Ireland Online and Mobile Retailing Market Report 2024
As costs soar, doors open for retail subscription models. Social commerce is shattering traditional barriers, while delivery methods explore greener horizons.Sam Fryers, Research Analyst - Ireland…

Ireland Online and Mobile Retailing Market Report 2024

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Report Summary

As costs soar, doors open for retail subscription models. Social commerce is shattering traditional barriers, while delivery methods explore greener horizons.

Sam Fryers, Research Analyst – Ireland

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

    • Opportunities for Online and Mobile Retailing
    • Rising costs create value opportunities for subscription models
    • Social commerce levels the playing field
    • Delivery methods and services must promote sustainability
    • Unlocking silver shoppers
    • Market dynamics and outlook
    • The five-year outlook for online and mobile retailing
    • Online market continues to mature across Ireland…
    • Faster growth in RoI
    • Online share for department stores and household equipment grows steadily
    • Graph 1: turnover generated by online sales for selected retail sectors, 2022-24
    • Inflation plateauing in both regions…
    • Graph 2: CPI inflation rate, 2019-24
    • … but the price of essential goods is still an issue in 2024
    • The new normal
    • Harnessing social commerce
    • Balancing sustainability with consumer needs
    • What consumers want and why
    • Mobile-friendly sites deliver success
    • Online shopping frequency poised to grow
    • Younger demographics lead the charge
    • Homogenous growth across categories year-on-year
    • Omnichannel to mitigate purchasing risk
    • Consumers look online to cut costs to the bone…
    • … and NI consumers are more satisfied with the process
    • Value-added subscription models
    • Scope for local brands to invest in online infrastructure
  2. Market Dynamics

    • Market size
    • Online retail set to flourish in RoI
    • RoI lacks online retail maturity and infrastructure, but has potential to grow
    • Graph 3: total retail sales generated by online sales turnover, 2019-24
    • Online holds firm against traditional retail in the UK
    • Graph 4: online sales as a percentage of all retail sales, 2019-24
    • Market forecast
    • Graph 5: estimated online and mobile retail expenditure, RoI and NI, 2019-28
    • Purchasing power still weakened by price of essential goods
    • Market drivers
    • Falling inflation rate offers hope
    • Graph 6: CPI inflation rate, 2019-24
    • Consumer finances slowly recovering
    • Graph 7: current financial situation, 'Healthy' or 'OK', 2022-23
    • Consumers turn to online retailing to access the best prices
    • Graph 8: how consumers rate their current financial situation compared to 12 months previously, 2022/23
    • Widespread credit usage a symptom of high living costs
    • Graph 9: credit options used when buying products online in the last three months, RoI and NI, 2023
    • BNPL a polarising credit option
    • Historically low unemployment means a wider distribution of economically active
    • Graph 10: unemployment rates, 2021-23
    • Population of over-65s is growing
    • Graph 11: total population, by age, 2011/21
    • Graph 12: total population by age, 2011/22
    • New legislation for online and mobile retailers
    • Irish Government launches Online Retail Scheme
    • 24/7 retail grows with device ownership
    • Graph 13: device ownership, 2019-24
    • Falling consumption moderates spending
    • Graph 14: consumer consumption, 2022-25
    • Online sales' lockdown momentum eases
    • Graph 15: internet sales as a percentage of total retail sales, 2019-23
    • Cash payments in decline
    • Graph 16: use of cash as a percentage of all payments, 2007-22
    • Social commerce soars with Open Banking
    • EU targets climate-neutral by 2050
    • Environmental concern varies regionally
    • Graph 17: consumers concerned about the environmental impact of shopping online, 2022-23
    • As the cost of living and political instability eases, environmental concern is expected to rise
    • Fuel prices encourage online shopping, but puts pressure on delivery services
    • Graph 18: consumer price index of petrol, 2015-23
    • Graph 19: consumer price index of diesel, 2015-23
    • Couriers look to EV options in the face of higher cost-per-mile
  3. What Consumers Want and Why

