Brazil Kids Food and Drink Market Report 2024
Parents seek to overcome economic challenges and lack of time to offer their children healthy food and drink.Laura Menegon, Analyst Food & Drink, LATAM…

Brazil Kids Food and Drink Market Report 2024

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Report Summary

Parents seek to overcome economic challenges and lack of time to offer their children healthy food and drink.

Laura Menegon, Analyst Food & Drink, LATAM

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

    • What you need to know
    • Challenges
    • Consumption of essential foods from the basic Brazilian diet is lower among children from the C1C2 socioeconomic group, especially vegetables
    • Unknown ingredients worry parents, but are essential for the food industry
    • Children are attracted by  favorite flavors and ingredients
    • Graph 1: attributes in foods and drinks that attract children's attention, 2023
    • Opportunities
    • There is demand for ready meals aimed at children
    • Demand for ready meals aimed at children
    • There is a demand for ready meals aimed at children
    • Children from the AB socioeconomic group are more likely to consume snacks provided by their families
    • Graph 2: meal locations – at school/day care with the meal brought from home, by socioeconomic group, 2024
    • Protein content is important for parents when buying food and drink for their children
  2. The Consumer

    • Brazilian children’s food and drink consumption profile
    • Drinks consumed by children can contribute to excessive sugar consumption
    • Graph 3: drinks present in children‘s routine, 2024
    • The food industry can support children nutritional needs by adding more vegetables in product formulas
    • Graph 4: salty food present in children’s routine, 2024
    • Fruits and sweet biscuits on top
    • Graph 5: Sweet food present in children’s routine, 2024
    • Food and drink present in children’s diet
    • Food inequality is still significant despite income distribution policies
    • Graph 6: salty food present in children’s routine, by socioeconomic group*, 2023
    • A rise in overweight children and teenagers; teenagers from lower classes are more likely to be obese
    • New basic food basket seeks to expand access to less processed and regional food
    • Low vegetable consumption is not only related to price
    • Good moment to share educational content on the quick and economical preparation of fruits and vegetables
    • Industry can offer prepared fruit and vegetables, highlighting convenience and savings
    • Ready meal brands should offer customizable options to appeal to children’s taste
    • Food frozen separately can help customize full meals for each member of the family
    • Individual frozen servings for children’s meals
    • Meal locations
    • Morning cereals should highlight greater convenience compared to other food consumed at breakfast
    • Combining convenience, nutrition and low price, morning cereals eaten warm can appeal to children
    • Cereals consumed cold should prove that they are nutritious to increase the perception of value
    • In the AB group, morning and afternoon snacks are provided by families
    • Invest in plant-based snack launches focusing on healthy credentials
    • Bring fun to organic snacks to attract children beyond parents
    • Reduce sugar without using artificial sweeteners
    • Offer snacks with probiotics highlighting the health benefits
    • Food and drink choice drivers
    • Protein content is a priority for Brazilian parents
    • Parents seek healthier and varied snack options
    • Salty biscuits and snacks can increase healthiness perception by offering more proteins
    • Protein claims in dairy snacks can remind parents about the category’s healthy credentials
    • Fruit and vegetables can be mixed with other ingredients to offer innovative versions of food and drink for children
    • Innovative food with fruits and vegetables in their composition: appealing to parents and children
    • Barriers to purchase kids food and drink
    • Unfamiliar ingredients are a source of concern for parents
    • Graph 7: barriers to purchase kids food and drink, 2024
    • Specialist recommendation can relieve the pressure on parents when choosing food
    • Food recommended by specialists
    • Mothers are more concerned about warning labels on the front of packaging
    • Graph 8: barriers to purchase kids food and drink, 2024
    • Help parents control portions with indulgent food in smaller packs
    • Subscription clubs can bring variety and help parents control their kids’ consumption of indulgent food
    • Attributes in foods and drinks that attract children’s attention
    • Familiar and favorite flavors are children’s main choice criteria
    • Graph 9: attributes in foods and drinks that attract children's attention, 2023
    • Fun consumption experiences are an alternative
    • Packaging that becomes a toy are attractive for children and can convince parents interested in sustainability
    • Graph 10: attributes in food and drink that attract children's attention – selected items, 2024
    • Packaging that can also be a toy
    • Brands can propose activities for parents and children
    • Attitudes toward kids food and drink
    • Opportunities exist for the food and drink industry to take on the role of promoting healthy habits among children
    • The food and drink industry can take on the role of promoting healthy habits among children
    • Brands can promote content that helps parents establish healthy eating routines
  3. Key Players

    • Companies and brands
    • Fini grows 75% in 2023, with 290 active franchises
    • Papapá sees accelerated growth offering healthy options
    • Launches and innovations
    • Nestlé DPA bets on larger packaging and new flavors in Chambinho launches
    • Candies and sweets in special and seasonal editions
    • Marketing campaigns and actions
    • Ninho promotion provides family experiences
    • Nestlé positions itself as a partner of parents from the beginning of the parenting journey
    • Nescau promotes the ‘Sports League’ in several Brazilian cities
  4. The Market

    • A worrying rise in childhood obesity
    • 3 million beneficiaries of Brazil’s cash transfer program left the poverty line in 2023
    • Readjustment  in school meals willimprove nutrition for state school students
    • Regulation of advertising aimed at children is under discussion in Congress
  5. Appendix – Definition, Methodology and Abbreviations

    • Report definition
    • Methodology
    • Abbreviations

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