China Senior Food and Drink Solutions Market Report 2023
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“In the upcoming years, policies will have a big impact on the lives of China's elderly. After COVID, immunological support will continue to be a top priority for seniors. Helping…

China Senior Food and Drink Solutions Market Report 2023

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Report Summary

“In the upcoming years, policies will have a big impact on the lives of China’s elderly. After COVID, immunological support will continue to be a top priority for seniors. Helping senior people learn how to adjust physically and mentally to work up to the age of 65 will inevitably be the direction of innovation in the future.”

–   Pepper Peng, Senior Research Analyst

This report discusses the following key topics:

  • Market factors influencing senior food and drink market.
  • Latest marketing activities and new product trends.
  • Penetration and purchasing factors of snacks among seniors.
  • Consumption of and interest in trendy food and drinks.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

    • What you need to know
      • Key issues covered in this Report
        • Covered in this Report
          • Definition
          • Executive Summary

              • Issues and Insights
                • Introduce low-GI idea into foodservice
                  • Figure 1: Principles and recommendations for feeding adults with diabetes, China, 2023
                • Help ease menopausal symptoms via food and drinks
                  • Figure 2: Examples of dairy products to aid sleep, China, 2022
                  • Figure 3: C2 Freeze Strawberry Cherry Flavoured Black Tea, Vietnam, 2022
                • Make regional sauce and seasoning combo pack a great gift for seniors
                  • Figure 4: Autumn special menu 2022 from Nong Geng ji
                • Market Summary
                  • New Policies will change seniors’ lives a lot in the future
                    • Worries about COVID decreased
                      • The release of the Dietary Guidelines for the Elderly
                        • What we think
                        • Market Factors

                          • Related new policy
                            • Delayed retirement
                              • Health insurance reform
                                • Worries about COVID reduced
                                  • Figure 5: COVID affection and worry, 2023
                                • Action to improve nutrition for healthy ageing
                                  • Figure 6: Logo of action to improve nutrition for healthy ageing
                              • Marketing Activities

                                • Blood sugar control food stores in community
                                  • Figure 7: Bcareu store in Wuhan, China, 2022
                                  • Figure 8: Bcareu WeChat mini app
                                • Milk powder brands for seniors invite experts to talk about immunity
                                  • Figure 9: Expert endorsement of Feihe, 2022-23
                                  • Figure 10: Cooperation with experts, Yili and Nestlé, 2023
                              • New Product Trends

                                • Senior claim still remains at a low level
                                  • Figure 11: New food and drinks* launches with senior claim, by top 10 sub-categories, China, 2020-23 (till March)
                                • Low-GI products are emerging
                                  • Figure 12: New launches of low-GI food and drinks*, by top 10 markets, 2020-23 (till March)
                                  • Figure 13: New launches of low-GI food and drinks*, by top 10 sub-categories, China, 2020-23 (till March)
                                  • Figure 14: Examples of low-GI products with other minus or functional claims, China, 2022-23
                                  • Figure 15: Jun Ne Bao Zero-added sucrose yogurt, China, 2023
                                  • Figure 16: Yun Geng Wu Zuo Red Ginseng, Brown Sugar and Ginger Tea, China, 2023
                                • Food and drinks for menopausal issues are growing
                                  • Figure 17: Nipper & Co Lady Pause Woman’s Menopause and Perimenopause herbal infusion, UK, 2023
                                  • Figure 18: Smiley Tea & Herbs Menopause-easy Tea, Nigeria, 2023
                                  • Figure 19: Nature Soy Milk, Bio Delice, Cameroon, 2023
                                  • Figure 20: New Food Soygurt Blackberry Flavoured Soy-Based Liquid Yogurt Substitute, Costa Rica, 2022
                                • Global market of snacks and sauces/seasonings for seniors
                                  • Figure 21: Prozis White Chocolate-Raspberry Flavoured Protein Bar, Spain, 2023
                                  • Figure 22: Examples of oil, seasoning and table sauce for seniors, global, 2019-23
                              • Snacks Penetration

                                • Nuts and seeds are the star snacks among seniors
                                  • Figure 23: Snacks penetration, 2023
                                • Better-for-you offerings can help increase popularity of less healthy categories
                                  • Figure 24: Low-GI cheese-flavoured popsicle, Xu Jin Huan (须尽欢), China, 2023
                                • Opportunities and alarms to get wealthy seniors
                                  • Figure 25: Sacks penetration – Several times a week, by monthly household income, 2023
                              • Purchasing Factors of Snacks

                                • Fortified nutrition is of most importance…
                                  • Figure 26: Purchasing factors of snacks, 2023
                                  • Figure 27: Purchasing factors of snacks – Fortified nutrition claims, by worrying level about COVID, 2023
                                • …while flavour is still crucial in reaching wider audience
                                  • Figure 28: TURF Analysis – Purchase factors, 2023
                                • Medium-income seniors care less, but free-from claims can help break through
                                  • Figure 29: Purchasing factors of snacks, by monthly household income, 2023
                                • Key factor varies by snacks categories
                                  • Figure 30: Purchasing factors of snacks, by snacks consumption frequency – Heavy and medium, 2023
                                  • Figure 31: Free-from claims on packaging, snacks, 2023
                                  • Figure 32: Daily nuts with free-from claims, China
                              • Diet Changes

                                • Diet trend has not been affected by the infection wave
                                  • Figure 33: Diet changes after the ease of COVID-19 restrictions, 2023
                                • Over-60s are more proactive in reducing unhealthy food intake
                                  • Figure 34: Diet changes of selected foods – Decreased, by age, 2023
                                  • Figure 35: Diet changes – The same as before, by family responsibility, 2023
                                • Small kitchen appliances can highlight sugar reduction to attract seniors
                                  • Figure 36: Small kitchen appliances for a healthy diet would attract me to buy, by diet changes of selected foods – Decreased, 2023
                                  • Figure 37: New Orleans chicken wings sauce from XiaoXiongJiaDao (小熊驾到), China
                              • Attitudes towards Seasoning and Cooking

                                • Provide more convenient and healthier diet with smart kitchen appliances
                                  • Figure 38: Attitudes towards seasoning and cooking, 2023
                                  • Figure 39: Foods for air fryer, Hema, China, 2023
                                • Seniors expect more exclusive experience
                                  • Figure 40: Sesame sauce, CaiLinJi, China
                                • Packaging and communication of sauce and seasonings should be smarter
                                  • Small packs can work
                                    • Figure 41: Attitudes towards sauces and seasonings – Select items, by age, 2023
                                    • Figure 42: Mini series of Haitian, China
                                  • Leverage matured idea to make claims easier to understand
                                    • Figure 43: Zero-added series, Haitian, China
                                • Packaging Concerns

                                  • Most seniors find food and drink packaging troublesome
                                    • Figure 44: Packaging concerns, 2023
                                    • Figure 45: Packaging concerns, by age, 2023
                                  • Information display needs to be age-friendly, so does packaging
                                    • Figure 46: Maeil Milk, South Korea, 2023
                                    • Figure 47: Kellogg’s cereal with QR code to be scanned and read
                                • New Try in Food and Drinks

                                  • Seniors are open to trying…
                                    • Figure 48: New try in food and drinks, 2023
                                  • …but preferences on RTD cocktails and sparkling water are polarised
                                    • Figure 49: Purchase willingness in the future*, 2023
                                  • Seniors aged 50-54 are a worthy investment group
                                    • Figure 50: New try in food and drinks – have tried and will continue to buy, by age, 2023
                                • Appendix – Methodology and Abbreviations

                                  • Methodology
                                    • TURF analysis methodology
                                      • Abbreviations

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