Home Laundry Products: Incl Impact of COVID-19 – Brazil – October 2020
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“The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the importance of home laundry and brought a new desirable attribute: fabric disinfection. The category’s brands find a favorable scenario for innovations inspired by the…

Home Laundry Products: Incl Impact of COVID-19 – Brazil – October 2020

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Report Summary

“The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the importance of home laundry and brought a new desirable attribute: fabric disinfection. The category’s brands find a favorable scenario for innovations inspired by the cosmetic industry, helping consumers take care of their clothes and prolong their lifespan. Products in concentrated versions can stand out when communicating being good value for money and conscious consumption.”
– Amanda Caridad, Beauty & Personal Care Senior Analyst

Key issues covered in this Report

  • COVID-19’s impact on the home laundry routine
  • Forecast for the home laundry market post-COVID-19
  • Product usage, frequency of use, attitudes and perceptions of different demographic groups
  • Product innovation in the home laundry category during and after the pandemic

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Key issues covered in this Report
        • Definition
          • COVID-19: Market context
          • Executive Summary

              • Market overview
                • COVID-19 impact on the home laundry category
                  • Figure 1: Expected COVID-19 impact on short, medium and longer terms for the home laundry category, October 2020
                • The impact so far
                  • Figure 2: New powder laundry detergent with proven results against SARS-Cov-2
                  • Figure 3: Comfort promotes its products on social networks and launches a new anti-aging treatment for clothing
                • Short and medium term (October 2020-December 2021)
                  • Figure 4: Antiseptic sprays from Visto.bio in partnership with Farm and NK Store
                • Long term (2022-25)
                  • Mintel Trend Drivers
                    • Figure 5: Mintel Trend Drivers
                  • Challenges
                    • Women aged 35+ want products with proven disinfectant properties between washes
                      • When classes resume, parents will look for laundry detergents that can disinfect and are safe for sensitive skin
                        • Concentrated fabric softener users seek safe formulas for sensitive skin
                          • Opportunities
                            • Concentrated laundry detergents and fabric softeners could increase usage among DE Brazilians with versions that allow dilution at home
                              • Consumers with children are a potential target audience for more natural versions of laundry detergents
                                • Brands can grab students’ attention by developing formulations with skin benefits
                                • Market Drivers

                                  • According to ABIPLA, the home cleaning products market has grown 23% in 2019, with a 3% growth forecast for 2020
                                    • Brazilians increase laundry frequency to contain COVID-19 virus spread
                                      • Record unemployment rate reaches 13.8%
                                        • Brazil enters technical recession, with a 9.7% GDP retraction
                                        • Key Players – What you need to know

                                          • The home laundry category sees innovations focused on natural ingredients and sustainability
                                            • Omo and Ariel reinforce the importance of the collective during the pandemic, using social networks as essential tools to interact with consumers
                                              • The pandemic increased the search for bactericidal and sustainable solutions for home laundry care
                                                • Positiv.a stands out in Brazil by offering sustainable solutions for household care
                                                • Market Share

                                                  • Unilever keeps leadership in the category, while national manufacturers invest in natural solutions inspired by the cosmetic industry
                                                    • Figure 6: Leading companies’ retail sales share of home laundry products, by value – Brazil, 2018-19
                                                • Marketing Campaigns and Actions

