UK Technology Trends Market Report: Summer 2024
This report looks at the following areas:Consumers' case usage of generative AIConsumers interest in different types of advice from generative AI chatbotsTrends in ownership of specific technology productsSmartphone operating system,…

UK Technology Trends Market Report: Summer 2024

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Report Summary

This report looks at the following areas:

  • Consumers’ case usage of generative AI
  • Consumers interest in different types of advice from generative AI chatbots
  • Trends in ownership of specific technology products
  • Smartphone operating system, app usage and 5G connectivity
  • Recent and planned purchases of technology devices

There is appetite for generative AI chatbots that offer mental health and relationship advice. The anonymity makes it particularly appealing to younger men.

Nikita Shergill, Research Analyst

Table of Contents

    • Opportunities for the technology market
  1. Market Dynamics

    • Financial confidence is rising but remains fragile
    • Graph 1: financial confidence, 2017-24
    • Despite the wider trend of rising prices, many technology categories are deflationary
    • Graph 2: consumer price change, technology related products, 2018-24
    • Current and planned purchases decline in first half of 2024 after strong festive period
    • Graph 3: bought new electrical equipment (eg TV, laptop) in the last three months vs plan to do so in the next three months, 2018-24
  2. What consumers want and why

    • Special focus – Generative AI
    • GenAI users are utilising the technology in varied ways, with written work leading the way
    • Graph 4: uses of generative AI in the last three months, 2024
    • Build transparency in AI-generated content
    • Position AI as an empowering tool for those without the creative technical skills
    • GenAI can drive chatbot innovation to offer a wide range of advice
    • Graph 5: interest in different types of advice from a generative AI chatbot, 2024
    • Interest in AI fitness advice brings opportunity for innovation in exercise apps and smartwatches
    • Graph 6: interest in exercise advice from a generative AI chatbot, by generation, 2024
    • Diversify beauty advice
    • Utilise AI to address the lack of diversity in beauty advice
    • AI chatbots are unintentionally supporting mental wellbeing
    • Mental health advice from GenAI chatbots may encourage men to open up
    • The anonymity of GenAI chatbots may appeal to young men
    • Graph 7: interest in mental health advice from a generative AI chatbot, by gender and age, 2024
    • Purchase activity
    • Technology purchases continue but some consumers will be more cautious due to the income squeeze
    • Graph 8: plans to buy technology products in the next three months, 2024
    • Graph 9: technology products bought in the last three months, 2024
    • Purchasing has remained consistent with many devices deemed near essentials
    • Trended data – smartphones
    • Older generations continue to embrace smartphone devices
    • Graph 10: smartphone ownership (rolling average*), by age, 2018-24
    • 5G take up continues to gain momentum
    • Graph 11: 5G smartphone connectivity, 2021-24
    • AI photo editing tools can make everyone a creator
    • Apple iOS favoured by younger age groups
    • Graph 12: smartphone operating system, by age, 2024
    • Apple launches personal intelligence system
    • Younger consumers recognise the negative effects of too much screen time
    • Engage parents and foster healthy screen habits
    • Video calls become personalised with added visual effects
    • Graph 13: smartphone activities in the last three months, 2024
    • Trended data – wearables
    • Smartwatch ownership has grown steadily to reach a quarter of consumers
    • Graph 14: device ownership, 2019-24
    • AI will enhance personalisation in wearable devices
    • Trended data – computers
    • Computer ownership is remaining stable with laptops continuing to lead the way
    • Graph 15: computer ownership, 2018-23
    • Standard laptops continue to dominate with little growth in hybrids
    • Graph 16: computer form factor, 2017-23
    • Trended data – TV and media devices
    • Growth of 4K and 8K TVs is restricted by limited content
    • Graph 17: type of TV owned, 2016-24
    • Growth in ownership of voice-controlled smart speakers has slowed after rapid early expansion
    • Graph 18: devices in the household, 2017-24
    • GenAI will drive innovation in smart speakers
    • Younger age groups are the most common users of smart home devices
    • AI will increase the need for high-speed broadband
    • Graph 19: upgraded broadband service (ie increased speed of broadband or downloads) in the last three months, by age, 2024
    • Voice assistant usage has risen in recent years
    • Graph 20: UK, use of voice assistants in the last three months, 2021-24
    • Amazon Alexa remains the favoured voice assistant
    • Trended data – gaming
    • Games consoles ownership remains stable while virtual reality headsets struggle to gain popularity
    • Graph 21: ownership of gaming hardware, 2018-24
    • AI gaming assistants can provide personalised support
    • Balance human creativity with AI content creation
    • Women have limited choices to explore VR technology that are catered towards their interest
    • There is interest in VR amongst younger women but more relevant experiences are needed
    • Graph 22: use of VR headset in the last three months, by age and gender, 2024
  3. Appendix

    • Abbreviations and terms
    • Consumer research methodology

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