Brazil Juice Market Report 2024
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This report looks at the following areas:Juice consumptionChoice driversFavorite flavorsBlurring lines between categoriesAttitudes toward juicesFreshly squeezed juice and powdered juice drink are the most popular types of juice and juice…

Brazil Juice Market Report 2024

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Report Summary

This report looks at the following areas:

  • Juice consumption
  • Choice drivers
  • Favorite flavors
  • Blurring lines between categories
  • Attitudes toward juices

Freshly squeezed juice and powdered juice drink are the most popular types of juice and juice drink – the first for health benefits and the second foraffordability and practicality.

Laura Menegon, Analyst Food & Drink, LATAM

Market Definitions

This Mintel Report covers all fruit juices, juice drinks and smoothies in Brazil.

According to Mintel Market Sizes, the juices market covers all ambient and chilled liquid and frozen sales of fruit and vegetable pure juices, nectars, juice drinks and carbonated fruit juices ie which consumers can drink without adding water or frozen juice products which are reconstituted. Coconut water is also included.

Market size is based on sales through all retail channels (off trade) including direct to consumer. Products are divided into:

  • Pure juices: this includes pure fruit juices (contains nothing but fruit juice at the same strength and consistency as when the fruit was squeezed); and juices (made from concentrates which are 100% pure, but are reconstituted to their original strength after transportation);
  • Nectars: contain less than 100% (generally 25-99%) fruit juice and have added ingredients, mainly water;
  • Juice drinks: still drinks that contain less than 100% (generally under 25%) fruit juice and have added ingredients, mainly water but also sweeteners, flavorings, colorings and/or vitamins.

Retail sales include only packaged products.

For this Report, Mintel defined a smoothie as a drink with a creamy texture, made with pure crushed fruit, but which can include fruit juice, yogurt and milk of animal or vegetable origin.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

    • What you need to know
    • Challenges
    • Segment of nectar juice loses market share
    • Opportunities
    • Smoothie consumption grows
    • Juice can gain space from other categories
    • Men aged 35+ are interested in juices with mineral salts and electrolytes to drink after exercising
    • Powdered juice drink with significant amounts of micronutrients added can gain space from food supplements
  2. The Consumer

    • Category overview
    • Migration to cheaper brands is low in all juice segments
    • Graph 1: juice consumers who have been drinking a cheaper brand, 2024
    • Natural ingredients are a priority
    • Graph 2: choice drivers, 2024
    • Juice consumption
    • Healthiness and fruit availability pave preference for freshly squeezed juice
    • Graph 3: juice consumption, 2024
    • Consumers seek ways to get vitamins from fruits when they don’t have access to fresh fruits
    • Graph 4: attitudes toward juices – selected items, by consumers of freshly squeezed juice, 2024
    • Foodservice can stimulate the consumption of freshly squeezed juice
    • Smoothie consumption grows and can boost ingredient categories
    • Offer practicality for preparing smoothies with ready-to-drink solutions
    • Functional benefits can help nectar segment prove its value
    • Graph 5: changes in ready-to-drink nectar juice consumption, 2024
    • Interest in functional drinks can stimulate consumption of RTD nectar juice
    • Focus on functionalities can add value to RTD nectar juice
    • Choice drivers
    • Attributes related to juice ingredients are more important
    • In a category naturally associated with healthiness, packaging can play an important role in the purchase decision
    • Juice concentrates with healthy claims should also highlight how to prepare the ideal amount
    • Brazilians aged 55+ avoid juice with added sugars and sweeteners
    • Graph 6: choice drivers – selected items, by age group, 2024
    • Prevention and control of chronic diseases attract older consumers
    • Favorite flavors
    • Brazilians prefer traditional flavors and no mixtures
    • Graph 7: favorite flavors, 2024
    • Brazilian market launches reflect favorite flavors
    • Graph 8: juices flavors launched, 2021-23
    • Innovative textures add novelty to fruit juice
    • Orange juice can offer practicality for families with young children
    • Brands combine familiar flavor, healthy attributes and convenient packaging
    • Blurring lines between categories
    • Culinary use offers versatility and adds value to a various juice segments
    • Culinary use offers versatility and adds value to various juice segments
    • Powdered or pulp products can add flavors and textures
    • Juice brands offer recipe suggestions with juice as an ingredient
    • Brands can promote sponsored cooking content
    • Claims related to electrolyte replacement and hydration can appeal to men aged 35+
    • Claims related to electrolyte replacement and hydration will appeal to men aged 35+
    • Juice can gain space in the category of sports drinks
    • Significant supply of added nutrients can be a competitive differential for powdered juice
    • Powdered juice with significant amounts of nutrients
    • Attitudes toward juices
    • Upcycling of non-conventional ingredients can contribute with benefits and sustainability
    • Parts of previously-discarded food can add benefits and nutrients to food and drinks
  3. Key Players

    • Companies and brands
    • Natural One invests in the expansion of the production line
    • Launches and innovations
    • Natural One invests in functional drinks using yacon as an ingredient
    • Coco Leve and Xeque Mate launch flavored ice for the 2024 Carnival
    • Marketing campaigns and actions
    • Del Valle invests in a strategy focused on families with children
    • DaFruta Tropical points out versatility of its juice, suggesting consumption as a mixer for alcoholic drinks
  4. The Market

    • With food prices still high, the juice category can lose consumers
    • WHO advises against the use of sweeteners for weight control and may impact juice consumption
  5. Appendix – market size and market share

    • Market size – value
    • Market size – volume
    • Market share – value
    • Market share – volume
  6. Appendix – Definition, Methodology and Abbreviations

    • Report definition
    • Methodology
    • Abbreviations

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