                                                  • Omo reinforces the power of the collective with “O Poder do SOMOS” campaign
                                                    • Figure 7: Tatá Werneck tells the NGO Amigos do Reino story, Brazil, September 2020
                                                  • Dona Hermínia is Downy’s new brand ambassador
                                                    • Figure 8: Por que Downy? featuring Dona Hermínia, Brazil, September 2020
                                                  • Ypê performs marketing action with Globo’s É de Casa TV show
                                                    • Figure 9: A Vida Pede Ypê – Brazil, August 2020
                                                  • Comfort invites followers to share experiences on TikTok
                                                    • Figure 10: Comfort’s challenge #VidaLongaÀsRoupasCheck! On TikTok
                                                    • Figure 11: Fernanda Paes Leme posted the challenge #VidaLongaÀsRoupasCheck!
                                                  • Unilever enters laundromat segment
                                                    • Figure 12: Omo Lavanderia in Campo Belo neighborhood in São Paulo
                                                  • Vanish promotes benefits of its stain remover on social networks
                                                    • Figure 13: Vanish invites influencers for the four-outfit 60-day challenge
                                                  • Ariel and Magazine Luiza launched a campaign on social networks to promote Ariel Expert
                                                    • Figure 14: Marketing action between Ariel and Magazine Luiza on Instagram
                                                  • Ariel expands #PoderDoCompartilhar and washes clothes in its own laundromats
                                                    • Ariel and Downy promote live events with artists to encourage followers to stay home during the pandemic
                                                      • Figure 15: Michel Teló was one of the artists that participated in live events sponsored by Ariel and Downy
                                                      • Figure 16: Valentine’s Live by Ariel and Downy
                                                    • Ariel Home Cup proposes democratization of household chores
                                                      • Figure 17: Ariel Home Cup – Quarters and Finals in Curitiba – Brazil, July 2020
                                                    • Comfort changes Roupa Nova’s name
                                                      • Figure 18: Roupa Nova announces the change of the band’s name
                                                      • Figure 19: Roupa Nova reveals the campaign with Comfort
                                                  • Who’s Innovating?

                                                    • Sprays for clothes can be useful to the new clothing disinfection routine
                                                      • Figure 20: Total launches of fabric fresheners with antibacterial claim, by top five regions – 2018-20
                                                      • Figure 21: Fabric fresheners with antibacterial claims
                                                    • Home laundry brands can explore environmental claims through packaging
                                                      • Figure 22: Total launches of home laundry products with claim “ethical – environmentally friendly package,” by top five regions – 2017-19
                                                      • Figure 23: New laundry detergent reusable packaging from Procter & Gamble and Unilever’s partnership with Loop
                                                  • Case Study

                                                    • Positiv.a startup grows in Brazil by offering safe and sustainable household cleaning solutions
                                                      • Figure 24: Positiv.a’s home laundry products
                                                  • The Consumer – What You Need to Know

                                                    • Brands could develop unique solutions focused on hygiene and safety for pet owners
                                                      • During the pandemic, Generation Z consumers are worried about their wellbeing, while parents with children in the home want convenience in the home laundry routine
                                                        • Bleaches can communicate fabric care, while ironing water can help men
                                                          • Bar laundry soap brands can invest in varieties that protect fabrics, while ironing water brands can offer relaxing scents
                                                            • Disinfection becomes a desirable attribute in liquid laundry detergents, while fragrance-free versions can please consumers who wash and dry bed and bath linens
                                                              • Fragrance is a decisive attribute when buying fabric softeners, but brands can differentiate themselves by making ironing easier
                                                                • Powder laundry detergents can invest in versions suitable for delicate fabrics, while brands would do well to support male consumers
                                                                  • The cosmetic industry can inspire innovations to home laundry
                                                                  • Pet ownership

                                                                    • Washing machine cleaning products may be of interest to pet owners of the AB socioeconomic group
                                                                      • Figure 25: Pet ownership, by socioeconomic groups, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 26: Washing machine cleaners
                                                                    • Safe formulations for sensitive skin can attract pet owners
                                                                      • Figure 27: Most important attributes for laundry detergents by pet ownership, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 28: Powder laundry detergents for sensitive skin
                                                                  • Laundry responsibility

                                                                    • Powder laundry detergent brands can offer wellbeing to Gen Z with attractive fragrances
                                                                      • Figure 29: Laundry responsibility, by generation, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 30: Powder laundry detergents with fragrances
                                                                    • Convenience is an important attribute for parents who share laundry responsibility
                                                                      • Figure 31: Laundry responsibility, by parental status (presence of children under 18) by gender, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 32: Concentrated laundry liquid detergents offering convenience
                                                                    • Rinse-free disinfectants for fabrics may be an option for women who are solely responsible for doing laundry
                                                                      • Figure 33: Laundry responsibility, by gender and age, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 34: Fabric disinfectant sprays with disinfectant and antibacterial action
                                                                  • Laundry Frequency