    • Devices used to shop online
    • Irish online retail negligence at less than one in every twenty
    • Graph 20: consumers with access to an internet enabled device who have purchased products online in the last three months, RoI and NI 2023
    • Ecommerce should be a key consideration in retailer strategy
    • Graph 21: device ownership, 2019-24
    • Familiarity and trust is key to unlocking 55+ demographic
    • Frequency of online shopping
    • NI exhibit frequent shopping behaviour
    • Graph 22: frequency of shopping online, 2023
    • Both regions turning to more-frequent online shopping
    • Millennials most comfortable spending money online…
    • Graph 23: consumers who shop once a week or more, by generation, RoI and NI, 2023
    • … but online retailers should prepare for Gen Z and Alpha as their purchasing power materialises
    • Remote workers more likely to engage in retail therapy
    • Graph 24: frequency of shopping online, by work-from-home status, RoI and NI, 2023
    • Online products purchased
    • Two thirds buying clothing and accessories through online channels
    • Graph 25: items purchased online in the past three months, 2023
    • Notable growth across nearly all categories
    • Women enjoy shopping online for clothing and beauty/personal care items (BPC)
    • Homogenous uptake across female age groups in clothing categories
    • Graph 26: women who have bought clothing/footwear/accessories online in the past three months, by age, RoI and NI, 2022 and 2023
    • Growing the online BPC opportunity in younger age groups
    • Embrace omnichannel retail to accommodate both impulsive and considered purchases
    • Don't exclude older demographics
    • Online food ordering landing with parents and young people
    • Graph 27: takeaways and groceries ordered online, RoI and NI, 2023
    • Convenience a powerful driver
    • Attitudes towards Online and Mobile Retailing
    • Consumers are willing to compromise on delivery times for a lower fee
    • Frequent online shopping behaviours challenge tolerance of delivery fees
    • More turn to premium subscription models to save
    • Graph 28: usage of premium-priced delivery services, by frequency of online shopping, RoI and NI, 2023
    • UK's subscription cull signals the importance of free trials
    • Graph 29: impact of the cost-of-living crisis on subscriptions, 2023
    • Aiding the risk adverse
    • Creating value through premium subscription models and communities
    • Online channels as a price comparison tool
    • Scope to invest in returns, online checkouts and sustainability
    • Graph 30: agreement with statements related to online and mobile retailing, RoI and NI, 2023
    • Red tape limiting RoI's online retail boom
    • Spotlight on supporting local
    • Fuel prices warrant investment in decarbonised fleets and collection spots
    • Third-party partnerships offer an avenue for same-day delivery
    • Sustainability concerns recover in RoI, but weaken in NI
    • Graph 31: consumer concern about the environmental impact of shopping online, NI and RoI, 2021-23
    • Less plastic, less guilt
  4. Competitive landscape

    • Companies and brands
    • Amazon – key facts
    • Amazon – recent developments
    • Arnott's – key facts
    • Arnott's – recent developments
    • ASOS – key facts
    • ASOS – recent developments
    • BPerfect Cosmetics – key facts
    • BPerfect Cosmetics – recent developments
    • Depop – key facts
    • Depop – recent developments
    • Dunnes Stores – key facts
    • Dunnes Stores – recent developments
    • eBay – key facts
    • eBay – recent developments
    • Tesco – key facts
    • Tesco – recent developments
    • The Very Group – key facts
    • The Very Group – recent developments
    • Launch activity and innovations
    • Amazon.ie to launch in 2025
    • Drone deliveries in Blanchardstown
    • Food delivery pioneering the last-mile autonomous revolution
    • DPD expands fully electric fleet to third city in Ireland
    • Very launches mobile app with interest-free payment option
    • Amazon Europe ditches plastics in push for sustainable packaging solution
    • Fashion brands introduce returns fees
    • ZARA and more offer resale and repair
    • eBay tries to bring fashion's circular revolution to furniture
    • Technology enhancing the online experience
  5. Appendix

    • Supplementary data
    • Market size and forecast: underlying data
    • Report scope and definitions
    • Market definition
    • Generations
    • Abbreviations and terms
    • Methodology
    • Consumer research methodology

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