Thailand Non-alcoholic Beverage Trends Market Report 2024
Nutritional value equals flavour in the choice of non-alcoholic drinks. Thais prioritise 'high nutritional value' and 'functional benefits' over 'low sugar' or 'no additives'. As consumers are shifting to healthier…

Thailand Non-alcoholic Beverage Trends Market Report 2024

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Report Summary

Nutritional value equals flavour in the choice of non-alcoholic drinks. Thais prioritise ‘high nutritional value’ and ‘functional benefits’ over ‘low sugar’ or ‘no additives’. As consumers are shifting to healthier options, opportunities are being created for functional nutrition in non-alcoholic beverages. Urbanites are a key target for beverages with new positioning. Brands can drive engagement by aligning products with emerging trends.

The bedtime occasion is untapped, offering opportunities for juices and tea. ‘Favourite flavour’ is as important as ‘nutrition’ in beverage choices. Consumers are showing a preference for familiar tastes with room for adventurous options.

Discover how brands can enhance competitiveness with a focus on health, expanding consumption avenues and flavour balance.

This report looks at the following areas:

  • Consumption of non-alcoholic beverages and change in consumption
  • Important factors that influence non-alcoholic beverage choices
  • Consumer associations of non-alcoholic beverages with different occasions
  • Consumer attitudes regarding non-alcoholic beverages
  • Flavours of interest across non-alcoholic beverage categories

Enter the functional nutrition space for healthy ageing needs, develop new occasion identities and balance the flavour portfolio between favourites and fresh finds.

Rashmika Khanijou, Senior Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. executive summary

    • Mintel's perspective
    • Key issues covered in this Report
    • Overview
    • The outlook for non-alcoholic beverages in Thailand
    • Thais are embracing 'healthy ageing', with holistic wellness at the forefront
    • Health is paramount and Thais prioritise 'addition' over 'reduction' in beverages
    • Health is paramount and Thais prioritise "addition" over "reduction" in beverages
    • Various beverage categories hold distinct positioning in the minds of Thai consumers
    • From favourites to fresh finds: navigate consumer flavour choices in beverages
    • Graph 1: top three important factors when choosing one beverage over another, 2024
  2. key trends

    • What you need to know
    • Blazing heat spurs cooling and hydrating needs
    • 'Global boiling' takes its toll in Thailand
    • Thailand's social media space has seen a buzz around 'cooling drinks' in the past year
    • Global beverage brands are taking natural hydration sources such as coconut to new drink territories
    • Fortifications for optimum hydration are on the rise: don't forget vitamin D while avoiding heat
    • The pursuit for healthy living and healthy ageing
    • Surge in conversations regarding 'healthy drinks' this year with emphasis on 'naturalness'
    • Plant-based and reduced sodium claims are surging in non-alcoholic beverage launches in Thailand
    • Graph 2: % growth change in claims in non-alcoholic beverage categories, 2021-24
    • Global beverage brands are getting creative in communicating a clean and natural formulation
    • Mintel's 2024 Global Food and Drink Trend: Age Reframed
    • Thai consumers are embracing 'ageing'
    • Holistic wellness lifestyle at the top: hydration and sleep quality are being taken seriously in the pursuit of healthy living
    • Graph 3: actions taken in the past six months to stay healthy, 2022
    • Gut health is growing in importance for holistic wellbeing, and probiotic drinks are trending in support
    • The rise in adventurous consumption behaviour
    • Consumer desire for novel experiences sets expectations for flavour innovation
    • Mintel's 2024 Global Food & Drink Flavour Trends
    • Global beverage brands are going outside-the-box to develop novel futuristic flavours using AI
  3. what consumers want and why