                                                                    • Bleaches that prolong the life of fabrics may interest consumers who do laundry weekly
                                                                      • Figure 35: Laundry frequency, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 36: Bleach products that aim to extend fabrics’ lifespans
                                                                    • Sprays that smooth away wrinkles can be handy for the daily routine of men aged 25-34
                                                                      • Figure 37: Laundry frequency, by gender and age, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 38: Products that smooth away wrinkles without ironing
                                                                    • Detergents face the challenge to offer disinfectant compositions suitable for sensitive skin
                                                                      • Figure 39: Laundry frequency, by gender and age, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 40: Laundry liquid detergents with disinfectant properties suitable for washing children’s clothes and for sensitive skin
                                                                  • Purchase of Fabric Care Products

                                                                    • Brazilians from the DE socioeconomic group are the ones that most dilute concentrated products at home to make them last longer and save money
                                                                      • Figure 41: Purchase of fabric care products, by socioeconomic group, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 42: Omo advertising for its concentrated laundry liquid detergent, Brazil, November 2019
                                                                      • Figure 43: Concentrated laundry liquid detergent Omo 1 + 1 Lavagem Perfeita, Brazil, November 2019
                                                                    • Consumers living in the Northeast, the primary users of bar laundry soap, may be interested in fabric color preservation
                                                                      • Figure 44: Purchase of fabric care products, by region, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 45: Bar laundry soap products for fabric color preservation and stain removal power
                                                                    • Ironing water can provide a feeling of comfort with aromatherapy-inspired fragrances
                                                                      • Figure 46: Purchase of fabric care products by laundry routines, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 47: Ironing water products with aromatherapy-inspired fragrances
                                                                  • Most Important Attributes for Laundry Detergents

                                                                    • Laundry detergent brands can increase usage by including disinfectant action in formulations
                                                                      • Figure 48: TURF analysis – Most important attributes for laundry detergents, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 49: Laundry detergent with disinfectant properties
                                                                    • Parents show interest in natural stain removal power
                                                                      • Figure 50: Most important attributes for laundry detergents, by parental status (presence of children under 18), Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 51: Laundry capsules with natural ingredients and a high stain removal power
                                                                    • Fragrance-free laundry products can attract consumers who wash and dry bedding and bath towels
                                                                      • Figure 52: Most important attributes for laundry detergents by laundry routines, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 53: Fragrance-free powder laundry detergent
                                                                  • Most Important Attributes for Fabric Softeners

                                                                    • Fragrance and duration are decisive attributes when purchasing fabric softeners
                                                                      • Figure 54: TURF analysis – Most important attributes for fabric softeners, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 55: Fabric softeners with long-lasting scent/fragrances that make ironing easier
                                                                    • Consumers who use concentrated versions are the ones who are most interested in safe formulations for sensitive skins
                                                                      • Figure 56: Most important attributes for fabric softeners by purchase of fabric care products, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 57: Concentrated fabric softeners suitable for sensitive skin
                                                                  • Laundry Routines

                                                                    • There is an opportunity to develop exclusive powder laundry detergents for delicate clothing
                                                                      • Figure 58: Laundry routines, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 59: Powder laundry detergents suitable for delicate fabrics
                                                                    • Brands have the opportunity for more direct communication with male consumers
                                                                      • Figure 60: Laundry routines, by gender, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 61: Skip promotes its clothing care products on Instagram
                                                                  • Attitudes toward Laundry and Fabric Care Products

                                                                    • Brands can find inspiration in the cosmetic industry to offer products that extend clothes’ durability
                                                                      • Figure 62: Attitudes towards laundry and fabric care products, by gender and age, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 63: Dry wash sprays and home laundry detergent with micellar technology
                                                                    • Students with sensitive skin show interest in products that offer benefits to the skin and the planet
                                                                      • Figure 64: Attitudes towards laundry and fabric care products, by student and working status, Brazil, June 2020
                                                                      • Figure 65: Laundry detergents with benefits for the skin and the planet
                                                                  • Appendix – Abbreviations

                                                                    • Abbreviations
                                                                    • Appendix – Market Size and Market Share

                                                                      • Market Size
                                                                        • Figure 66: Retail sales of home laundry products, by value – Brazil, 2014-20
                                                                      • Market Share
                                                                        • Figure 67: Leading companies’ retail sales share of home laundry products, by value – Brazil, 2018-19

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