Brazil Household Care Habits Market Report 2021
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"The household has become the center of consumers' routine during the COVID-19 pandemic, making the household care and cleaning a top priority. Disinfection is now as critical as cleaning, which…

Brazil Household Care Habits Market Report 2021

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Report Summary

“The household has become the center of consumers’ routine during the COVID-19 pandemic, making the household care and cleaning a top priority. Disinfection is now as critical as cleaning, which means the demand for multi-surface disinfectants is on the rise. Consumers have demonstrated a growing interest in practicality, as they prioritize their emotional wellbeing and look for ethical and sustainable solutions.”

– Amanda Caridad, Beauty and Personal Care Senior Analyst

This Report looks at the following areas:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on household care habits
  • Consumption of household cleaners and fabric care products among different demographic groups
  • Household care routines adopted during the pandemic and analysis on the maintenance of these new habits after the pandemic ends
  • Sustainable household practices, including packaging and natural household care and cleaning products
  • Opportunities and challenges for the consumption of home fragrances
  • Attitudes toward home care and interest in innovations

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Key issues covered in this Report:
        • Definition
          • COVID-19: market context
          • Executive Summary

              • Market overview
                • Impact of COVID-19 on household care habits
                  • Figure 1: Predicted impact of COVID-19 in short, medium and long term on household care habits, 2021
                • Mintel Trend Drivers
                  • Figure 2: Mintel Trend Drivers
                • Challenges
                  • Offering eco-friendly packaging in Brazil’s North region
                    • Pet owners look for economical concentrated versions
                      • Naturally scented products appeal to men aged 16-24
                        • Opportunities
                          • Dish soaps with skincare properties attract parents
                            • Social media helps brands sell devices that optimize the cleaning routine
                              • Women aged 45-54 are interested in devices that improve household air quality
                              • Market Drivers

                                • Rising unemployment and lower emergency aid impact consumption
                                  • Cleaning products on the rise as demand for disinfectants grows
                                    • GDP expected to grow 3.52%; inflation and interest rates go up
                                      • Consumers interested in scented candles as they prioritize their emotional health
                                        • Guide to the use of public spaces during the pandemic launched
                                          • Manufacturers make a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint by 2050
                                          • Key Players

                                            • Companies and brands
                                              • Veja Power Fusion highlights versatility and high performance of its multi-purpose cleaners in a new campaign
                                                • Figure 3: Veja Power Fusion campaign – Brazil, 2021
                                              • OMO grows and sees positive repercussion after sponsoring reality show
                                                • Figure 4: Omo sponsored the BBB21 reality show – Brazil, 2021
                                                • Figure 5: OMO action with Kaysar Dadour and Babu Santana – Brazil, 2021
                                              • OMO reaffirms its commitment to the environment in a new campaign
                                                • Figure 6: OMO campaign – Brazil, 2021
                                              • P&G announces the #PrideSkill movement reaffirming its corporate diversity agenda
                                                • Figure 7: P&G presents #PrideSkill – Brazil, 2021
                                              • Brands stand against draft law in movement to support diversity
                                                • Figure 8: Reckitt Benckiser and its brands Veja and Vanish stand against the draft law – Brazil, 2021
                                                • Figure 9: Unilever stands against the draft law – Brazil, 2021
                                              • Ariel demystifies the laundry process
                                                • Figure 10: Ariel campaign – Brazil, 2021
                                              • Sétima Geração invites influencers to reflect on their role in the care of the next seven generations
                                                • Figure 11: Sétima Geração campaign – Brazil, 2020
                                              • Ypê celebrates 70 years and sets out sustainable initiatives
                                                • Figure 12: Ypê campaign – Brazil, 2020
                                              • Who’s Innovating?
                                                • Demand for air care products with aromatherapy appeal grows as consumers worry about their emotional health
                                                  • Figure 13: Total launches of air care products with “aromatherapy” claim, by top 10 markets, 2018-2021
                                                  • Figure 14: Air care products with aromatherapy appeal
                                                • Brazilians have an interest in antibacterial wipes that optimize household cleaning
                                                  • Figure 15: Total launches of cleaning products in the “disposable wipes” format, by top 10 claims, 2018- 2021
                                                  • Figure 16: Antibacterial disposable cleaning wipes
                                                • Case Study
                                                  • Free Brands consolidates itself in the Brazilian market after the success of FreeCô
                                                    • Figure 17: FreeCô campaign
                                                    • Figure 18: FreeCê products feature a variety of formats for away-from-home use
                                                  • Microban 24 reaches $200 million in sales in the US
                                                    • Figure 19: Procter & Gamble launches Microban 24, a new brand of disinfectant
                                                    • Figure 20: Microban 24’s 24-Hour Bacteria Shield, 2020
                                                • The Consumer – What You Need to Know

