India Natural and Organic Lifestyles Market Report 2021
Fuel growing interest in organic and natural lifestyles by educating consumers, providing proof of efficacy and winning their trust, all at affordable prices.Saptarshi Banerjee, Senior Research Analyst – Lifestyle,…

India Natural and Organic Lifestyles Market Report 2021

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Report Summary

Fuel growing interest in organic and natural lifestyles by educating consumers, providing proof of efficacy and winning their trust, all at affordable prices.

Saptarshi Banerjee, Senior Research Analyst – Lifestyle, India

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

    • Market context
    • Key trends
    • Consumer insights
    • What consumers want and why
    • Opportunities
    • Impact of COVID-19
  2. Key Trends

    • Graph 1: % of food product launches with 'organic' as a listed claim, 2018-21
    • Graph 2: % of new launches with each claim across food, drinks, BPC and household, 2018-20
    • Key drivers
    • How global trends are playing out in India
  3. Consumer Insights

    • Graph 3: consumption of natural/organic products across categories, 2020 vs 2019
    • Promote education and brand engagement
    • Assuring efficacy is a key purchase trigger
    • Graph 4: % of consumers who agree that products which contain natural/organic ingredients don't have the same feel as regular products, 2021
    • Graph 5: % of consumers that believe natural/organic products do not have a long shelf life, 2021
    • Graph 6: % of consumers that don't trust claims made by natural/organic products, 2021
    • Price and accessibility are concerns in lower-tier markets
    • Graph 7: % of consumers who bought more natural/organic products in 2020 vs 2019, select categories, by city tier, 2021
    • Graph 8: concerns of consumers regarding natural/organic products, select, by city tier, 2021
  4. Market Applications

    • Drive consumer awareness around natural and organic lifestyles
    • Offer assurance to sceptical consumers
    • Bring natural and organic options within consumer reach
  5. Who's Innovating

    • Local innovations
    • Global innovations
  6. Appendix

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