    • Channels to market
    • Graph 11: Christmas gift shopping share of total retail sales, by channel, 2010-22

    • Halloween 2022
    • Graph 12: products purchased for Halloween, 2022
    • Graph 13: consumers who agree that buying Halloween items produces too much waste, by generation, 2022
    • Graph 14: consumers who agree that Halloween costumes should come in a greater size range, 2022
    • Black Friday 2022
    • Graph 15: planned purchases during Black Friday, 2022
    • Graph 16: retailers that consumers planned to shop with for Black Friday, 2022
    • Graph 17: types of retailers that consumers planned to shop with for Black Friday, 2022
    • Christmas 2022
    • Graph 18: consumers who agree financial concerns are impacting Christmas gift spending, by financial situation, 2022
    • Graph 19: expected changes in consumer spending on Christmas gifts, 2022
    • Graph 20: items consumers intended to buy as Christmas gifts for themselves or others, 2022
    • Graph 21: consumers who plan to buy Christmas gifts for friends/relatives, 2022
    • Graph 22: retailers that consumers planned to shop with for Christmas, 2022
    • Graph 23: types of retailers that consumers planned to shop with for Christmas, 2022
    • Graph 24: product launches with seasonal claim and keyword "Christmas", 2018-22
    • Graph 25: consumers that plan to buy more Christmas gifts from small/independent businesses this year compared to last, 2022

    • Flexible payment alternatives
    • Private label

    • Appendix – abbreviations, consumer research methodology and language usage
    • Appendix – market sizes

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