    • What you need to know
    • Fruit juices and iced tea are coming strong
    • Graph 4: consumption of non-alcoholic beverages in the past six months, 2024
    • Build the better-for-you competitiveness of indulgent beverages
    • The reality: health is paramount and Thais prioritise the 'addition' over 'reduction' features in beverages
    • Graph 5: top three important factors when choosing one beverage over another, 2024
    • The risk: consumers are moving away from indulgent beverages
    • The problem: indulgent beverage brands have been focusing on 'minus' health propositions
    • Graph 6: share of product launches in non-alcoholic beverage categories, by minus and plus claims, 2021-24
    • Target older Thais: prioritise nutritional transparency over functional claims
    • Graph 7: select important features when choosing one beverage over another, by generation, 2024
    • The opportunity: functional nutrition in beverages
    • Vitamin/mineral fortification claims are supporting functional nutrition in non-alcoholic beverages
    • Graph 8: share of product launches in non-alcoholic beverage categories, by select nutrition claims, May 2021-24
    • Ingredient watch: leverage trending nutrients in the global market that meet the wellness priorities of older Thais
    • Understand the micronutrients landscape for non-alcoholic beverages in Thailand
    • Magnesium formulation drinks are emerging globally for relaxation and sleep health
    • Formulate with B-vitamins and emerging mushroom 'lion's mane' to amp-up cognitive benefits
    • Educate consumers about 'lutein' for eye health and fortify with relative vitamins
    • Push use of macronutrients: fibre dominates immune and digestion support with growth in biotics
    • Graph 9: share of product launches in non-alcoholic beverage categories with digestive or immunity support claims, by select claims, 2021-24
    • Build nutritional competitiveness: formulate with high fibre and biotics coupled with emerging zinc for the future of immune and & digestion support
    • Advance functional nutrition into the realm of functional hydration, targeting Gen X
    • Graph 10: agreement with select statements about non-alcoholic beverages, by generation, 2024
    • Enhance beverages with natural hydration sources and important nutrients
    • Level up with organic functional hydration
    • Rise to the occasions
    • Urbanites are a promising cohort for beverages to target with new occasion positionings
    • Graph 11: agreement with 'I like to try new non-alcoholic beverages at different occasions', by area, 2024
    • Various beverage categories hold distinct positioning in the minds of Thai consumers
    • Juices are reigning supreme as the ultimate snack and meal companion – go beyond
    • Sleep support: an unclaimed bedtime market
    • Position juice for bedtime and highlight relaxation/sleep support ingredients
    • Trending now: Sleepy Girl Mocktail taking the internet by storm
    • Tea is growing without any strong identity
    • Boost tea's appeal: opportunity to be an afternoon snack companion
    • Graph 12: consumption behaviours of tea, 2024
    • Tap into snacking behaviours: bring together the brew and biscuit for enhanced snacking experiences
    • Market paradox: tea boasts sleep claims amid high demand, yet lags in bedtime association
    • Graph 13: non-alcoholic beverage categories that have stress/sleep support claims, 2021-24
    • Craft the perfect brew for different dayparts: day vs nighttime brew
    • Carbonated soft drinks are social stars poised to level up gaming
    • Power up CSDs for gaming targeting Gen Z men
    • Graph 14: association of carbonated soft drinks with 'gaming' occasion, by gender and age, 2024
    • Coca-Cola taps into the gaming community, uniting players in competition and fandom
    • Formulate with brain-boosting functional ingredients and position for mentally stimulating activities
    • Expand sports and energy drinks beyond physical activity
    • Graph 15: consumption occasions of sports and energy drinks, 2022
    • Unlock new potential: sports and energy drinks are missing out on women beyond the gym
    • Empower women's daily buzz with a versatile product positioning that speaks to 'her'
    • Broaden coffee's horizons beyond breakfast
    • Graph 16: association of coffee with select occasions, by generation, 2024
    • Extend relevance for older Thais: emphasise coffee's dynamic role in different dayparts
    • Develop the flavour portfolio of non-alcoholic beverages
    • From favourites to fresh finds: navigate consumer flavour choices in beverages
    • Graph 17: top three important factors that influences choice of one non-alcoholic beverage over another, 2024
    • Establish the flavour portfolio with favourites to fresh finds
    • Juices: berry bliss and tropicals lead the way
    • Graph 18: flavours of interest in juices, 2024
    • Blend the best: balance popular berry and strawberry with exotic acai and bilberry in your juice lineup
    • Bring together the predominant and novel berry flavours: Strawberry Acai juice
    • Juice up tropical flavours: build beyond coconut and mango
    • Embrace the coconut love with exotic tropical blends
    • Tea 'Inspired by Nature': bloom with floral and herbal flavours
    • Graph 19: flavours of interest in tea, 2024
    • Delight with rose and hibiscus, and uncover emerging floral and herbal profiles
    • Dial up adventure by combining emerging herbal and floral flavours with fruit flavours
    • Engage Gen Z and Millennials with dessert tapioca and grass jelly flavours
    • Graph 20: interest for 'dessert-inspired' flavours in tea, by generation, 2024
    • Develop a flavourful line of tea with tapioca pearls to intrigue younger Thais
    • It is all about the 'sweet sensation' in coffee
    • Graph 21: flavours of interest in coffee, 2024
    • Embrace caramel and unveil toffee and cocoa delights
    • Extraordinary classic: traditional sweets are given a coffee twist
    • Fizzy favourites: berry and citrus lead in soda trends
    • Graph 22: flavors of interest in carbonated soft drinks, 2024
    • While lemon, raspberry and orange stand strong, new berry and citrus faces are also emerging
    • Bring together berry and citrus profiles mimicking cocktails to enhance appeal
    • Meal replacement drinks: while sweet flavours take the lead, interest in fruit flavours will redefine indulgence
    • Graph 23: flavors of interest in meal replacement drinks, 2024
    • Strawberry and banana are common, and the category is venturing out with a range of exotic berry and tropical fruit flavours
  4. appendix

    • Consumer research methodology
    • Correspondence analysis

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