                                                  • Alcohol spray and disposable wipes attract those concerned about disinfection
                                                    • In addition to protecting against microorganisms, disinfectants could engage young men using fragrances that offer emotional benefits
                                                      • Water footprint and ethical certifications are valued in household care products
                                                        • Interest in home fragrances is justified by the search for wellbeing and lifestyle changes during the pandemic
                                                          • Environment issues make biodegradable ingredients stand out
                                                          • Purchase of Household Care Products

                                                            • Alcohol spray attracts women aged 45-54 for disinfection of products
                                                              • Figure 21: Purchase of household care products, by gender and age group – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 22: Alcohol spray for surface disinfection
                                                            • Liquid dish soaps that offer skincare benefits attract parents
                                                              • Figure 23: Purchase of household care products, by parental status – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 24: Liquid dish soaps with soft formulas and sustainable packaging
                                                            • Baby Boomers are main target for wet wipes with disinfectant action
                                                              • Figure 25: Purchase of household care products, by generation – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 26: Wet wipes for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
                                                          • Household Care Routines

                                                            • Disinfectant brands can explore emotional benefits offered by fragrances
                                                              • Figure 27: Household care routines, by gender and age group – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 28: Scented disinfectants for cleaning surfaces and environments
                                                            • Eco-friendly packaging can attract Brazilians from the North region who have stockpiled household care products
                                                              • Figure 29: Household care routines, by region – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 30: Algramo mobile station for refilling Unilever cleaning products in Santiago, Chile
                                                              • Figure 31: Bulk to go: an eco-friendly lifestyle, 2019
                                                              • Figure 32: Bio Spectra Attitude Nature + Technology Bulk To Go! Thyme & Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner Disinfectant, Canada, 2020
                                                            • Social media publications can drive search for solutions that optimize the household care routine
                                                              • Figure 33: Household care routines, by working and student status – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 34: Brastemp campaign – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 35: Bettanin shows follower using Noviça Mop Glass Cleaner Spray – Brazil, 2021
                                                          • Sustainable Household Practices

                                                            • Water footprint is appreciated by those aged 55+
                                                              • Figure 36: Sustainable household practices, by age – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 37: Cleaning products that communicate their water footprint
                                                              • Figure 38: AWA project, 2021
                                                            • Concentrated products attract pet owners by communicating sustainability and savings
                                                              • Figure 39: Sustainable household practices, by pet ownership – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 40: Concentrated products with pet-safe formulas
                                                            • Search for ethical products reflects lifestyle and values defended by women aged 16-24
                                                              • Figure 41: Sustainable household practices, by gender and age – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 42: Vegan and cruelty-free household cleaners and fabric care products
                                                          • Home Fragrances

                                                            • Scented products that provide wellbeing benefits can appeal to parents
                                                              • Figure 43: Home fragrances, by children living in the household – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 44: Household products that promote wellbeing and a cozy environment
                                                            • Interest in premium fragrances among AB consumers is an incentive for beauty brands to enter the household care category
                                                              • Figure 45: Home fragrances, by socioeconomic group – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 46: Luxury perfume brands launch affordable collections in partnership with department stores
                                                              • Figure 47: L’Occitane en Provence Tradição 13 Sobremesas – Brazil, 2021
                                                            • Men aged 16-24 years prefer naturally scented household care products
                                                              • Figure 48: Home fragrances, by gender and age group – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 49: Naturally scented household cleaners
                                                          • Attitudes toward Household Care

                                                            • Air quality devices have the opportunity to enhance health and skincare benefits
                                                              • Figure 50: Attitudes toward household care, by gender and age group – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 51: Devices that help improve air quality at home
                                                              • Figure 52: Febreze Entrance Collection – Japan, 2021
                                                            • Biodegradable formulas gain space in the Brazilian market as environmental concerns grow
                                                              • Figure 53: Attitudes toward household care – Brazil, 2021
                                                              • Figure 54: Biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning products
                                                          • Appendix – Abbreviations

                                                            • Abbreviations

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